Refugee-Terrorist Arrested for Berlin Bomb Plot

A 19-year-old Syrian pretending to be a refugee planned to bomb tourist buses in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag parliament building, new evidence presented in court has revealed.

Shaas al-M was arrested in March this year, but the specific charges against him were only revealed this week.


According to the Berliner Morgenpost, the refugee-terrorist was a member of ISIS and planned bombings in the Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag area.

He also carried out extensive reconnoiters of targets to “improve ISIS knowledge about potential targets in Germany,” the Federal Supreme Court indictment continued.

Shaas al-M took notes of the hotels where tourists were staying, and also observed the routes and frequencies of tourist city buses so that bombs could be placed where they would inflict the greatest number of fatalities.

Investigators also found pictures on his cell phone at the Alexanderplatz and the Brandenburg Gate which were sent back to ISIS via the Internet. The indictment also says that Shaas al-M served as a contact point for ISIS assassination teams in Germany.

He joined ISIS in 2013, and was wounded in combat, with a bullet wound in his arm showing evidence of this.

At the beginning of 2015, Shaas al-M joined the “humanitarian emergency” invasion of Greece from Turkey, and traveled to Germany via the Balkans route, courtesy of the open invitation issued by Angela Merkel.

Once in Germany, he applied for “asylum” as a “refugee,” and settled into a comfortable accommodation in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark, where he parasited off the German taxpayers until his arrest.

Evidence presented in court showed that he had suggested to his ISIS handler that he and two other “unknown persons” were ready to carry out the attacks in Berlin.

In January 2016, the indictment continues, Shaas al-M however received orders from ISIS to return to Syria. He was apparently about to depart when he was arrested on March 22.

The Berliner Morgenpost said that when the “Prosecutor General announced in March that an arrest warrant against an Islamist had been enacted, they wrote only a few lines, because this sort of thing is almost every day.”

Just how “every day” refugee-terrorism is can be seen from this partial list of the most prominent attacks and arrests in Germany over the past few months:

Leipzig, October 2016: Police arrest a 22-year-old Syrian refugee-terrorist Jaber al-Bakr after a two-day manhunt following the discovery of explosives and other bomb-making equipment at his apartment in Chemnitz. He was suspected of plotting to attack a Berlin airport. Two days later, he hanged himself in his prison cell.

Ansbach, July 2016: ISIS claims responsibility for two attacks carried out by refugee-terrorists. Fifteen people were injured in a crowded wine bar next to the entrance to a music festival in the Bavarian town after a rejected Syrian “asylum seeker” detonated an explosive device. The man killed himself in the attack.

Würzburg, July 2016: A 17-year-old refugee-terrorist wielding an axe and a knife went a rampage on a regional train near Würzburg, seriously injuring four members of a tourist family from Hong Kong and a passer-by. The attacker was shot dead by police.

Düsseldorf, May 2016: Three ISIS refugee-terrorists were arrested in the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg, and Baden Württemberg. Authorities said two of the men planned to blow themselves up in downtown Düsseldorf, while the other attacker and a fourth jihadist arrested in France planned to target pedestrians with guns and explosive devices.

Essen, April 2016: Police arrested three invaders with legal residence in Germany over a bomb blast that injured three people in a Sikh temple in Essen. The bomb detonated after a wedding party, blowing out windows and destroying a part of the building’s exterior.

Hanover, February 2016: A Moroccan female invader with German nationality, Safia S. is charged with stabbing a police officer at the main train station in the northern city of Hanover.

Berlin, February 2016: Police arrested three Algerian ISIS refugee-terrorists for planning a terrorist attack in Berlin.

Oberursel, April 2015: The Eschborn-Frankfurt City loop bike race was called off after German police discovered plans to bomb it. A 35-year-old Turk living legally in Germany, and with German nationality, and his 34-year-old-wife, were arrested after bomb-making materials were found in their home near the bike route.

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  1. Merkel should be charged with aided and abetting terrorists. Maybe the high court in Germany would look into it, the same way that the judicial EU loving trash of judges in the UK, looked at the invoking of article 50!

  2. And in Australia “EX” Football player Marty Johns should be charged with Aiding- Abetting- Surporting Covering up-Backing-Allowing and Strongly critisizing on public Radio and Public TV, members of the public as well as TV Personality who Speak out over a Real Fear of their Future, a Real Fear of their Families Future as well as the Real Fear of the Future of the Country They live in..!!
    These Fears are in Our Countries Daily News papers,
    It’s on our Daily TV news Channels not to mention on the internet/Social Media..!!
    Everyday the Police arrest one/two/three/four and or a group that have been planning at great length a Terrorist act,(beheadings-ect,ect,ect)….
    Young children as young as 12 of all nations/Nationalities/Religions/
    backgrounds and from good families pledging to ISIS their lives,now this country is as far as it gets from war as it can get, butt it’s happening and sooner or later these Killers plans will slip through the nets of our Great Police and the fantastic Men and Women giving and risking their lives to protect Us- you,me our Children our very scary and unforseeable Futures…!!!

    So for Matty Johns……
    The big EX tough football player affraid of nothing,
    This is as Real a threat to our Country and to our way of life as it can get…!!!

    You need to either learn to Surport the Men and Women of this Country that have sworn to protect us or you will find those that once loved you and respected you will see you as the enemy hiding within….!!

  3. What crimes is merkel not being accounted for beggars belief how can she hold court to the eu and tell us how to live our lives I am a Christian
    I have all the Christian values Merkel you r the devil in disquise
    Repatriation not immigration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    that The Donald will teach her soon that she isn’t any-
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