Residents in Nantes, France, Receive Aid after Massed Nonwhite Attack on City

The local authority of the French city of Nantes has announced an emergency hotline for residents who have suffered damages from the mass nonwhite attack on the city last week which saw hundreds of vehicles, buildings, libraries and schools burned down by rampaging mobs of Africans and North Africans.

Election officials discuss aid measures with white residents who suffered losses during the mass nonwhite attack on the city center. (Photo: City of Nantes).

According to a statement issued on the official City of Nantes website, the local authority has “mobilized to ensure the continuity of public service in neighborhoods affected by the violence,” and has set up a dedicated hotline for resdents.

The local authority will provide “direct support to the people affected by the physical damages (vehicles, businesses) or psychological support,” the statement continued.

Owners of burned or vandalized vehicles may benefit from legal advice and, depending on their situation, financial assistance  to cover costs not covered by the insurance or a micro-credit social, the city authorities added.

Furthermore, merchants who have suffered damage will be aided ion seeking “real estate solutions adapted to each situation.”

The city authorities also announced that all civil service activities previously provided by the City Halls in the Dervallières district, the Bellevue district, and the Nantes Nord city hall—which will all burned down by the nonwhites—will remain permanently closed and services will be provided by the Chantenay district council.

The Haubans Neighborhood House in Malakoff, set on fire on the night of Wednesday 4th to Thursday 5th July, has also been closed, and all residents will be accommodated elsewhere.

The City of Nantes has also issued a call for donations of books to “to help restore the collections of the Emilienne Leroux (district of Dervallières) and Reading Space (Malakoff district) libraries, which the nonwhite attackers also burned down.

Above: The Emilienne Leroux library, and below, the Malakoff district library after the nonwhite attack.

The nonwhite violence has been completely ignored by the English-speaking media, despite being widely covered on French TV and in French newspapers—an indication of the level of self-imposed censorship under which the controlled media operates.

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  1. None of this stuff EVER gets into an aussie newspaper. We are being contained in an insulated coma, until its our turn. In fact , as we read here, its started with uncontrollable Sudanese gangs in Melb, Oz. And the Labor socialist party protecting them. ” Lets open the dialogue” is the valiium pill dosed out to aussies, and is translated as black communities saying — ‘sorry, we” ll keep a low profile until we grow in numbers. ”

  2. This does not appear in any major news source. Why can’t journalists from this site interview the MSM editors and ask why they are covering up for the criminals. Project Veritas.

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