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“Refugees” Steal Millions in Welfare

Africans from the Sudan pretending to be refugees in Germany have stolen millions of euros in welfare payments in an elaborate scam set up to dupe race-blind liberals, it has emerged.

The swindle—which is likely only the tip of the iceberg—was uncovered in the northern city of Braunschweig last week, and involves invaders using multiple “identities” to draw multiple payments.

According to German media, the swindle in Braunschweig involved more than 300 Sudanese invaders, who have stolen at least €5 million since arriving in Germany in 2015.

A commission set up to “investigate” the fraud said that the nonwhites had registered themselves several times in different locations in order to receive multiple welfare payments.

Commission chairman Joern Memenga said that most of the invaders had succeeded in their efforts by using basic disguises to create three or four different identities.

“Sometimes just growing a beard, or putting on a pair of glasses, having shorter hair, but always different surnames,” Memenga said, ignoring the other fact that the Africans’ physical similarity—and the German officials’ inability to tell them apart—must have greatly aided the scam.

“They simply registered themselves several times,” Memenga said, “To some extent with the same members of staff.”  At the height of the invasion, the officials were registering 2,000 nonwhites everyday as “refugees.”

In many early cases, the invaders registered with no papers—mainly because most threw away their identification documents with the intention of fooling the liberals.

The race-blind German officials were “registering” the nonwhites with only a photograph, and not even bothering to take fingerprints.

According to the German Asylum Seekers Act, every “asylum seeker” receives €135 “pocket money” and an additional €216 a month to cover “necessary personal needs”—this in addition to housing, medical, and other basic costs.

“Excluding the cost of electricity, you reach about €320 to 350 per alias identity and person,” Memenga said.

On average, each fraud suspect cheated authorities out of thousands of euros. In one case, one invader had 12 identities. “He had received some €45,000 illegally,” the commission chairman said.

The system was also susceptible to rigging because the civil servants did not have time to sift through all of the applications processed at other municipalities in Lower Saxony, so the same “asylum seeker” could collect money from different places.

Eventually, one of the employees noticed that some of the men in the photos looked strikingly similar and sounded the alarm, reporting his suspicions to the police.

Authorities are now investigating how far the swindle extends, and expect to uncover many other cases as the review spreads out to other states and regions.


  1. IS there no limit to the stupidity of the ruling political classes of Europe/Britain, perhaps it may only be beaten by the fools that elect them….

  2. In 1789 all was OK for 40 000 White inhabitants of San Domingo and the imported immigrants from Africa did as they were expected to do. The immigrants had housing, food, and a family life, and then something went wrong. To avoid a repeat slavery and servitude have been described as criminal acts in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 4) and if ever the Germans stop the servitude that feeds the immigrants from Africa there will be a repeat of what happened after 1789 in San Domingo.

    1. The only servitude in Germany and across Europe will be that of whites finding themselves forced to graft a lifetime to support Merkel`s freeloaders. It certainly won`t be the blacks.
      The vast majority of the invaders have either no intention of working, or their educational level is so low they`re unlikely to find gainful employment.
      Unless they`re stupid enough to bite the white hand that`s feeding them then it`ll be their inbred propensity to riot causing a repeat of San Domingo.

  3. there are two worlds in Europe now, in the Afro-Arab-Turk world you can rape, steal, beat up people, have multiple wives, any crime committed will be excused; in the White Europeans world you are harassed by authorities, find and imprisoned for any small thing. How can we end this?

  4. Deutschland ist kaput! Thanks to all
    the liberal leftist jackasses out there.
    What a shame. Bezerkel merkel turned
    Germany into a garbage dump.

  5. They are doing it in every country they live in, one Sudanese in Australia claimed one million dollars for a child minding service and not one child was seen at his house, but the leftie liberals see it as diversity and just threw the money at him, we have already seen Sudanese gangs run riot in Melbourne and over New Years a gang of Sudanese was caught at Bondi robbing people and threatening them with broken bottles, they are savages and will never assimilate, they just want to take our money.

  6. Once these guys step foot in our world, and take a look around, what is going on in their little bird brains?
    These guys have no blood bond to us, they blame us for all their ills, they practice a religion that professes they’re superiority to all of us….etc….
    Cheating the welfare system, par for the course, also the least of my worries to be honest.

  7. The problem is in the very photo noted above “we the people”, and the white liberal luvvy free thinking females, who, if they run out of teddy bears and welcome mats, will provide plenty of “free hugs” to every multicultural freeloader under the sun. Feminism is societies demise, made worse by a female led political class.

  8. the somalians did this in Canada,all the money was sent back to al-shabab in Somalia which then inflicted mass casualities on the populace.Canada has the blood of millions on it’s hands!


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