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Russia: No “Asylum” for Syrians

The Russian Federation now routinely refuses to consider “asylum” applications from Syrians, and instead sends them back home saying that they face “no particular threat,” it has emerged.

The policy decision has been made because Syrians have no reason to leave their country in the first place, being able to move to the peaceful government-controlled majority of that country, and also because the U.S.-backed terrorist war is coming to an end.

Russia’s logical decision to refuse “asylum” to Syrians was made public by a far-left “human rights” organization called “Civil Assistance” which has now appealed to Western European governments to intervene.

According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the number of Syrians in Russia has fallen from 8,205 to 7,096 during the twelve months ending April 2016.

This number includes diplomats and other Syrian nationals who had entered Russia before the outbreak of the U.S.-backed “rebel” terrorist war.

For the period 2011 to 2015, only 4,462 Syrians applied for “asylum” in Russia, and of this number, exactly one had been granted asylum. A further 3,306 had been granted temporary residence of one year, which has to be renewed each year.

This temporary residence status denies the holder any sort of financial assistance or housing, and although they theoretically have the right to work, employment is for all practical purposes impossible.

The reason for this is the same as in Germany, where almost no “Syrian refugees” are working either: namely they have no skills which are needed.

The renewal process is also highly detrimental to the invaders, the “human rights” organization reported.

Of the 82 decisions taken in renewal applications during the first six months of 2016, only seven were granted another year’s residence. Those denied further residence are routinely deported back to Damascus, the FAZ reported.

Finally, since March this year, the Russian government has ruled that there is “no particular threat” in Syria, and that vast stretches of that country offer perfectly safe respite for anyone fleeing the U.S.-backed terrorists.

* The German government has announced that it is launching a €150 million ($161 million) program to “encourage asylum seekers to return home.”

The government plan, as outlined in a leaked ministerial paper, argues that many people from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkan regions have shown a willingness to return voluntarily.


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    1. He also knows full well the “Syrians” ain’t Syrians, but a mixed bag of assorted criminals and rampant serial rapists from the depths of hell.

      1. Slavic nations and much of Eastern and Central Europe are nationalistic, traditional and there has been the most resistance to this invasion from the east while Western Europe, the UK, America, Australia, Canada, is cucked out.

  2. Good job Russia! They know what
    they are doing unlike the jackasses
    in western Europe, Canada and the US.
    Russia actually turned the tide in the middle eastern conflict not the US.

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