Russian Government Will Pay for (European) Settlers in the Far EastUPDATED

Note: Since this article first appeared, the Russian Government has confirmed that it is for Russian nationals only.

The Russian government has announced a plan to offer US $8,000 to any immigrants—who don’t even have to be Russian nationals—who would be willing to relocate to the far eastern region known as the “Jewish Autonomous Region” of Birobidzhan.


Potential immigrants also don’t have to be Jewish, as the name of the region is a historical anachronism dating from the time when the heavily Jewish-dominated 1920s government of the former Soviet Union tried to establish an exclusive Jews-only homeland in the region as part of an attempt to strike a final deal with the Marxist Zionists, who made up an important component of the early Communist movement.

The Jewish population in the region peaked in 1948 when about 30,000 Jews, or 25 percent of the Oblast’s population, were officially counted as Jews. The attempt to create a Jewish homeland in the area came to nothing when the Zionists created the state of Israel.

According to the 2010 Russian census, there were only 1,628, mostly older, Jews living in the region, out of a total population of around 167,000. The official figures were 160,185 ethnic Russians (92.7%), 4,871 ethnic Ukrainians (2.8%), and 1,628 ethnic Jews (1%).

According to an article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, the Russian government has expressed concern that the far east of Russia is being overrun by Chinese immigrants, and has now announced the plan to encourage settlers in the region.

It is clear they mean European settlers, although it is not explicitly said.

The official announcement, called government decision No. 1361, reads as follows: “We have agreed to implement a plan of voluntary resettlement in the Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidzhan. The initiative is designed to help the Russian expatriates and their families. Signed: Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.”

The announcement, made at the end of July, has received little or no coverage in the controlled media in the West, but has received some airtime in Russia. The old Jewish connection to Birobidzhan is the only reason why the story popped up in the Israeli newspaper.

In terms of the plan, a sum equal to $8,000 will be given to anyone willing to move to eastern Russia in “order to halt what is termed an impending demographic disaster,” the Haaretz claimed.

The mineral-rich region lies in the far east, pressed right up against the Chinese border, and is therefore literally on the front line of the Asiatic invasion of eastern Russia.

The government offer includes an “absorption basket” which provides direct financial assistance, airline ticked, coverage of moving expenses and health insurance.

This $8000 translates to around Russian 264,784 Rubles, which is just slightly below the average annual income in Russia, where the average salary (outside of Moscow) runs at about $800 per month.

According to Alexander Zhuravsky, director of the Department of Interethnic Relations of the Ministry of Regional Development, anyone accepted to the place will be able to be an independent worker, a small-business owner or can even remain without any formal work.

There is no limitation relating to the number of family members entitled to the grant or to the specific location where people can settle.

Zhuravsky said that the plan was to attract 2,220 heads of households to the 36,000 km2 (13,899.7 square miles) region within the next four years.

“There have been plans to resettle in the past, but this time we hope to be more successful,” he was quoted as saying.

“That’s why the wording of the law is flexible in its definition of eligibility. It includes not only Russian citizens but also people of ethnic Russian extraction—descendants of those who left the country many years ago—and even foreign citizens who have a profound personal or cultural connection to the country.”

The official website of the government of the Jewish Autonomous Region can be found here, along with a photo gallery of the major city and surrounds.

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  1. Has anyone received a reply to your inquiry about this? I have written in both English and Russian but have never heard a word back.

    Editor's note–see update in the article.

  2. It is called the Jewish Autonomous Region (Oclast) and will continue to be called that. It is not a place for anti-semites. Yiddish is taught in all of the schools, even the non-Jewish schools. Birobidzhen is the administrative center and has a population of about 80,000. There are plenty of outlying areas that could be farmed. The land is swampy. This is a Jewish homeland outside of Isreal and this spot was picked by Stalin in about 1931. The existing synagogue was opened in 2004

  3. Hi Hannes David and Dennis, i am a south african citizen as well, and i am definitely going to apply for this as well, why dont we all get in touch and stay in touch? just reply should you be interested

  4. i am very interested in this offer!. i am from south africa and will leave this country without thinking twice! my children have no future in this country purely because they are white! us whites are called the racists but this blacks in this country are the biggest racists! please post a link or something in connection with this so i can pack up and leave this god forsaken land!

  5. I have contacted the russian embassy and they say they are waiting to get clarity on this issue, but we should keep phoning.

  6. Yap, got it, Anon. I'm South African. Thanks for taking note of our very doubtfull future here. Lets get some e-mails out to Russia and see what happens.

  7. I am telling them and as quickly as I can.
    However – if it continues to be called The JEWISH autonmous Region I would be extremely reluctant to go there let alone live there.

    It a dubious because I believe it was the original home of the Jews in the shape of the hordes of the Huns and Ghengis Kahn's hordes – and many other hordes who were relentlessly pouring into Russia and then Europe over time – and they were monstrous barbaric & cruel and filthy. They seem to have become even worse judging by what they have done to the People of Palestine.

    They were the originators of slavery. Besides, I just do not want to be anywhere where Jews might take it into their heads to migrate to when "israel" goes down, as inevitably it will.

    So; let's find out more about it.
    Putin is indeed very keen for the population of Russia to grow.

    The White population of the World is shrinking.
    The Jews are making sure of thata. It is they who are behind the enormous immigration into Europe because they want the White people to be swamped and to vanish from the face of the Earth, and that IS happening.

    I would advise young men to take advantage of this offer if it is genuine and – without delay.

  8. So does this mean that the offer is a hoax ? I have written to the Russian Embassy, Putin's office, and the Governor of Birobidzhan and received no response !

  9. I have moved to Vladivostok from South Africa, I own a company in Vladivostok that provides services to Russians, Japanese and Koreans, never regretted the decision , really happy cant complain !

  10. Hi guys! I am Russian who recently left country and moved to China, however if you are interested into starting a new life in Russian Far East get ready for the cold and tough winters and make you look on Vladivostok city of Russian far East, it is the mosp promising place in that depressive area, with some infrustructure, modern university etc…just an advice….

  11. How and who do you contact regarding this.ICan anybody help provide details like correct email address of the Russain Embassy and Goverment order number

  12. E-mail the Russian embassy,n get the hell out! For your family's sake.

  13. Good. Then you know what we're talking about. Better learn how to farm real quick! Or, you'll all starve to death. White people are done feeding your ungreatful black asses. Your on your own. And don't blame whites for your stupidity.

  14. Hi Hannes, I've been attempting to spread this offer to South Africans who are trying to leave Africa and so far were turned down by the Australian government. Maybe you could help by letting South Africans know about this offer? Thanks

  15. The average high temperature in Birobidzhan in July is 80 degrees. The average high temperature in December is about 8 degrees dipping down to about -16 at night. The average precipitation in July about 3 inches and in December it's about 1/2 inch. So it's basically like living in North Dakota. The nearest airport to Birobidzhan is about 80 miles away. Airfare is a little more than $2000 round trip. After reading a bit of history about the place and getting an idea of what life is like there at present…. I opt to not opt in.

  16. Has anyone had any luck with contacting the relevant departments in Russia…..we've tried numerous sources to NO avail!

  17. I never thought I'd ever say this "out loud", but I've been thinking about this with the way this country is headed! Does anyone know how the hunting is there? I might be able to convince hubby to go there IF he could hunt.

  18. Unless the Russian government commits itself to expelling the Chinese, you will be soon living in what amounts to China,

  19. I just checked out the government website. But wasn't able to find any info concerning immigration to the oblast however. Any where I can contact the authorities about the immigration offer? THX!

    [We suggest the local Russian Federation Embassy.–Ed]


  21. Can somebody please give us contact details on how to apply?

    [The New Observer is just a news site, not an immigration agency. However, it seems logical that the first place to start is with the Russian Embassy, quoting the government order detailed in the article above. We hope this helps.–Ed]

  22. I want to apply to immigrate asap. Please provide me with the details and application documents.

    [Unfortunately The New Observer is just a newspaper, not an immigration service! Your best bet is to contact the Russian Embassy and quote the government order number listed in the article above.-Ed.]

  23. I too am a South African and given the chance would leave, but as the saying goes, "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is "

  24. Im a white south african who has a family and would consider immigration if only for my sons future…hes future in this country does not look promising!

  25. I’m with you, Julie. I’m a Serbian and I too am ready to leave the Europe. I’m going to look further into this offer.

  26. This is a very tempting offer. I think many USA citizens should take advantage of this. For me, I am Slavic, Bohemian roots. I would love to start out somewhere new. I am a native Californian who is ready to leave the states. What a great offer! I love President Putin. He seems like he has common sense! Refreshing!

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