Russia: US Seeking Regime Change in Syria, not ISIS Defeat

The bombing of anti-ISIS Syrian Army forces by US aircraft is proof that the American government does not seek the defeat of ISIS, but rather just regime change in Syria and the seizure of economic assists belonging to that county, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

In a statement carried by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the attack by US aircraft on Syrian army forces advancing against the Obama-created and Trump-supported “moderate rebels” in the Deir Ezzor region, the Russians were quoted as saying that the “real objective of the illegal presence of the US forces in Syria is not actually fighting against Daesh (ISIS) rather it is to seize and take over the economic assets that belong to the Syrian Arab Republic.”

“”rces of the US-led “international coalition” have targeted popular forces that were fighting Daesh (ISIS) terrorists and Qasad groups in Deir Ezzor countryside in an attempt to support terrorism,” the SANA report said.

The US-led coalition “attacked popular forces that were fighting [the] Daesh terrorist organization and Qasad groups between the villages of Khsham and al-Tabyia in Deir Ezzor northeastern countryside, leaving scores of persons killed and others injured,” the SANA report continued.

Their reporter said that the  “US-led coalition targeted the popular forces’ positions with ten strikes causing heavy material damage.”

The Russians earlier pointed out that the US presence in Syria is illegal because they have not been invited in by the legal government—as the Russians have—and that their increased presence now that most of the ISIS held territory has been recaptured, is nothing more than deliberate provocation.

The Trump administration last month, however, announced a new “Syria strategy “that envisages US troops remaining in eastern Syria until President Bashar al-Assad is ousted.

This strategy comes as no surprise to those familiar with the Jewish lobby’s strategy for retaining Israel hegemony in the Middle East, as mapped out in the infamous “Clean Break” Jewish neocon policy which laid the basis for the invasion of Iraq.

According to that strategy—mapped out by Jews who later played personal roles in its implementation in successive US administrations since George W. Bush’s time—Israeli interests are best served by ensuring that all its Middle Eastern enemies are plunged into chaos and civil war, and thus are unable to form a united front against the Jews-only ethnostate.

Ousting Assad—who is an uncompromising supporter of the Palestinians and who has never made peace with Israel after the Jews invaded his country and illegally seized the Golan Heights in 1973—forms a critical part of this “Clean Break” strategy.

The complete control of US foreign policy by this right wing Jewish lobby—which has increased its power under Trump—means that even more violence and aggression against Syria can be expected in the near future, even if it costs more American money and lives.

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