“Refugee” Brawls, Rape, in Denmark

The mayhem inflicted on Denmark by the mass nonwhite invader “refugee” invasion continues unabated, with at least one “refugee” rape and a mass brawl between hundreds of “unaccompanied minors” taking place last week.

According to the TV2 Fyn news service, an “asylum seeker” from Iran appeared in court last week on charges of raping a 19-year-old Danish girl.

The attack took place in the southern Jutland town of Haderslev—the same place where in January this year, local Danish women reported intense sexual harassment from the nearby camp where hundreds of nonwhite invaders posing as refugees have been given accommodation.

Danish police confirmed that the nonwhite rapist was one of the “asylum seekers” residing at the Beredskabscenter Haderslev.

Holmegaard Tullebølle invader center.
Holmegaard Tullebølle invader center.

During his court appearance, the invader refused to speak to the court, following his earlier refusal to speak the police, TV2 Fyn reported.

A police spokesman said that the rape had occurred at a school building in Haderslev at 3.30 a.m. on Saturday.

“We received a report from a concerned resident who had heard yelling and screaming from the school. We therefore quickly dispatched officers to the scene, where a shocked woman was seen coming out from Sønder Otting Skole,” spokesman Anders Hansen told the Jydske Vestkysten newspaper.

“He was nearly caught in the act because he stood there practically zipping his pants up when we found him,” Hansen said.

The 19-year-old victim was taking to a nearby hospital where personnel confirmed that she had been raped.

Another report by the TV2 Fyn news service carried details of the mass brawl at an “unaccompanied minor” invader center, this time at a sports match between the invader centers Børnecenter Tullebølle and Børnecenter Hundstrup.

Hundreds of invaders—all pretending to be minors so as to qualify extra-quickly for “asylum”—took part in the brawl which was described by witnesses as a “blood frenzy.”

Ulrik Pihl, head of the Holmegaard Asylum Center, which administers the Tullebølle center, told TV2 Fyn that “things got out of hand” after a referee gave a free kick to one of the clubs. A player heatedly disputed the call and things quickly escalated from there.

 A couple who lives next to the football pitch said part of the brawl spilled over into their yard and over a dozen of the nonwhites fought it out on her lawn with fists and iron chains.

“We sat in the living room and heard a bunch of yelling and screaming from the yard. It was a pure blood frenzy,” witness Karen Marie told TV2 Fyn.

Marie said that she and her husband then saw a group attack the bus that was transporting the invaders from Børnecenter Hundstrup away from the scene.

Marie said the incident has made her feel uneasy about living next to Børnecenter Tullebølle.

 “Our own grandchildren can’t visit us anymore because their parents are afraid of what could happen if they are out playing in the yard at the wrong time,” she said.

A statement issued by the “asylum center” admitted that the mass brawl had taken place—and went on to reveal even more shocking details of the invaders’ behavior.

According to the statement, sticks, stones, chains, and knives were used in the brawl. A minibus was destroyed, and a center employee was struck by a chain on the chest and shoulder.

Another employee was kicked, and at least four of the invaders are currently being questioned by police in connection with the incident.

Furthermore, the center statement said, center director Hanne Sommer had admitted on July 3 that many of the personnel are “uncomfortable with the situation at the center.”

This admission, the statement says, comes after staff complained that the invaders regularly overturn tables and chairs, throw rubbish, rocks, and steel bars at personnel, and have a “derogatory tone” toward the staff.

Fires are started in trashcans, and even though staff have complained, nothing is done.

There have also been at least 15 cases of violence against staff reported, the statement adds, and there are “clear signs and evidence of alcohol and drugs on a daily basis.”

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  1. LOL are they still feeling good about themselves for taking in all the garbage from the ME Africa etc. Krauts have got a new day and yet another invader atrocity. Has the penny dropped yet?

  2. And so it continues, with absolutely nothing being done about it. Frankly, the liberal judiciary are every bit as much to blame for this and it is time they were held personally accountable for their lack of proper action. Their liberal ways are only aiding and abetting this kind of behavior.

  3. Not even Denmark will lift a finger to stem the flow. So it appears that all European men have been neutered and are quite happy to to allow their countries to wither & die.

    Shame on all of you. The European cultures will soon be history not to mention their industries & whole economies. You are doomed!

    1. Undeniably a lot of European men seem to neutered. I’m not happy with the situation either, but I’m also aware that a lot of people are in favor of immigration and “refugees.” Just 2 days ago I’ve seen a poster on a pin board in a bar “refugees welcome” and below the reasons why they should be welcomed.

      Like a good chess player someone has to wait for the correct moment. And still now there are many many people living off the fat of the land. One serves better the European people by having a low profile than a higher one.

      Because when you are getting into the attention of these “so called authorities/ crooks/ liars/ servants of evil in the different European administrations they make your life very uncomfortable due to a charge by an anonymous leftist or even the towns council for “hate speech or some other bogus excuse.
      As the leftist groups are also supported by the western states they have it of course easier to organize and get many people together.
      Even tough the tide is changing since some time. But still the leftists have the power of the police and the military under their command, and in “occupied Germany” for example the police follows orders to immediately crack down on so called “concerned citizens” or like the Marxist/conservative mass media prefers to call them neo-Nazi hate groups.

      And another thing: How many people have voted year by year “pro immigrant conservative/leftist parties?
      Do/Did the voters really think voting for politicians and in general politics is some kind of a joke?
      How often have I heard the phrases “They do what they want, “They are stupid”, …No , politicians don’t do what they want. Most politicians are sheeple like their voters and bow down to the stronger one. In our time it is the Jewish masonic lobby. Additionally most politicians have no visions or ideas because they are materialists and/or not deep thinkers like their voters. So naturally nothing sensible can come from them.
      That’s is why we are in the mess in now. With the defeat of True Germany in 1945 the last true authentic government for the European people was eliminated.

      It’s rather sad for the people who are pretty aware of the situation and have warned for years. They could see for decades where the whole development leads to and where being ostracized as racists and bigots and so on.
      Now all are starting to pay the price.
      That’s the tragedy of the situation.
      But anyway this should not be a comment lamenting the decline, but rather a wake up call to start organizing and get back to our roots. The more chaos occurs the better are the chances that more and more people should start appreciate that nothing in life is granted. Either you stand up for your people and therefore culture or you go down. Every day this tyrannical capital/communist systems gets weaker the closer freedom is.
      Important is to maintain the cool, care for like-minded ones, never try losing energy with hopelessly brainwashed leftists.

      1. ‘ The more chaos occurs the better are the chances that more and more people should start appreciate that nothing in life is granted. Either you stand up for your people and therefore culture or you go down.’
        For me Tankred this one statement sums the problem up. The people of Europe have had it too easy for too long. The young men of today have never had to fight for anything in their lives, everything has been on a plate from the day they were born. A massive shock is coming our way and this generation snowflake will be useless.
        If we want our civilization back we will have to depose governments and fight for it.

  4. News this morning of another attack by a radicalised Methodist in Germany.

    Or maybe he was also bullied at school, not to mention bad toilet trading from mum & dad!

    If you Europeans believe your government’s you’ll probably believe my explanation of the savages behaviour.

    The problem is the instruction manual that comes with their religion!

  5. For those of us on here that have actually lived and worked in the Middle East countries that know what these people are like, nothing comes as a surprise anymore. Yes I met a lot of decent Muslims during my time out there, but these people are those that have never done anything for themselves to make a better life, they expect handouts and all have absolutely no experience of actual work that would feed their families. The governments and politicians are not living near them, and any criticism is denounced as racism. The sooner the EU collapses the better, and all soft liberal politicians are removed from any form of political representation will be the start of regaining control of your country.

    1. Even if the EU collapses, the European peoples still should unify, shouldn’t they? Can Europe survive in the present world without a unification? I think it can’t. I think Europe’s enemies and competitors are cognizant of the fact Europe won’t survive if Europeans don’t unify, and try to help prevent the unification happening.

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