Returnee Exposes “Refugee” Lie

The lies used by nonwhite invaders to claim “refugee status” in Europe have been inadvertently—but definitively—exposed by a “human drama” story following a “returnee” to Afghanistan—who even got his job as a policeman in Kabul back after going home.

The German dpa news service followed the Afghan who said that he had “given up” on Germany and had decided to go home after waiting five months—perhaps after realizing that the promised “houses and cars in Germany” were not going to immediately appear.


The dpa article discussed the adventures of Khodai Nesar, who had initially made “the dangerous escape from Afghanistan to Germany.”

It only took him 38 days to reach Germany—but after his arrival, he found that he first had to endure sleeping on the street until he made it into a “receiving center.”

There, he was bunked in a room with twelve other invaders—“Pakistanis, Iranians, Arabs. Peace and quiet was not to be found here. There were constant quarrels,” he said.

The article reveals however that Nesar was “not happy” in Germany. “He felt humiliated, afraid, angry—and finally dared to return to Afghanistan.”

And there the story of “refugees” unravels: it turns out that Nesar was a policeman in Afghanistan—someone, dpa says, who lived “with pride” and was “respected” by society.

But in Germany, the article says, he only felt “disappointment from the first minute,” and, “even worse: humiliation.”

The dpa article does not ask why a policeman in Afghanistan who was “proud” and “respected” in the community would suddenly become a “refugee” in Germany.

The reason for this omission is, of course, that the controlled media always refrains from pointing out the fact that none of the nonwhite invaders would qualify for “asylum” under any definition.

The article goes on to say that “after five months,” Nesar “had enough,” and bought an air ticket back to Kabul.

He is apparently one of “419 Afghans who have been voluntarily returned from Germany to Afghanistan”—just a drop in the bucket of the hundreds of thousands who took up Angela Merkel’s offer to invader Europe at will.

The dpa reporter followed Nesar back home, and found that the invader had been simply “able to pick up where he left off.”

Nesar had “regained his job as a policeman,” and is “now even in a special unit.” He posed for a picture in his new uniform for the dpa article, his “new responsibility providing relief for the injury his pride received in Germany.”

There, his story ends—leaving the obvious conclusions unsaid, namely:

– There was absolutely no reason at all for Nesar to seek asylum in Germany;

– He had not made any “dangerous journey” to reach Germany, and had merely paid his way with people smugglers because he believed that he would be given the world in Europe;

– He clearly had enough money to simply fly back home when it became apparent that life in an invader center in Germany was worse than back home; and

– His ability to easily “pick up where he left off” in Afghanistan proves that he was under no “threat” and was not an “asylum seeker” at all, despite the propaganda of the controlled media and Europe’s far left.

Nesar’s case proves the obvious: all of the nonwhite invaders who have poured into Europe claiming to be “refugees” have simply lied to take advantage of race-blind European liberals and their “asylum” policies.

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  1. Well don’t we all feel sorry for him???? Poor baby, couldn’t sponge off society for the rest of his life….That’s one down, about 10 million to go.

  2. What an odd posture for an official! I don’t recall seeing any Western or European officer of any rank sitting cross legged on the ground while in uniform. Ofc. Nesar appears to need a haircut and a shave; and to pawn those magical rings back to the gypsies. His disappointment impresses as less of the insult to his pride, but more the completion of his covert invader protection assignment, returned to the routine of normal duties.

    1. No need to impose western cultural standards onto another culture, that’s borderline racist. In his culture, maybe they don’t stand all day but actually do sit on the floor crossed legged.

      He did the right thing by going back to his country, he should at least be given credit for that.

  3. “Pakistanis, Iranians, Arabs. Peace and quiet was not to be found here. There were constant quarrels,” he said.
    Which is exactly why we neither want nor need any of them or their quarrels in Europe.
    They`re always wanting to start a war. Send them all back to fight their battles in their own countries.

  4. “”The dpa article does not ask why a policeman in Afghanistan who was “proud” and “respected” in the community would suddenly become a “refugee” in Germany.””

    They come to Europe looking for the good life, even the Africans that they pick up in the Mediterranean. Everyone forgets that each and everyone one of those illegal migrants had to pay up to 3,000 euros for a seat.

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