Rush Limbaugh Breaks Cover

Longtime kosher conservative Rush Limbaugh has finally broken cover and dared to point out that there is nothing wrong with white people voting in their own interests.

In his latest radio show, Limbaugh pointed out that nonwhites vote in their interests all the time—and that the left support any group doing this, except whites.


Starting with a quick recap of notorious black supremacist Van Jones’s outburst on CNN that the Trump victory was a “whitelash” against “a changing country,” Limbaugh went on to say “here’s my question, folks.  Van Jones of CNN says that this is a ‘whitelash.’  What is he complaining about?  He’s complaining that white people voted their interests?”

Limbaugh continued: “To Van Jones and to a lot on the left and the Democrat Party, white people voting their interests is dangerous and not legitimate. That fact alone, as far as Van Jones is concerned—and probably many others on the left—disqualifies Trump’s victory. In their minds.

“And it’s what scares the heck out of them to boot. A whitelash. Why is it not legitimate to honestly discuss ‘the white vote’? White people are still the majority in America. There are massive demographic shifts taking place, but white people are still the majority.

“Somebody needs to tell me why it’s wrong for white people to vote their interests when it’s not wrong for African-Americans to unify and monolithically vote their interests. Muslims monolithically unify; vote their interests. Gays and lesbians unify; monolithically vote their interests. Feminists unify; vote their interests monolithically. That’s how the Democrat Party wins. All of these different constituency groups think, act, and vote alike—and when they do it, they call it “progress.”*

Limbaugh continued: “They call it ‘overcoming.’ They call it other things that I, frankly, find despicable. But when white people do it, it’s not permitted.

“When white people do it, it’s not good. When white people do it, it’s bad. So exactly when did it happen that all white people became bigots? When did it happen? Because it has happened.

“Why is it illegitimate for white people to do exactly what every other group in the Democrat constituency does?

“White people and Christians are the two the groups that it is politically correct to slander; it’s perfectly okay to slander. Donald Trump won because he was the only candidate unafraid to appeal to them and face down the consequences of doing so.”

It is highly unusual for a “conservative” commentator like Limbaugh, who generally lines up with the establishment when it comes to the issue of race, to venture such comments, and it must have occurred to him as he was saying these words that he had overstepped the mark—because in the very next breath he went on to fall straight back into line:

Flatly denying the obvious—namely that Trump was elected by white people, and Clinton only lost because fewer blacks and Hispanics turned out to vote for her than did for Obama—Limbaugh ended his show with a barrage of lies, saying that “this election was not affected by a bunch of white people deciding to take their country back because of their race . . . this election had nothing to do with white people wanting their country back on racial concerns.”

Limbaugh’s standard race-denying lies aside, his point that the Left actively support and endorse all ethnic groups forming political blocks—and then condemn whites for doing the same thing—is completely accurate.

Perhaps one day, Limbaugh will dare to address the complete truth on race—but don’t count on it.

* Limbaugh also had said that “Women monolithically unify; vote their interests.” This is of course, untrue. Although a majority of white women voted for Trump, some 40 percent plus voted for Clinton, and in this regard Limbaugh is merely falling back in line with establishment propaganda.

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  1. There is an internally-destructive part of white humanity that manifests itself in always “looking out for the downtrodden” and a sense of “fair play” that is absent in every other race. Every other race looks inward, to itself and determines what is best for each other, within the race. Whites posses an externalized “altruism” that is internally destructive.
    Civil-rights (for some) laws, “affirmative action” statutes, preferences for jobs and scholarships based solely on race–not ability, and other non-competitive schemes have done NOTHING but drag whites down and deny us whites our rightful place in OUR society.
    Us whites have every right to be proud of our contributions to the human race. We have done MORE to (attempt to) uplift other races than any other race in human history.
    Isn’t it curious to note that every other race wants to move to white-dominated countries, even those that practiced “apartheid”??
    Once most other races immigrate to white countries, they attempt to “tear down” the white society that they advocate living in.
    The other races are their own worst enemies…
    Asia for asians…
    Africa for Africans…
    Middle east for semites…
    White countries for everyone…
    What’s wrong with this picture??
    Multiculturalism and diversity are code words for white genocide…

    …there is no “white liberation theology”.
    Despite being the greatest promoter of advancement for ALL races, us whites are denied the right to look after OUR own interests, because “people of color” (who constantly look for and find “racism” under every rock) demand that us whites subjugate ourselves and deny ourselves the solidarity among our own kind that every other race practices.
    As far as I am concerned, whites have done enough self-flagellation, having given up our own birthright, sacrificing it on the (false) altars of “civil-rights (for some)” and “anti-discrimination” laws that benefit only minorities.
    Pushback is coming. It won’t be pretty, but is necessary.
    A number of years ago, a survey of college students was done, asking one question: “What would life be like if every white person disappeared?”
    After extensive soul-searching, one minority student spoke up…”we’d be screwed” was the answer.
    Message to minorities–if life is so oppressive under whites, why not emigrate to whatever country you originate from?

    1. I would Love to Hear Limbaugh take a stance on this . I have no reason not to believe some of the reason’s around her Judgement Blunders was a sign she was influenced by Psychotronics either by direct or indirect impacts of Amalgam dental Mercury and the synergetic inter actions of non ionizing radation. I think part of the reason the Corrupt left libs wanted her so bad in office was to help keep the lie an cover up going Post 1975 and the church committee , post the telecommunications act of 1996 section 704 where if stifles the right to sue or challenge the known Evidence of Harm , post the screw ups and lack of sentiment concern via The Minamata Convention on Mercury 2013 & Notice of Inquiry ET Docket 13-84 via Paragraph 205 .

      Why has not the fcc given notice nor has seemingly the chartered NRCP sought to post 2013 make inquiries about any such new rule’s or bill’s or legislation for which they are chartered and or under legal obligation to full fill said duties relative to a administrative creation via this Notice of Inquiry ET Docket 13-84 via Paragraph 205 which directs a reply to from all federal Health and safety agencies et al relative to my inquiries about Psychotronics or impact from Non Ionizing radation and synergic inter-reaction Dental Amalgam such as and not limited to increased factors for induced Tinnitus and or and not limited misdiagnosed Mental Health issues such as sczho effective disorders along with Heavy metal Poisonings.

      The call to investigate is being ignored and the topic being danced around in the active Right to Known Case!

      3 the Federal Communications Commission created Notice of Inquiry ET Docket #13-84 Paragraph 205. Which is a post facto call to investigate Health Effects. Seams the fact is Clinton has it her self ? So whos paid her the Stock Market in Precious metals or ?

      This is Barack Obama President Obama admin at it’s best . See Email . Below

      From: Beverly Ottman
      Sent: Monday, September 26, 2016 6:20 AM
      To: Bruce Anderson
      Subject: RE: Telecommunications Act 1996 , Section 704 , Notice of Inquiry ET Docket #13-84/03-137 v/s Psychotronic’s an Amalgam has been published!

      Good Morning Mr. Anderson,

      Our Senior Vice President has asked that I pass on to you the following message…

      We have not been asked to look at this issue by any of the federal agencies and as a result do not have an opinion on this matter.

      Thank you,
      Beverly Ottman
      7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 400
      Bethesda, MD 20814
      Tel: 301.657.2652 ext 15
      Fax: 301.907.8768

    2. I am a Democrat registered and voted for Obama twice. But I am so happy with the outcome of this election. For the political elites and the media to attempt to force feed me a terribly flawed and unelectable candidate, while at the same time enethically clearing the path for her at the expense of Bernie is unforgivable. You pukes got exactly what you deserve. I hope Trump burns Washington to the ground so we can start all over. I hope every single one of you pukes in politics and the media ends up losing your jobs.


      A really pissed off American

    3. Caucasians are truly the most diverse. White skinned people have black hair, blonde hair, brown hair, red hair – straight and wavy. White skin shows pink in the cheeks and various degrees of whiteness. White skinned people have brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes and hazel eyes. No other race has this diversity… And blacks tend to straighten and bleach their hair… why is that? Hispanics think they are a race when they are not. They are a ethnicity. All races except the caucasian have black hair….

  2. Be proud of who we are.
    No more tolerance, defend, drive out all enemies, foreign and domestic, conquer if necessary.

  3. Racism was coined by Leon Trotsky.
    No Gladys, it is not a sin. It is a communist term to describe a way of seeing the world. It is exactly equivalent to Nationalism, another Communist buggaboo.

    On to my Race. I am a descendant of Cro-Magnons and Neanderthal.
    If you are a not, get over it.
    Neanderthals were apex predators. It is an attribute of All predators to be empathic. You have to know what your prey is thinking. It is this empathy that sets us apart from the rest of the hominems. The Asians are 20% more Neanderthal than me. Fortunately they differentiate between empathy and sympathy.

  4. I always believed it was donald trump’s destiny to become not only the president, but leader of the free world. He may well be our redeemer. We the white people have been brainwashed and led astray for far too long…being primed for the slaughter house through forced multiculturalism, white guilt and the latest “white privilege”. We have become so oblivious of reality and complacent to our future, that we have allowed ourselves to self-inflict prejudice upon ourselves. The NWO establishment, through new anti-white legislative P/C laws and the media, is responsible for this crime against humanity. Now we must rise up and re-establish our rightful place as the descendants of our european heritage…and protect and preserve our culture from extinction!

  5. It’s thanks to the innovation of the white mans trains, planes and automobile the this multiculturalism happened. We gave them the means to march into our countries and demand equal reward for no effort. Once us white people get boxed into a corner we can become a very dangerous species.

  6. Are people still listening to this POS? What’s wrong with you people? Do you not remember his slimeball past?
    “Investigators executing the searches, which took place November 25 at offices used by Limbaugh’s South Florida physicians, accused the radio personality of “doctor shopping,” or improperly seeking out practitioners to supply him with an inordinate abundance of painkillers OxyContin, Lorcet, Norco, Hydrocodone, and Kadian, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax”
    Of course this was AFTER he was preaching about how drug users should be jailed for their crimes!


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