Refugee-Terrorists Arrested in Austria

The extent of the intermixing of “refugees,” terrorists and Third World immigration was perfectly illustrated by the announcement today that two more terrorists posing as “refugees” have been arrested in Austria.


Police in Salzburg announced that two nonwhite refugee-terrorists were arrested in a Salzburg invader camp after having been identified as French nationals using forged Syrian passports.

The two arrestees were part of the support network for the Muslim terrorists who carried out the attacks in Paris last month, police said.

The two nonwhites were naturalized French nationals, which means they had long been resident in France—and had entered Europe again recently using fake Syrian passports.

Their route had taken them through Greece and up the Balkans, the Austrian police continued. They were waiting in Salzburg for further orders to carry out another terrorist attack.

The arrests followed intelligence gathered by the French police after numerous house searches of Third World immigrants in France and Belgium following the Paris attacks, Austrian media reported.

The two arrestees invaded Europe in October along with the other nonwhites who carried out the Paris attacks. Even though they had French passports, they still availed themselves of fake Syrian passports in order to be disguised as “refugees” and have their passage paid for by the European taxpayers.

The modus operandi of the Third World invaders has become increasingly clear since the Paris attacks. Using locally recruited jihadists backed by refugee-terrorists (given open license to invade Europe by Angela Merkel), ISIS and similar groups have been able to infiltrate large numbers of operatives into Europe in preparation for a series of attacks.

Because there are now so many invaders in Europe—at least 1.5 million, and most likely more than that—they, together with the millions of already legally present nonwhites, form a “perfect storm” with which they can launch a never-ending series of assaults on Europe.

This mixing of “refugees” and already present immigrants in Europe has finally demonstrated that the only way to permanently secure Europe’s safety is to halt and reverse all Third World immigration.

Any policy short of that is doomed to failure.

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  1. It’s an open door for terrorism so it is just a matter of how many ISIS can spare. They just walk in like those 1.5 million others.Three hundred, four hundred, perhaps a thousand ? Shameful leadership, shameful security. Reparation will need to be made by Germany to the rest of Europe for cost of fences, cost of transportation, cost of damages rendered as well there will be more lives lost. I would think that the persons responsible wants to make fair compensation to the families that have suffered a loss of their loved ones.

  2. The Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities, in Article 1 “States shall protect the existence and the national and ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity of minorities within their respective territories and shall encourage conditions for the promotion of that identity.”
    The territories of each group must include their rights of subsistence, schools and other institutions built at their own expense or with available credit to comply with the Treaties, Conventions, Declarations and Statutes of the UN. I hope that these different groups from the Middle East find some unoccupied land for their self determination and then send their representatives to Parliament to determine how their taxes are spent.

  3. Why do I feel that Germany will eventually be at war ? Maybe it will be a European war ? Such an unusual geopolitical premonition.

  4. Merkel has blood on her hands, the blood of those poor young people in Paris who were tortured as they lay wounded and dying. She is out to spill a lot more blood. She is the terrorists’ accomplice.

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