Russian Victory Day Hypocrisy

Today’s “Victory Day” parade in Moscow is an exercise in hypocrisy—because it ignores the fact that the Soviet Union was allied to the Nazis for nearly two years of World War II—and invaded five neighboring states itself before the war with Germany broke out.

The Russian “celebrations” ignore the fact that the Soviet Union helped Nazi Germany with the invasion of Poland in 1939, invaded Finland in November 1939, and invaded Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in June 1940.


The Soviet invasion of Poland started without a formal declaration of war on September 17, 1939. The invasion took place in line with a treaty between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, signed by Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov and German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop on August 23, 1939.

The agreement—known as the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, contained a public and a secret clause.

The public clause was a non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union—but the  secret clause, never made public until 1946, contained an agreement to divide the territories of Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland into German and Soviet “spheres of influence,” anticipating potential “territorial and political rearrangements” of these countries.

Stalin and Ribbentrop after the signing of the Soviet–Nazi German pact. August 23, 1939.

The last page of the Additional Secret Protocol, bearing Ribbentrop’s and Molotov’s signature, dealing with the division of Poland and other Eastern European nations between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

It was on this basis that the Soviet Union invaded Poland on September 17, 1939—sixteen days after the Nazi invasion—and ended up occupying the eastern part of the Polish state.

The Western Allies—so quick to declare war on Nazi Germany for invading Poland—simply ignored the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland.

Soviet and German soldiers in Lublin, Poland, 1939.

German and Soviet soldiers meet in jointly occupied Brest.

German and Soviet officers shaking hands

German and Soviet officers shaking hands following the invasion of Poland by the Soviet Union.

Soviet parade in Lviv

Soviet parade in Lviv, 1939.

At the center Major General Heinz Guderian

At the joint victory parade held by the Wehrmacht and Red Army in Brest, September 22, 1939, at the end of the invasion of Poland.At the center Major General Heinz Guderian and Soviet Brigadier Semyon Krivoshein.

Video below: Wehrmacht and Red army parade, Brest, Poland, September 22, 1939:

The only memorable public comment on the double invasion of Poland was a cartoon by David Low which appeared in a British newspaper, showing Hitler and Stalin greeting each other over the corpse of Poland.

David Low cartoon

The German copy of the secret clause was discovered after the war, and first published in the United States by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on May 22, 1946, and in Britain by the Manchester Guardian.

It was also part of an official US State Department publication, Nazi–Soviet Relations 1939–1941, published in January 1948.

Despite this, it remained the official policy of the Soviet Union to deny the existence of the secret clause. It was only acknowledged as a fact in 1989, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and was finally published in its Russian format in 1992.

As late as 2014, Russian president Vladimir Putin defended the Soviet-Nazi pact, saying that there was “nothing wrong with it.”

Putin even went on to question the existence of the secret clause, saying that “people still argue about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.”


The invasion of Poland was only the first Soviet military aggression of World War II.

In September and October 1939, the Soviet Union compelled the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to agree to “mutual assistance pacts” which allowed for the establishment of Soviet military bases in those countries.

On June 15, 1940, while the Western Allies were distracted by the German offensive against France, the Soviet Union militarily occupied Lithuania.

The next day, Latvia and Estonia also received Soviet ultimatums, which were quickly followed by military occupation.

Lithuania was formally incorporated into the Soviet Union on August 3, Latvia on August 5, and Estonia on August 6. The deposed presidents of Estonia (Konstantin Päts) and Latvia (Karlis Ulmanis) were imprisoned and deported to the USSR and died later in Soviet gulags.

While all this was going on, the Soviet Union also invaded the neutral nation of Finland on November 30, 1939.

This time, there was at least some half-hearted international reaction: the League of Nations passed a resolution condemning the invasion as illegal, and the Soviet Union was expelled from the League on December 14, 1939.

Red Army soldiers display a captured Finnish state

Red Army soldiers display a captured Finnish state flag, 1940.

Initially, the invasion went poorly, and the Finnish army held the Soviet offensive at the border. However, a renewed attack forced the Finns to capitulate in March 1940.

In terms of that treaty, Finland ceded 11 percent of its surface area—and 30 percent of its economy—to the Soviet Union.

Soviet Tupolev SB bombers

Soviet Tupolev SB bombers above Helsinki November 30, 1939.

It was during the Soviet invasion of Finland that the term “Molotov cocktail” was coined. The improvised gasoline “bomb,” usually just a glass bottle, was given its name as an insulting reference to Soviet foreign minister Molotov, who was responsible for the setting of “spheres of interest” in Eastern Europe under the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

Molotov had earlier declared on Soviet state radio that Soviet air force’s bombing missions over Finland were actually “airborne humanitarian food deliveries for their starving neighbors.”

As a result, the Finns dubbed the Soviet bombs as “Molotov bread baskets”—and when the hand-held bottle firebomb was developed to attack Soviet tanks, the Finns called it the “Molotov cocktail” as “a drink to go with the food.”

The Nazi-Soviet pact lasted until June 22, 1941, when Hitler launched the invasion of the Soviet Union. That invasion, as is well known, ended in catastrophe for Germany.

Nonetheless, the fact that the Soviet Union was an official ally—and an aggressive invader of five neutral neighbors during the first stage of the Second World War, makes the Russian “Victory Day” parades hollow and hypocritical.

If Russia—or the West, for that matter—were sincere in celebrating the end of the tragic conflict known as the Second World War, they would give equal prominence to the Soviet Union’s role in fermenting that conflict.

But, because the controlled media and the establishment have made an art out of double standards and hypocrisy, the focus remains solely on Germany—and ignores the crimes of communism.

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  1. The USSR was industrialised by western technology, using Russians as slave labour. The only reason Stalin had tanks, bombers etc was because in effect the ‘west’ gave them. Guess who controlled the finances etc.

    1. With regard to m y Polish background, I’m expected to hate Russians, but I do not. As I, unlike most of Poles, have access to quite a deal of unbaised information on who pulled the strings back then – not only in Soviet Union but also in Poland and its “allies” – I hardly can blame ordinary Russians for what happened. To pay for things we had no controll over seems in fact to be the Slavic race’s fate. By the way, the soo “patriotic” government of Poland is far from holding the interests of Polish people in high esteem. Opposing Muslim immigration and “controlling” the mass media is rather the specific tactics that was designed for Poland by the globalists.

      1. I had the pleasure of meeting some Polish Nationalists at The London Forum last year.
        Very switched on folk, who understood the problems of Europe.
        Charming folk, well mannered and behaved.

    2. Who controlled the finances and funded the Bolsheviks? Answer: The J’usual suspects in the US and UK!! They’ve been the puppet-masters of Western Civilization since the French Revolution.

  2. Yes, that is a fact that many don’t mention. At some point I understand that aggrement from Soviets’ point of view, firstable both Nazis and Soviets knew very well that it’s only temporary “co-operation” and that it’s just a matter of time until they will fight against each other. Soviets just wanted to make sure that they can get some time before Nazi invasion on Soviet Union. Not that I’m trying to make excuses for them, they just wanted to have the front line of the conflict to be outside of their territory. Second, it’s been US and UK who “sold” Eastern Europe to Stalin with the aggrement in Yalta Conference after the war, they know it’s their fault, so obviously being politically correct, West don’t want that to be revealed thus they don’t want to make Russia angry admitting that Soviet Union was a WWII aggressor just a well as Nazi Germany.

    1. But that’s past. We all got common enemies today, same goal. No point to keep bringing history back to front page as it will just cause misunderstanding and conflitcs.

      1. You said it. That was the past, now is now. We must stand together as nations and combat our mortal enemy. China, Russia, the US (after the abominable Obama has gone), and other willing nations must join forces to destroy diabolical Islam one and for all. We can’t count on the EU to help out because they are too f**ked up to be of any good for anything. The real global enemy is Islam and its programmed Zombies!

    2. Germany was not the aggressor. There was no reason for them to want a war. They were a successful economy, in fact Hitler performed an economic miracle rebuilding his country after WW1, by ditching the central banksters!! Germany issued it’s own debt-free currency. The banksters were worried that other countries would also ditch their FIAT currencies and follow the German example so the “bankster controlled” USA and UK forced war on Germany. We have been fed lie after lie about WW2 and the German people. War and post-war propaganda has turned the truth on it’s head! Germany should be claiming billions of dollars/pounds of damages from the “Allies/banksters/Israel”.

  3. Very good article, I translated it in french on my website

    I think it is worth to add that in late June 1940, Soviet Union also forced Romania to conced territories (bessarabia and north buchovina). So it isn't even 5 countries which were attacked by Soviet Union, but 6 !

    And as the Finland territories were never given back, the Romanian territories weren't either.


  4. Despite their whitewashing of history forgetting the Soviet Army’s mass rapes, mass murder, the ethnic cleansing of Eastern parts of Germany, the transfer of millions to slave labour camps and the Tyranical rule of any country the Soviet army over run- Russia looks like a country on the winning side. Whereas the other ‘Victors’ the UK, France and the USA have the appearance of Third World slums that only survive by obtaining collosal loans from Communist China.

    1. That is because Russia is no longer Soviet. Putin has changed that. It would appear he is not a communist but a nationalist thank goodness! It was the Soviet system that was the terror, and not the people. In fact the Soviets murdered an estimated 50 million of white Russians.

      1. Agree and other European Countries will need the same soon or right now to survive and protect White European Ethnic values, culture & traditions. Time to dump the “Carrot” and bring out the “Big Stick” to bring back Normality to the streets of UK and other European Countries…sooner rather than later!

  5. Desde que los judíos hicieron caer el Imperio Español Católico el mundo está en manos de La Masonería, y la decadencia de Occidente.

    Hitler lo comprendió, y muy pocos se unieron a él, el trabajo de la Propaganda continuó hasta nuestros días.

    Los soviéticos se apoderaron de territorios que nunca han pertenecido a Rusia, y Rusia es una nación que no necesitaba invadir ningún país. Casi todos los líderes soviéticos eran judíos, y con sus nombre cambiados, al igual que ocurre hoy con Merkel ( su verdadero nombre Rebeckah ).

    Es muy difícil estar unidos con Putin ( Putin no es Rusia, solo su presidente ) cuando promueve las mismas políticas sionistas que el resto de políticos sionistas en todo Occidente.

    Y, además esa conmemoración debería para pedir perdón a los alemanes ( entre otros más ) por las salvajadas y crímenes que cometieron junto con el bando ( capitalista ) de Occidente ( americanos y británicos ). Pero eso es muy difícil de explicar porque la mayoría de la gente es ignorante y solo ve películas de Hollyjew.

    Saludos y mi solidaridad con los patriotas alemanes y defensores verdaderos de Occidente.

    El sitio del artículo ha sido valiente y sincero compartiendo la noticia, pues podría haber ocultado la información, de forma general, que aparece en todos las noticias de canales en todos los países del mundo, y sin embargo lo ha expuesto. Me merece respeto éste sito nada más que por ese gesto.

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