All SA Universities Shut

Ongoing black “student” violence and rioting has shut all South African universities and it is now doubtful that there will be any 2016 graduates this year.

The violence has caused more than R600 million ($44 million) damage to buildings and vehicles so far, and the rioting shows no sign of ending soon.


Black police and black students clash at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

The University of the Witwatersrand tried to resume lectures on October 10, but had to call classes off once again after police officers and protestors engaged in violent clashes throughout the campus and the streets outside.

The black protesters, whose principle demand is free tuition—despite almost all of them failing their exams—threw rocks at the police, who fired rubber-coated bullets and used tear gas and stun grenades to control the crowds.

Such scenes, when they occurred under the previous white-run government of South Africa, were always given great prominence in the controlled media as evidence of “white racism”—but nowadays the media has largely ignored the events which have had a cataclysmic effect on higher education in the country.


A bus burned by rioting “students” in central Johannesburg.

Even when the violence is covered—such as a recent article in Newsweek—the blame for the unrest is still laughably blamed on “inequalities” resulting from white rule, claiming that the “protests highlight an ingrained frustration at enduring inequalities more than two decades after the end of apartheid.”

In reality, the cause for the 80 percent increase in university fees in South Africa since 2008 is purely because the country’s economy is collapsing under black rule.

The nation’s currency, the Rand, has crashed on the financial markets, losing more than two-thirds of its value against the dollar in the past five years alone.


In addition, less than 5 percent of the South African labor force pay more than 50 percent of all personal income tax—and these are mostly extracted from the dwindling white population. This means that less than 1.75 percent of the country’s entire population pays more than 50 percent of personal income tax, and a substantial portion of VAT, excise duties, import duties, and the fuel levy.

No economy can continue to successfully function on this basis, and as a result, the infrastructure is buckling through a combination of lack of funds and typical Third World neglect.

Blacks—some of them not even students—around the country launched fresh demonstrations under the banner #FeesMustFall after South Africa’s minister of higher education Blade Nzimande said on September 19 that universities would be allowed to raise their fees by a maximum of 8 percent.

They have been demanding free higher education, a promise made by the African National Congress (ANC) when it came to power in 1994, and similar protests were held in 2015, forcing President Jacob Zuma to freeze planned fee hikes.

The extent of the problem for completing academic studies has been admitted by Dr. Max Price, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, in a letter to students published on the university’s official website.

“The suspension of the academic program has understandably caused much anxiety across the University of Cape Town. The executive and I fully understand the damaging impact of not completing the academic year—on students, parents, staff, society, and the university itself.

“We appreciate, in addition, that for final year students and international students the consequences are even more severe. The economic consequences will also be far-reaching,” Price wrote.

“Unfortunately this is an unavoidable consequence of the current approach that links the successful completion of the academic year to an engagement process with protest leaders.

“We are focusing all of our energy on finding pathways to concluding the 2016 academic year successfully. While there is even a small possibility of breaking the impasse, it is an outcome worth pursuing rather than closing for an extended period, or trying to work in a hostile securitized environment given what is at stake.”


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  1. No wonder there has never been a true black developed nation. Give a white man bricks and he will build a city, give blacks a city and they will give you bricks.

      1. No they won’t.

        They’ll break the bricks before they could use them for good or bad.
        Believe me I spent 40 years of my life living there!

          1. If we are talking about bringing the white Afrikaners, I’m all for it! I’ll take in a dozen to join my Blue Eyed tribe!

  2. Maybe more would have passed their exams, if the subjects were on rioting, thieving, drug dealing, gun crime, murder and racism!

  3. This reminds me of the university students in Bangladesh years ago, who rioted when the universities began a crackdown on the widespread practice of cheating on exams. The students rose up in violent revolt, demanding their “right to cheat”, as they had always done for generations. So they could come to the West pretending to be doctors, dentists & lawyers.

  4. An African at Oxford university complains about a statue of Rhodes and wants it removed, yet their own country is in turmoil and under black rule.

  5. It’s always sad as a white South African to see our beautiful country being destroyed by barbarism and the “excuse” leading back to apartheid after 20years…this comment is stale and will keep on being used by the black majority that wants to keep on taking the law into their own hands without a conscious…. Ignorance is their law…

  6. As soon as they were let into these institutions they destroyed them.

    Can’t say I’m sorry – many of the South African universities and professors were the most rabid opponents of the previous white run government.

  7. Remember up until that bastard Tony Blair took power in the UK, there were no university tuition fees in England for native students. That so called ‘socialist’ imposed fees on the poorest sections of society. British students protested, but did nothing like the black South Africans.
    Another dirty bastard, Nick Clegg, made a solemn promise to abolish tuition fees if elected to government.
    He was elected -and promptly reneged on his promise.

    1. You are right, and while university education in Scotland is still free, the Scottish MPs went down to Westminster to vote for a massive increase in tuition fees for university students in ENGLAND.

  8. Wits University used to be a very good university. I went there. They just ruin everything they touch. SA was troubled but a great place, when the “evil white monsters” were in charge. Its just so depressing how they bring only destruction. Just Youtube “the death of Johannesburg” I mean what is actually wrong in their brains? And if you want to make the argument that they were hindered developmentally by the white man, it is a fact they are much more oppressed now by the black man, so fat chance of any sort of positive evolution occurring. Corruption, violence, rape, disease poverty is all they bring.

  9. Johnathan portes….I was in South africa 1969-1971, peter hain was a student anti apartheid activist helping to bring about what is happening today, he didnt stay to enjoy his handiwork however but went to BRITAIN. He is now a baron having been ,amongst other things a member of parliament in Tony bliars government,not bad after helping to wreck South africa….terry

  10. Just blacks doing what black people do. The pursuit of free stuff through rioting and looting. WTF is wrong with white South Africans ? What don’t you understand about black culture ? If you don’t leave South Africa eventually you won’t even have your life.

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