“Refugee”-Gang Rape Shakes Austria

Nine nonwhite invaders claiming to be refugees were arrested this past weekend in Austria for a gang rape in Vienna of a German woman on New Year’s Day.

The delay in arresting the criminals is thought to be a deliberate attempt to withhold the news during the earlier presidential elections.


Part of the nonwhite invasion force lands at Vienna’s main railway station.

The subsequent overturning of the election results and the ordering of a rerun has however sabotaged those plans, and the shock news is likely to influence voters in favor of the anti-invasion FPÖ candidate, Norbert Hofer.

The nine Iraqi invaders arrested in Vienna and two other provinces over the weekend are aged between 21 and 47 years, a police spokesman said.

All have either applied for, or been granted, asylum.

The arrests were made after DNA evidence and CCTV camera footage was used to build a case against the nine.

The woman filed the complaint on January 1 but it took nearly eight months of what Austrian police claimed was a “protracted and difficult” investigation before the arrests were made.

Vienna police spokesman Paul Eidenberger said that there was “no doubt about the gang rape according to the biological traces.”

The nonwhites met the woman on Vienna’s central Schwedenplatz, drugged her, and then assaulted her in an apartment where two of the attackers lived, between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Austria has had over 100,000 nonwhite invaders claim “asylum” in that country during 2015—a record high, and proportionately, one of the highest in Europe.

There have been numerous examples of sex attacks by the invaders on women and children in Austria already, including brutal homosexual attacks on little boys at public swimming baths.

The sex attacks played a large role in boosting the FPÖ’s vote during the presidential election campaign, which it only lost after highly irregular “postal votes” were countered.

News of the mass rape attack in Vienna, combined with ongoing refugee-terrorist attacks and other criminal activities by the nonwhite invaders, is expected to push even more Austrian voters into the FPÖ camp.

To try and counter this swing, the ruling Austrian government has instituted a raft of measures to try and slow down the invasion.

All these measures are, of course, cosmetic in nature, because the nonwhite invasion will only stop once Austria’s borders and closed and sealed by military force.

Furthermore, the government has done nothing to address the fact that the already-present nonwhite invasion force needs to be deported forthwith, and thus attacks such as the newly-announced Vienna incident can be expected to continue.

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    1. I would trust the “invaders” before I trusted a lefty socialist.
      At least with the invaders you can trust them to rape & pillage whereas with a socialist you do not know what treachery will arise or when!

      1. I have to wonder after these sub-humans had been identified but not arrested, how many of them were still being processed through the asylum system?

      2. I dont like them in our lands, but I really hate HATE leftists, the (((tribe))), and the traitors of our own race in power who let them and who enable them.

  1. Schwedenplatz, eh. Close to the hard rock cafe. I know the area well, as I visit a girlfriend in Vienna. How the hell did they manage to drug her then? Take her away? My guess is there are still far too many leftists and do gooders, still handing out the teddy bears, cans of cola, and practising “cool diversity”. The only way liberals will ever learn is the hard way.

  2. To the saying “Old men start wars, young men die in them”, we can add, “Old women welcome immigrants, young women get raped by them”.

    1. Fewer than three weeks ago a 79 year-old German woman, visiting her sister’s grave, was raped by a nonwhite invader.

      “Old childless hag Merkel welcomes the nonwhites, young German women get raped by them.”

  3. This is a Godsend for Mr Hofer The EU Exit anti-immigration president-to-be. Crimes of this type will boost the mood change of the population in a highly productive direction. Silver lining to the dark cloud.AND its necessary to make lefty journalists and newspaper proprietors tremble with fear when suppressing news of such violent events the same way they fear the Islamic backlash from cartoons publication etc. I do recall some prophet who boasted
    “He had been made victorious with terror” That can can also work for Europeans to free themselves from Tyranny.
    Otherwise new common sense anti immigration EU govts will face a very hostile controlled press. Must be dealt with.

  4. STE-G one can only hope it was a lefty do-gooder,poetic justice for what they have done to bring this down on decent women.It does seem to be strange that she allowed them to drug her ,she offered herself in a desire to be sympathetic and they saw easy meat.I wonder what life threatening diseases she may now have contracted……terry

    1. The woman was apparently out until the early hours. I know decent Viennese girls wouldn’t deliberately stay out that late, for the very reason they know they are under siege. I have seen gangs of young migrants going out around midnight, with the sole purpose of hunting down women. When I asked a girl where are your men to protect you, she replied it wasn’t just the men (liberal females). The situation in Europe is worse than one could imagine.

      1. …and might I add, witnessing drunken British girls on hen nights, made me cringe for their welfare when night falls.

  5. What did Van-der-Bellen said? An Austria for all or something similar like that?. What is he saying now?
    Staying silent as the left always does when something doesn’t fit?

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