Russian Spy Attack: West Blames Putin without Proof

The rush by the UK government and its allies to blame Russian president Vladimir Putin for the alleged nerve agent attack on a Russian spy traitor hiding in England, without producing any proof at all, is symptomatic of the “sick liberal Western establishment which hates Russia simply because that nation does not support the homosexual agenda for the destruction of society,” a former Cold War operative has told the New Observer.

Chemical hazmat teams at the bench where Skripal was found.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the former agent—who worked for a Western intelligence agency against the Soviet Union—said that the most likely culprits for the attack were “rogue former agents seeking revenge upon a traitor,” and that the attack would never have carried official sanction or even knowledge from Putin or anyone else in the Russian government.

“You have to remember that the principal victim in the attack, Sergei Skripal, was a former military intelligence colonel who served at one time as director of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the military intelligence agency of the Russian army,” the source continued.

“He started working for the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) in 1995 and was responsible for exposing over 300 Russian agents, many of who ‘vanished’ and have never been seen again, most likely killed. For that reason alone, there would be many agents, active and retired, who would be seeking revenge.”

The source pointed out that Skripal was formally pardoned by the then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, as part of a spy swap with the West, and that the chances that the Russian government would at any level order an action against Skripal was “non-existent.”

“My guess is that this is the work of rogue or former agents seeking revenge for the deaths and disappearances of former colleagues. Espionage at the level of Skripal’s betrayal is a highly dangerous game, often played out with unstable individuals who by their very treasonous nature can be unpredictable,” the source said.

Asked about the other alternative—that the Skripal attack was a “false flag” attack by a UK or western agency in order to discredit Russia or to heighten tensions, the source said that this was “extremely unlikely, as exposure would be seriously damaging.”

However, the source went on to say, the reaction of the British government, and its allies in the West, in immediately blaming Russia and Putin in person, was symptomatic of the “sick liberal Western establishment which hates Russia simply because that nation does not support the homosexual agenda for the destruction of society.

“In addition, the Western ruling elite hates Russia, perhaps even more, for daring to intervene in the Syrian conflict on the side of that nation’s government against the so-called rebels, who are all armed and backed by the West.”

“If anyone is looking for the reason for the hysterical anti-Russian and anti-Putin nonsense being put out by Western governments and the controlled media, then they need look no further than these two reasons. Russia’s solidly pro-heterosexual family policy is complete anathema to the sick deviant west, and its support for the Syrian government and opposition to the terrorists in Syria, have earned Putin the everlasting hatred of the West’s ruling elite, and they are prepared to go to any lengths to invent a reason to even go to war with Russia if needs be.”

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  1. Faced with nationalist uprisings in U.S., U.K. and throughout Europe – due almost exclusively to massive, illegal and incentivized nonwhite migration – the Jewish- controlled media and political establishments have set up a Russian strawman to flog. And yes, Putin had the audacity to support his ally in Syria – in defiance of the U.S./Israeli master plan. The homosexual agenda is a distant third.

  2. I personally found it to be obvious that this was organised, though not necessarily carried out by someone with a score to settle.

    Considering that Skripal was a double-agent & his actions likely enriched him & made others suffer at least or at worst, be killed, there would’ve been many former & possibly current Russian intelligence operatives who wanted him killed publicly.

    Also, considering the amount of corruption in Russia, it wouldn’t have been possibly to access this nerve agent at all & someone in the intelligence services, as has happened in the past many times, could get such an agent into another country.

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