“Refugees” Arrested for Syria Mass Murders

German police have arrested another two invaders pretending to be refugees after identifying them as Islamist terrorists who participated in mass murders in Syria.

According to a report in Die Zeit newspaper, the two invaders—both of them claiming “asylum” in Germany, were arrested at in Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine Westphalia where they were living off welfare handouts after gaining “refugee” status.

The first to be arrested—at the of Düsseldorf train station—was named as Abdalfatah H. A., a 35-year-old, who was a member of the terrorist al-Nusra front as well.

He has been identified as having taken part in the mass murder of at least 36 people in March 2013 near the city of al-Tabka.

The second invader was identified by police as Abdulrahman A. A., who belonged to the same al-Nusra front unit as Abdalfatah H. A. He too had been granted “asylum” in Germany.

The charges relate to the Spring 2013 capture of the city of al-Tabka by the Western-backed “rebel” terrorist forces—all of whom turned out to be ideologically aligned with ISIS.

The Islamist terrorists rounded up all the government officials in the city and brutally executed them at a garbage dump on a main road out of town. Many of the atrocities were filmed for later use as propaganda videos, and it is believed that it is from one of these that the latest refugee-terrorists have been identified.

According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Abdalfatah H. A. “participated in various combat activities” and “after one of these engagements, he received a reward of over 100 hand grenades.”

The al-Nusra unit to which he belonged was commanded by the Islamist Abd-Arahman A. K., who is already in detention for planning a terrorist attack on the Old Town center of Düsseldorf.

In addition to these two invaders, a third Islamist from Bosnia—also falsely claiming asylum in Germany, was arrested in Bavaria. He is being held on charges relating to the provision of several vehicles to the Junud al-Sham.

German federal prosecutors have so far launched around a dozen investigations concerning alleged war crimes committed in Syria or Iraq, alongside dozens of cases of suspected membership of jihadist groups.

* The two invaders—a Nigerian and Algerian—arrested in Göttingen during February after police received information that they were plotting an “imminent” terror attack will not be charged, but will be deported, state prosecutors announced last week.

The invaders—both citizens of their respective nations—were born in Germany, and were arrested February 9.

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