Refugee-Terrorists Overrunning Europe

The European Union’s border agency Frontex has admitted that there are an unknown number of jihadis in Europe—and that the “refugee crisis” is allowing them to enter at will.

At the same time, police in Germany have arrested another ISIS terrorist in a “refugee camp,” and it has transpired that one of the Brussels bombers had a job as a cleaner at the EU parliament.


According to Frontex’s newly released “Risk Analysis for 2016,” the “refugee” influx is allowing terrorists to enter the EU, and the Paris attacks proved jihadists were exploiting the “refugee crisis.”

“With no thorough check or penalties in place for those making false declarations, there is a risk that some persons representing a security threat to the EU may be taking advantage of this situation,” the report said.

Frontex also recorded 1.82 million illegal crossings into the EU last year—six times more than in 2014. The total number of “refugees” was estimated at one million, and Frontex claimed that the higher figure was the result of “double counting” in Greece and at the western Balkan EU borders.

But it said it that there was no real way of telling how many illegal immigrants there were and, in any case, there was no way of tracing their movements once they were inside the EU.

The record number of nonwhite invaders seeking to make their way to Europe “also led to an increase in the number of detections of people smugglers, which rose by a fifth to more than 12,000,” the report continued.

“Moroccans, Spaniards, Albanians, and Syrians were the most represented nationalities among the people smugglers. On several occasions, especially on the Central Mediterranean route, smugglers threatened border guards and rescue teams to recover the boats used to transport migrants.”

Meanwhile, from Germany comes the news that a Syrian national has been detained in the western region of Westphalia on war crimes charges, specifically of commanding a “rebel militia” in Aleppo that committed atrocities and plundered artefacts.

The invader, named as Ibrahim Al F., led a 150-man district militia in Aleppo belonging to the Islamist rebel group Ghuraba al-Sham, then part of the “Free Syrian Army,” the “moderate” rebels supported by the US and the West.

At the same time, it has emerged that one of the Brussels suicide bombers had a cleaning job at the European Parliament in that city.

The bomber, Najim Laachraoui, blew himself up at Brussels airport last month. He is also accused of being the bomb maker for the Paris terror assaults last November after his DNA was found on some the explosives used in the attacks, which killed 130.

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  1. According to Frontex’s newly released “Risk Analysis for 2016”. What a complete and utter f*****g joke! Ask Trump or any European citizen, if you want to know how the terrorists got into these countries! Invited by the sc*m of Merkel and the other traitorous politicians who want to commit total genocide of the white Europeans!

    1. Dear me, any intelligent human can see this. It is not rocket science after all. But when one is a blinkered eurocrat, one can see nothing except one’s goal, however madcap the goal is.

  2. and this is not a refugee crisis as the eu like to call it…Its all by invitation,every man jack of them were invited in by merkel,a crisis is something you have no control over,,she and hollande and porky have planned all of this…It,s an invader plan,call it what it is. there aren,t jihadists amongst them,they are all jihadists,they all read the same book,follow the same rules and obey its orders!!They do not pick and choose parts to ignore the book instructs them to behave in a certain way towards us….when we are geeting killed they never speak out or surrender those responsible,they as porky would say ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER!

  3. And what page of Cameron`s glossy leaflet “Remain in the EU” will this enticing piece of news be on ?
    Or anything relating to immigration and the truth about the EU agenda.

  4. They need to quit calling them “refugees,” at least be honest here. It’s an enemy invasion, plain and simple.

    1. If it`s Christmas they`re waiting for- they`d better get a move on quick.
      Islam will have put a stop to such `infidel rubbish` long before then.
      Merkel says “Gee up Muzzies ! Get a move on !!”

  5. Looks like European countries need to organise themselves back into undergrounds and partisans to save themselves from the invaders and the traitors in their governments. They need more Soldiers of Odin

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