UN Worker Reveals How “Refugee” Slit Family’s Throats

A United Nations “aid” worker in Turkey has lifted the lid on the violent and murderous nature of the “refugees” currently being let into Europe—including one case where a Syrian slit his entire family’s throats before moving to Europe.

The aid worker—who has since resigned her job in horror—produced a report which a UK-based newspaper, the Express, has exclusively obtained.

UN aid worker turkey

According to the Express, the former UN official worked on the “frontline of the refugee crisis in Turkey” and her report tells of the “horrors that made her quit her job.”

The “most distressing account” of her time as a “counsellor” working with the UN in Turkey was, the Express said, when she “discovered an entire family who had been murdered in cold blood by a refugee who then fled to Europe.”

According to her report, the worker came across a “house full of people, children included, with their throats slit.”

She said the killer was a Syrian refugee who “took everything before heading west” toward Europe.

In another “terrifying experience” which then persuaded her to resign from her job, she was held captive for four days and tortured by a rebel group.

Her “work” in Turkey was founded on a government initiative to “re-home refugees away from the camps” into Turkish homes, where they were given guaranteed work and a chance at a new life.

But, she said, “around a third of those given the opportunity to live and work in Turkish towns and cities ultimately fled to Europe, lured by the promise of Western lifestyles”—confirming the truth that the “refugees” are not fleeing persecution when invading Europe.

Further proof of this is the fact that the aid worker’s report says that “not enough is being done to help—and monitor—those employed under Turkish government job schemes.”

She said applicants were not being screened adequately, and that they “will do anything to get a better life—they are disturbed enough to create havoc wherever they go.”

“They are walking out of their country towards the West—it is our own fault for selling the lifestyle so well. Adverts for Coca Cola and iPhones just act as a carrot.”

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  1. No surprise to those with Middle East experience, these fake refugees, which no government will ever admit will cause mayhem within their own borders, will lie,cheat and murder to get their own way and will say, in their defence “IT’S ALLAH’S WILL!”
    By the same token, does anyone think that these migrants will be working for Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, Renault, Volvo in the not too distant future?

    1. By the same token, is anyone yet convinced these migrants even want to work ?

      They`re here for their share of the `good life` but expecting to get it while sitting on their backsides.

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