Rigby Murderer “Ashamed to be British”—But is he Really British?

One of the black Muslim murderers of British soldier Lee Rigby—whose butchering was carried out in broad daylight on the streets of Third World-overrun London—told police during interrogation that he was “ashamed to be British,” even though it is apparent by his physical appearance that he is actually an African.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are accused of running over Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, as he crossed a street in Woolwich, southeast London, in May before attacking his unconscious body with a meat cleaver and knives.


The prosecution has said the two suspects dragged Rigby’s body into the middle of the road for as many people to see as possible.

In a taped police interview played at the ongoing court case, Nigerian-origin Michael Adebolajo, 28, accused of hacking Rigby to death with a meat cleaver and knives on 22 May 2013, said there was a “war between the Muslims and the British people,” and described himself as a “soldier of Allah.”

Adebolajo said he was “ashamed to be called British” because being so was “associated with the murder, pillaging and rape of innocent people.”

He also told police he was “particularly disgusted by David Cameron, the Miliband brothers and what’s-his-name, Nick Clegg.” (All leaders of the establishment Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democratic parties in the UK.)

The jury in the trial—which is expected to last another two weeks—were shown the video interview recorded a month after the attack in which Adebolajo, wearing a blue blanket over his head and upper body, told police that wars in Muslim countries had soured his feelings towards his country of birth.

“My shame with being called British begins when that title British is associated with the murder, pillaging and rape of innocent people. It disgusts me to the core,” Adebolajo said.

Both defendants, who deny murder, sat silently in the dock as the video was played of Adebolajo, who has asked the court to be referred to as Mujahid Abu Hamza.

Adebolajo’s comments about being “ashamed to be British” raise two interesting points:

1. Would a white British person who moved to another racially-foreign nation then qualify to be called a native of that country? If a white person moved to China, would he or she become Chinese?

This is what the raceless “multicultural” logic claims has happened with Africans like Adebolajo—despite it being obvious from his physiognomy that he is African, not European or even British.

2. British involvement in Middle Eastern wars on behalf of Israel and the Jewish lobby do indeed incite Muslims all over the world to attack white, western, targets in particular.

Europeans will have to realize that until this bias in the Middle East is halted—until the grip of the Jewish lobby over Western political discourse is broken—Muslim extremists will continue to use it as an excuse to carry out terrorist acts such as the Rigby murder.

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  1. I hope they get the death penalty. They are nothing but vicious animals and even the animals don’t deserve to be put in the same sentence as these perverse non-humans. This was just a hate murder and they need to DIE.

  2. They have pretty much taken over the UK I suggest we don’t allow this to happen in the US. We have enough violence with our regular Africans we don’t need it from Muslim blacks too.

  3. No one on the planet would describe these people as anything but African. Being British inst something they should concern themselves with.

  4. He is not British, as he has clearly demonstrated, he is Nigerian. Cannot understand why we have so many Nigerians living in Britain, if they hate us that much why don’t they stay in wonderful Nigeria.

    Also I cannot understand why the policewoman did not take a head shot. Now we would not have to keep them in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.

  5. Why aren’t they ashamed of being Nigerians who murdered a young policeman in cold blood in the streets of London. They always had the option of leaving for Nigeria or another Islamic nation but chose instead to stay and commit murder in the UK. Very bad choice, but as always Blacks put the blame for everything on Whites because they can’t stand on their own two feet. Perpetual children always needing help is what Africans are

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