Romania’s New Constitution Bans Homosexual Marriage

A new amendment to Romania’s new constitution has formally defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman—and nothing else.


The amendment, adopted by a commission tasked with revising Romania’s Constitution, was proposed by three MPs and backed by the powerful Romanian Orthodox Church.

It was adopted with 15 votes in favor and three abstentions.

Previously, the constitutional article used only the words “between spouses” when referring to the marriage partners.

The Orthodox Church has often expressed disapproval of same sex partnerships. More than 85 per cent of Romania’s population of 19.5 million belong to the Church, which enjoys high levels of trust in the public.

None of Romania’s major political parties, either in government or in opposition, supports same-sex marriage, or registered partnerships, or has proposed any law on the subject.

Homosexual extremists lamented the constitutional change. Remus Cernea, a politician and homosexual activist, said it was a “clearly a democratic setback. Romania should now be included among the most homophobic countries in the world.”

Earlier this year, Cernea tried to introduce a law legitimizing homosexual marriage, but it was rejected outright.

“If he makes such a proposal, he is a man with a confused mind,” an official from the Romanian Orthodox Church commented at the time.

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  1. I have never understood the Gay narrative. On a point of principle it is totally absurd since the gay life-style would lead to the total annihilation of the human race in one or perhaps two generations. Such behaviour is not only counter-productive it is very suicidal and we know what doctors do with patients who are on the verge of suicide. As for loving someone of the same sex, everyone does it. A father can love his sons, a mother her daughters, brothers and sisters can have a deep love for one another even friends of the same sex can have a deep respect and love for one another. So what is the gay narrative really about? If it’s about a particular sex act; well do it, if that’s what takes your fancy! But do it in the privacy of your own abode and do not expect the majority of heterosexual society to condone or consider the behaviour normal. [edited]

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