“Refugee”-Invader Killed Elderly Austrians to “Warn against Voting FPÖ”

A nonwhite invader from Tunisia parasiting off the taxpayers in Austria while pretending to be a refugee murdered an elderly Austrian couple out of hatred towards the FPÖ [Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs] and to “set a warning example” to other Austrians if they voted for that party, a police spokesman has confirmed.
Austrian police at the murder scene in Linz.
According to a report in the Krone newspaper, the nonwhite brutally murdered the elderly white couple in the city of Linz “out of hatred for the FPÖ,” and his “negative experiences over the past couple of years in Austria”—and to set “a warning example” for any Austrians wanting to vote for that party.
The details were explained to the Krone newspaper by the National Police Director for Upper Austria, Andreas Pilsl.
The invader, who has been living in Austria since 1989, was sentenced for animal abuse in 2012, following a complaint by a local FPÖ elected member of a city council.
From that moment on, he blamed the FPÖ for all negative personal experiences; for example, when, in his opinion, he was treated badly at the job center, or once when his benefits were cut.
The refugee-murderer claimed that his two victims were to connected with the FPÖ—which in fact wasn’t even true, according to Pilsl. Their son worked as a civil servant at the Land Oberösterreich—the regional government of upper Austria, which currently has a FPÖ governor, Manfred Haimbuchner.
There is however no direct link between the FPÖ and the civil service, and when the murdered couple’s son declined to talk with the Tunisian invader about restoring his cash handout benefits, the nonwhite decided it was the FPÖ’s fault and decided to murder the couple in revenge.

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