Reds Red-Faced after Fake “Hate Crime”

A far-left “anti-racist” vigil in the German town of Bingen—has been left empty-handed after the “hate crime” it was supposed to be protesting against turned out to have been committed by a “refugee.”

The reds—including the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) Prime Minister of the Rhineland-Palatinate state, all local churches, and the Confederation of German Trade Unions—called out the vigil after swastikas were found scrawled on the walls of a local invader center.


A small fire had also been started in a woodpile in the building’s basement.

The controlled German media immediately ran banner headlines announcing a “neo-Nazi hate crime” and prominently running images of the swastikas, along with the minor fire damage caused in the basement.

The Handelsblatt, for example, rand a headline reading “Police investigate right wing motive for arson” and this was repeated ad infiniutm by other news outlets.

The establishment parties also quickly got in on the act. SPD state Prime Minister Malu Dreyer rushed to the scene along with Integration Minister Irene Alt (from the Green Party), and both expressed their shock at the swastikas.

“This is not only shocking, this is really too shameful. We do not want in this country,” Dreyer said, before posting on Facebook that “Hatred of foreigners and violence is abominable,” and that she stands for a “democratic, tolerant, and open society.”


The leader of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Rhineland-Palatinate issued a statement saying that the “attack” in Bingen “leaves me sad and upset. It must be clear that every person can claim protection and safety in Germany.”

Then, all the local churches, representatives of all the parties on the town council, and the Confederation of German Trade Unions (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, DGB) announced that they would be holding a vigil on Sunday April 10 in protest against the “hate crime.”

However, only a few hours before the vigil was supposed to kick off, police in Bingen announced that they had made an arrest—of one of the nonwhite invader refugees in the center.

The 26-year-old nonwhite, who claims to be a “Syrian,” had been living at the center for more than six months.

He said he had set the fire and painted the swastikas on the walls because he was “angry at the “crowded living conditions in the property” and his “lack of future prospects.”

His excuses did not help and he was arrested for aggravated arson and hauled off to jail.

* At the same time, in the Lower Saxony town of Winsen, a 17-year-old nonwhite invader was arrested after setting fire to a center in whci he had been given shelter.

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  1. Just shows that the government, the lefty councillors and the rest of the liberal scum are totally racist towards patriots. Non white loving traitorous unadulterated sc*m!

  2. Wide, grin smile on my face after reading this article.

    Dreyer said that she stands for a “democratic, tolerant, and open society.”
    Then it’s really stupid to keep importing undemocratic, intolerant and backward fascists from the Middle-East and Africa, isn’t it?

    1. Fascists ? you mean folk who love their family and nation and who will fight to protect it , but who then get demonized in the jewspapers and are blamed for violence and anti social behaviour which then becomes synonymous with Fascism in the public mind and used by people for the express purpose of continuing the fallacy. These people are usually Communists or Students who don’t know the true meaning of Fascism.

      1. While I agree that the word is overused and it’s meaning is debated, still I wouldn’t compare nationalism and patriotism in general (what you seem to talk about) as equals with it’s radical form, because fascist movements didn’t exactly ended up with a positive experience during history.
        And yes, in case of radical islamism, the first thing is maybe fascism which I can relate it to.

  3. you just couldn’t make it up what is wrong with these people and how have they managed to get such a strangled hold on us all.

  4. She doesn’t want swastika-painters in her country, but welcomes hundreds upon thousands of Jew-hating Muslims into it? Interesting days ahead for her sort.

    1. Like the BBC: she will (unnoticeably) ‘turn’ when the time comes to take up a different position. All slippery reptiles.

  5. Ha, Ha, It looks like we can just leave the invaders to burn down the invader centres by themselves, this must be the 6th time I have read about them burning the places where they live.

    1. Because they are too stupid to realise that if Hitler was in power now, they would be on his list for ethnic cleansing.

  6. Until comparatively recent times, one could not become a citizen of Germany unless one had German blood – a sensible policy, and one that ensured continued cultural unity.

  7. Without the Swazstika the Reds and slime do gooders would have nothing to complain about. Do they hold vigils if a hammer and sycle were painted on a wall? No. Will the mouthy retards apologise for blaming the wrong people? No.

  8. “It must be clear that every person can claim protection and safety in Germany” – yes, with the exception of Germans, especially women and girls it would seem!

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