Refugee-Terrorists Boost FPÖ’s Hofer

The spate of refugee-terrorist attacks in Europe appear to have boosted the ratings of Austrian Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, with his lead widening to 4 percent, a new poll has revealed.

The Gallup poll, conducted July 26–27, 2016, is the first to be taken after the attacks and focused specifically on how they have affected voter attitudes for the presidential election rerun scheduled for October 2, 2016.


The new poll showed that the refugee-terrorist attacks have had a definite impact upon the voters, the OE24 news service reported.

The results showed that Hofer has a “comfortable lead” over Van der Bellen.

He has furthermore widened his lead and currently is on course to win 52 percent of the vote to Van der Bellen’s 48 percent, the poll said—adding however that margins of error meant that they still might overlap somewhat.

According to the poll, the margin of error for Hofer is set to a range of between 47.5 to 56.5 percent, and Van der Bellen’s is 43.5 to 52.5 percent.

It is significant, however, that even within this margin of error range, Hofer’s totals are still higher.

The survey also found that the two issues which are going to decide the election outcome are going to be “terrorism” and the “asylum question”—both topics which are Hofer’s main election platform.

“Terrorism has come as a turbo-boost to Hofer,” the OE24 news service noted.

“The attacks of recent weeks are likely to cause an upswing in favor of the FPÖ candidate because according to the current poll, voters have indicated that protection against terrorism is critical,” OE24 said.

No less than 56 percent of all respondents said that that “safety issue” will play an important role in their selection of the future president, and that 55 percent consider the “asylum policy” as vital in the coming election.

The poll showed that at least 5 percent of the voters will definitely choose another candidate in the rerun election, and that a further 5 percent are considering selecting a different candidate.

Given that Hofer won the popular vote on the day in the original election against Van der Bellen, this 5 (or 10) percent swing in voter choice will be crucial.

Just under two-thirds of the electorate say that they will definitely vote for the same candidate as they chose in the first round, the poll said—a claim which indicates that there is an undercount in Hofer’s favor, because FPÖ voters are the most motivated and least likely to change their voting choice.

The poll also measured a significant change in perception of the two candidates among the voters. Previously, Van der Bellen appeared to always win these “perception” measures, but now for the first time, Hofer is conclusively in the lead in this regard as well.

The previous Austrian presidential election—won narrowly by the communist-Green candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen, after postal votes were counted, was declared invalid after serious lapses in the postal ballot counting system were exposed.

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  1. Hofers coming victory will reignite the BREXIT issue. Lisa May will not be able to get away so readily with just burying BREXIT. Its possible Austria could exit the EU before the UK.
    And Nigel Farage’s strategic sudden political exit is likely so that he can be asked to become PM of a BREXIT government next election.
    No other British politician of either party seems interested in BREXIT.

    1. Inevitably escalating terrorism would seem to provide an ever growing lead to Hoffer. Time is on his side. Cant see an outbreak of peace anytime soon. And YES its disappointing that nearly half the population still believes singing kumbayah will fix everything

    2. I guess some eejits just have to learn the hard way. Wonder what they’ll be thinking when they become a victim.

    3. There are masses of hopelessly stupid whites. I do not know about Austria or Europe overall, but in the US white “conservatives”, “rightists”, have a substantially higher birthrate than white “liberals”, “leftists”. So the leftists are phasing themselves out over time – this is one reason they must import nonwhites to politically bolster the left. It is vital for conservative white couples to have at least one more baby than they thought they ever would (I had four), and for them to see to it that they inoculate their children against the cultural “values” of the left.

  2. The tide is turning in Europe. Lets pray that it turns here as well. If Hillary Clinton really cared about the future of America, she would kill herself today.

    1. With the Don’s star in the ascendancy, it’s a good time to be an American ( I’m English). A US victory could be the white world’s TRUMP card!

      1. We must elect Donald Trump and then stay on his back via frequent phone calls and e-mails.

        1). Insist that, before January 2017 is past, he invoke Title VIII United States Code 1182 to halt all immigration.
        2). Insist that he expel from the United States all illegal aliens, all “anchor babies” who have had US citizenship illegally conferred on them; all Middle-Eastern “refugees” and other Muslim non-citizens.

        We must do this in our millions to see to it that he performs our will. The demographic situation must be decisively turned around while he is president. Otherwise Trump will be a national Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Republican who, substantially thanks to being a celebrity, got elected chief executive, but will likely be, thanks to demographics, the last Republican ever elected.

  3. I hope Bellen and his cronies will be watched like hawks and monitored every step of the election process this time to ensure there`s no repeat “lapses” (ahem !) in the voting and/or counting system.
    The last thing voters need are more lying, cheating, dishonest politicians.

  4. If the many attacks post-23 June had happened before the UK referendum, Brexit would have had an even bigger win margin. Europe, get with it and understand that Islam is your enemy.

  5. 4% is a comfortable lead? No lead is ‘comfortable’ when your adversaries are Leftist Loons. Maybe in past times when white countries were still white and people had a moral compass, a 4% lead might indeed have been a solid advantage. To-day with all the twisted, leftie scumbags around NO lead is ever one to be complacent about. Lefties will do anything to win, they will stop at nothing to achieve victory for their life-destroying agenda. So let’s stay on guard, Austrians, and keep a close watch on your opponents. Don’t let them steal the most important election in your country’s history!

  6. Also remember hat other countries are relying on Austria to take the lead in defeating the Socialist left.
    France, Hungary, Netherlands to mention only 3.
    A win for the sanity of conservatives in Austria is essential. However remain vigilant, those lunatics in Brussels will do their damndest to steal the election again!!

  7. A 4% lead doesn”t seem comfortable to me.After all the trouble in europe whites still vote for the lefties maybe they do need to be replaced,survival of the fittest i suppose…….terry

  8. Just look at those photos. A picture speaks a thousand words. Insane weakly scumbag versus clean strong reasonable native European.

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