Russians Suggest Israel-made Drones Attacked its Bases in Syria

The swarm of heavily-armed drones which were recently used to launch a mass attack on the Russian Hemeimeem air base naval facility in the port of Tartus in Syria were made by “specialists from the countries that produce and actively use” drones, the Russian military have announced, effectively pointing the finger at Israel, which is one of the two states in the world specializing in the manufacture of those weapons.

According to the Russian head of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) department of the Russian General Staff, Major General Aleksandr Novikov, the results of a technical assessment of the captured droned showed that they carried bombs with industrially-manufactured explosives which could not have been made locally or taken from other munitions.

The assessment of the drones also revealed that any jamming countermeasures would be ineffective. “The research showed that the avionics equipment mounted on the drones facilitated their fully automated preprogrammed flight and bombing, ruling out any jamming,” Novikov said.

He pointed out that precise target coordinates as well as fine adjustments to flight configurations were needed for such tactics to be effective, and that the coordinates used by the drones in the Syrian attack were much more precise than those that could be obtained from open access resources such as the internet.

Assembling such a drone requires “a large amount of time and specific expertise,” including special training, scientific knowledge and practical experience of building similar devices, Novikov said, adding that the drones had likely undergone flight trials.

Specialists “from the countries that produce and actively use” various UAVs were therefore involved in the development and construction of the drones used in the attack, he concluded.

Moreover the explosives they carried were stuffed with ball bearings and are only manufactured in a number of countries. “They cannot be made in ‘makeshift conditions’, the general said.

The captured drones were put on display at a press conference in Moscow.

It is a fact that United States and Israel are the two most important manufacturers of military drones.

Israel was the first country which developed military drone technology after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, during which its air force sustained large losses.

According to a report on Radio Free Europe, a United States government-funded broadcasting organization that broadcasts and reports news, information, and analysis to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, Israeli “manufactures a wide array of drones, including one of the largest and most advanced models in the world.  Israel is also a top drone exporter. Despite a recent deterioration in diplomatic relations with Israel, Turkey is reported to use Israeli-made drones in surveillance operations in northern Iraq.”

According to a report in the Gulf News, Russia said it held Turkey accountable for the drone attack, calling it a breach of their cease-fire agreement in northern Syria.

No matter who launched the drones, the evidence therefore seems reasonable that they originated with Israel, and were prepped for operations by Israeli experts helping the “rebels” to strike at the Syrian government’s allies.

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