Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle Joins 1.25+ Million Mixed Race Persons in UK

The “royal wedding” between Prince Harry and minor US TV actor Meghan Markle has added one more person to the excess of 1.25 million mixed race individuals in the UK—a figure which by 2020 is set to become one of the largest non-European “ethnic” groupings in that country.

According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), the “mixed” ethnicity category has been used since the 1991 Census to refer to “British citizens or residents whose parents are of two or more different races or ethnic backgrounds.”

In the 2001 census, 677,177 classified themselves as of mixed race, making up 1.2 percent of the UK population By 2011, this number had reached 1,25 million. That data is the most recent available, and it is likely to have increased since then.

According to the official 2011 ONS statistics, the majority of mixed-race individuals were in England (1,192,879), with the sub-categories defined as follows:

White and Black Caribbean – 426,715

White and Black African – 165,974

White and Asian – 341,727

Other Mixed – 289,984

In Wales, there were 31,521 mixed-race individuals, in Scotland 19,815, and in Northern Ireland 6,014.

A report by the BBC in 2011 however said that the mixed race population was actually twice the official estimate figure, and was as high as two million.

Other statistics show that 3.5 percent of all births in England and Wales in 2005 were mixed race babies, with 0.9 percent being Mixed White and Black Caribbean, 0.5 percent White and Black African, 0.8 percent White and Asian, and 1.3 percent “any other” mixed background.

The ONS report also said that 12 percent of households have at least two partners or household members of different ethnic groups (black and, unsurprisingly, mixed people are the most likely to mix; whites the least).

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  1. Once the genetics become polluted, the entire
    nation will fall. Whites not nonwhites created
    the UK. How sad. UK and Ireland will soon
    become sh*tholes.

    1. jerseyjay, this is just awful but the true reality nonetheless. are you from UK? with the name “jerseyjay” i didn’t want to assume you are from New Jersey, which incidentally, i lived in new jersey for 14 of my 47 years. i have no idea where this problem is the worst and have no idea if it’s worse in the USA or UK, but from the sounds of it, it’s just simply awful in both places, which is all that matters. we both share this horrible dilemma.

  2. As someone posted elsewhere, “What did (((they))) have on him to force him to marry her?” Of course, he looks thrilled in that photo. This is all symbolic, a message to the Brits that their time is over. Only time will tell, and there is hope, yet.

  3. The UK is being taken over by invading immigrants from Islamic backgrounds. It is very sad, but long before already densley over crowded country descends into a cess pit of both third world and impoverished Eastern European immigrants there will be all out riots and civil war, mark my words. This multi racial, multi cultural shit has been forced on the British white indigenous peoples totally against their express wishes. We are being dispossessed of our own land, its resources, our nationaility religious and cultural identity. Its not going to end well believe me, I for one as a white British female, born in the UK 58 years ago will fight to the bitter end for my right to my own country.
    Its not acceptable that immigrants are now being permitted to flood in from all four corners of the world, especially those who are totally illiterate of their own spoken language, and have no possibility or intention whatsoever of ever working to support the extended family they demand to bring in, or intention of ever intergrating and assimilating and living under British Law. We are being sacrificed in the alter of political correctness and diversity, and it MUST BE NOW STOPPED. Its time we both deported and blocked anymore from gaining a foothold, as our own children and grandchildren have exclusive rights to this tiny group of Islands, not the in invading parasitic foreign freeloaders. The UK currently already supports 713 people for every square mile of its tiny 93,400 land mass, we cannot take in the entire world supply of begging bowl immigrants. It is not and should never be a human right to invade and demand entry to a foreign country, especially when you have deliberately bypassed many safe countries before even reaching the UK.

  4. For me, this was one of the worst days I can remember in UK history, but when I look at the larger picture of the Royals, I don’t think it matters much.

    Harry is…what? 5/6th in line to the throne? IF he has any children with Meghan, their marriage won’t last & even if it does, she’ll fade into obscurity eventually, as will he.

    What concerns me is the gushing over “blacks” in society now. Race doesn’t matter…until it does.

    If he’d married an Indian (unless Muslim) or a Chinese girl…no one would’ve mentioned the number of “mixed-chinese/white” marriages…or rather, they’d still throw in mixed white/black marriages more, because….racism.

  5. The only thing missing from that wedding was an Elvis impersonator. When she starts to fade into the distance she will begin her true mission and that is Prince William. Kate beware I think her true mission is him,

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