‘SA Whites will be Crushed’—ANC Metropole Mayor Says

South African whites who “stand in way of social cohesion” will be “crushed” and in for a “very rough” time if they continue to oppose the ANC, Mzwandile Masina, the mayor of one of South Africa’s largest metropolitan municipalities, has announced.

Speaking during a civic reception in the Boksburg Civic Centre on Monday evening this week, Masina said he was sending a “strong warning” to “white people” and an anti-ANC organization called “Save SA” which has been running demonstrations calling for the resignation of ANC president Jacob Zuma.

“So please, we just want to request [Save SA] nicely: don’t divide our nation because if you continue to do so those that sided with you in 1994, they won’t be here in five years,” Masina said.

“It might be very rough and we are many, this is not a threat, we are many [and] it might be very, very rough.”

“It is very important that we send a very, very strong warning that… we will crush any individual who stands [in the way of] the project of nation building and social cohesion in South Africa.”

Masina said the ANC would force white people to understand that they need to live in harmony with other South Africans.

“Now this thing of being shown the middle finger everywhere by white people because they’ve gained a new confidence must come to an end,” he said to applause from the audience.

“I want to say to our white counterparts in South Africa, they must be very very careful. [They need to] understand that the issue of nation building and social cohesion requires all of us, not these insults that you get from social media and you get called everything else…that time has come to an end.

“Our children and your children, they don’t see what you are seeing in us, we are not monkeys, we are people,” he said.

Masina’s career includes a spell as National Convener of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), Chief Executive Officer at the Gauteng Film Commission, Deputy Director-General at the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, anbd most recently, as Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry in the cabinet of Jacob Zuma.

* Newly appointed Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba also addressed the reception, repeating the allegation that somehow blacks are being deliberately excluded from the economy—even though South Africa has some of the harshest affirmative action programs on the planet.

“We must agree on inclusion. South Africa’s economy excludes black people, women and the youth. It’s not sustainable,” he said.

This is standard fare for Third World populations both in their homelands and in the First World countries that they have invaded: rather than accept that it is their own fault that they have achieved nothing, the Third Worlders believe that there is some sort of vast conspiracy by whites to “keep them down.”

In fact, the real reason why the Third World is irretrievably economically backward has nothing to do with “white racism,” but simply because wealth is directly related to IQ: the higher the national IQ, the higher the wealth of the nation.

Africa, for example, has an average IQ of between 62 and 80, and as a result its countries have the lowest national wealth scores.

European states have average IQ levels of between 101 and 105, while certain Asian countries have even slighter higher IQs—and their respective wealth levels accurately reflect this fact.

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  1. White South Africans should try to get out of there as soon as possible. Nothing will get better. At the same time there is a great risk that there will be more problems. The Boers should have sold their farms and tried to buy farms in South America, Ukraine and Russia instead. Now it may be too late. If some international agro business companies want to buy their farmland at a reasonable price today they should consider themselves as very lucky.

  2. And please dont threaten the white people because we are not stupid and u may think because u are many u can threaten us u are making a huge mistake my friend dont threaten us try and crush us u will learn a big lesson in life if u know ure history

  3. all the whites should leave and let that shithole fall apart. Give them what they want another failing third world african country

  4. did this twit not notice that 90% of the people who marched on Friday and probably 99% of those that marched on Wednesday were black. Even their own people realise SA is on the road to hell

  5. Not all whites are wealthy enough or able to "get of here as soon as possible " . However if you are willing to assist us by paying our way we would gladly do it! Furthermore, there are no countries that I am aware of that will grant "political refugee" status. So we stay qndvwe fight for the land if our birth unlike those who have run from the trouble !

  6. You feel threatened that people in your own party have woken up. I don't who told you Save SA is made out of "white" people. It is made out of people who can make informed decisions about the future of their children. I am not white but I am South African. This is the exact same thing they said about the DA people a few years ago, now people can proudly wear their blue Tshirt without intimidation. Your scare tactics do not work! It is our country NOT the ANC's country. The ANC has run the state facilities to the ground in their corruption & greed!

  7. We will not be intimidated by the ANC who appear to think South Africa belongs to them! Their support is waining now they are targeting Save SA.

  8. The Blacks of South Africa have been killing the Whites of South Africa for many Years now the killing is not about to stop. Will these same Black Organizations ever come out and admit that Mandela was a Communist all of his life. I doubt it.

  9. We will stay and fight. This is my country. But we do NOT STAND ALONE.
    We are joined by millions of others from all races as the country UNITES AGAINST CORRUPT TYRANTS.
    Our ANC 'president' who keeps evading 783 charges of corruption & racketeering will get what's coming.
    It is now the ANC pitted against ALL OTHER PARTIES & CIVIC organizations who fight to stop the rot.
    Perez Zuma has amassed $13,2billion, stolen from taxpayers, invested mostly in the U.S..
    He owns a huge chunk of Accor Hotels, says Forbes magazine

  10. So you say "Nation building" means to like corruption? And the other millions of blacks that are standing together (with white, coloreds and Indians) to get Zuma out, what do you say to them? You going to make it rough for them too? Ha, ha, ha, big mouth, after the next election, you will be jobless.

  11. Let's start the revolt against the countries ficus. Withhold funds to revenue through a structured escrow system.

  12. Generally speaking, we can shoot and you lot can't. Keep that in mind. Also keep in mind your average IQ are way below ours. Note, average take into account exceptions.

  13. For the 20 years what did they achieve. They had all SA fortune in their hands. Where did it go? Not to nation building. Not to combat poverty. Not to housing. Not to education.
    It went to their own pockets.
    All they know is blaming others for their failures.and mobilize the poor and none educated to support them.

  14. Additional viewpoints:

    PART I

    The Boer farmers would have been much better off if the South African government would have bought their farms before majority rule was introduced. The government debt which then would have been created would have been everybody´s while the payment for the farms would have belonged to the farmers. Other whites could at least have been given money for plane tickets at the expense of the government ( = more government debt). Enough foreign currency would have been no problem if the South African government had begun the government take over of the farms in the late 1960s after the US Supreme Court had declared miscegenation laws unconstitutional which in turn should have made the white South Africans realize that Apartheid was doomed in the long run.

    My impression is that Boers and other Christian whites in South Africa were led to believe that Apartheid had a future so that they could serve as protection against a Soviet take-over of South Africa and Namibia. The West probably also thought that the whites in South Africa would be great protectors of Anglo-American mining company and other assets held by Jews. Therefore, the purchasing power of the South African government was never used to bail Christian whites out of South Africa. Instead they were led to believe that they would be allowed to maintain Apartheid as long as the Cold War would last and that the Cold War would last forever. However, shortly after Gorbachev had become the leader of the Soviet Union it should have been obvious to the Boers that the Cold War would not last forever and that Apartheid was doomed. If the South African government had begun to buy farmland by 1986 and if white minority rule had lasted an additional 2 years, there would have been at last 10 year grace period under which the government could have bought farmland and paid the farmers in foreign currencies. 10 years would might have been sufficient enough, I haven´t seen any calculations on how much time that would have been necessary to accumulate enough foreign currency, but 10 years would have been better than nothing. Especially if the South African government had combined such a program with recruiting international agro business investors that could have bought some of the farmland.

    The problem with the Boer group is that they were not able to act like tribal group unlike the Jews despite the fact that they dominated the South African government. Just like indigenous European groups in Europe they don´t act as a tribe and mix up the government in the country they live in with their own tribe. Since the government in many countries in the beginning was the same as the tribal leadership it is very easy for the general public to make this mistake. But in South Africa where whites were a small minority and the Boers were a distinct group of their own I think it should have been easier for the Boers to realize that they must act as a tribe rather than think that the government or the state was the same as their tribe. I also think there was something similar to a tribal organization for the Boer population which was called “Afrikaner Broederbond”. I can´t understand how the leaders of this organization could believe that the West would allow Apartheid to survive after the US Supreme Court had declared miscegenations laws illegal. And when Glasnost and Perestroika had began the alarm bells should have begin to sound loudly enough.

    (Continued below or above, see PART II)

  15. PART II

    I also think that the Broederbond organization and the South African Intelligence should have made attempts to facilitate white immigration to Europe once they realized that it was game over. I doubt that they ever tried to blackmail Western politicians like Mossad and the KGB. I know that the South African Intelligence managed to infiltrate anti-Apartheid organizations in the West. They should have made the infiltrators say that immigration of white South Africans back to Europe would help black South Africans people reclaim their country. That would have made that viewpoint more legitimate if, for instance, mainstream media, by mistake, had published articles where anti-Apartheid activists had said that bringing back white South Africans to Europe would help end colonialism and oppression of blacks. Of course, the last thing the string-pullers would have wished was immigration of whites from South Africa with negative experiences of being ruled by blacks. I´ve heard that ethnic Frenchmen that had been kicked out of Algeria was one of the core voter groups for Front National in the past. The string-pullers were probably aware of that and would probably not have wished to have another inflow of such voters to the Netherlands, France and Britain. But perhaps it would have been possible to defeat the string-pullers. At least, it should have been possible to try.

    Perhaps the Boers should try to create a real tribal special interest organization today (maybe such a tribal organization could help individuals emigrate from South Africa, for instance). If other ethnic groups would pick up the same idea and launch their own equivalents it´s possible that this could might make some difference. In Europe and the US I assume that such organizations must have non-white leaders in order not to spontaneously be considered as illegitimate by the general public. People have for decades been trained to react that way spontaneously. So if you somehow could give people the message the being a member of a tribal organization for your own ethnicity somehow means that you almost help coloured people you can might elude the conditioned reflexes that have been established in people´s minds. For white people who don´t belong to any specific white ethnicity it could be possible to join some kind of general European tribal organization. In the US, there could might be some kind of general white tribal organization for those who don´t feel they belong to, for instance, some kind of Irish or Italian tribal group.

  16. To Anthony David Williams and “Unknown”:

    If special interest organizations for white South Africans would co-operate with special-interest organizations for white people in Europe it should be possible to enable even working-class white South Africans to immigrate to Europe.

    Sweden probably has the most liberal labour immigration laws for non-EU citizens in Europe. The intention is to bring in more non-white people to Europe. For several years, it has been possible for owners of small pizza parlors and small kiosks to have 15 people on the pay-roll and in reality pay them nothing (instead, the immigrants have paid the owner of the kiosk or the pizza parlor).

    The government has recently begun to check out employers who hire non-EU citizens more thoroughly. But it´s still not an unrealistic idea for white South Africans that have a useful education to immigrate if they can make contact with a Swedish employer who is willing to hire him or her. For instance, there is now a shortage of skilled construction workers since Sweden has to build lots of new apartments for all the refugees that Sweden has brought in. So a skilled white construction worker who is less than, let´s say, 45 years old would probably be able to find a job in Sweden if he could get in touch with a suitable Swedish employer. Today, I think they are usually recruiting in Eastern Europe. A South African, who can speak better English than a typical Eastern European working class person would probably not be an inferior option.

    Maybe even regular staffing agencies could be an alternative for a skilled South African construction worker. Expandera Mera seems to be a successful Swedish staffing company in the construction industry (I don´t know whether they bother with hiring foreign workers):

    [email protected]

    Pema People is another staffing agency in the construction industry. I have no clue whether they bother with hiring foreign workers.

    [email protected]

    Skanska is a large, Swedish multinational construction company.


    The Swedish National Employment Agency is another possible alternative:

    [email protected]

    The task for the Swedish National Employment Agency is generally to find work and provide job training for people with at least a permanent residence permit. But I think that they on some occasions in the past have helped employers recruit people abroad. They generally help Swedish employers find people they can hire in Sweden. I´m not sure whether they allow foreign citizens who are not residents in Sweden to register their personal records and advertise for jobs in their data base. But I guess it´s always possible to send them an e-mail and ask them. They should be able to reply in English.

    After 4 years in Sweden you are entitled to get a citizenship. For a permanent residence permit I think you have to have worked here for 2 years, but I´m not sure. When you got a permanent residence permit or citizenship it´s possible to settle in another EU country, such as the Netherlands, if you can find work there.

  17. Third World Country? South Africa is not even classified as a Development Country. Junk Status makes us even less than that.

  18. Don´t fool the Boers. Blacks also have rifles nowadays. And more. So they can butch the Boers if they want to. The Boers should perhaps try to persuade some small Eastern European EU country to let them immigrate and later on move on to the Netherlands. The necessary initial capital is smaller in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe and the US.

  19. Why are people so worried about a small minority. Just leave the whites be, they are not even a political threat anymore.

  20. Maybe it's time to empower the Koisan people who actually were the indigenous people of South Africa. Then the Koisan can deal with the ANC.

  21. The term "INEPTOCRACY" comes to mind when one reads such populastic hate speech.For the uninformed, it means:
    a System of government where the least capable to lead are elcted by the least capable of producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
    Then there is some truth too in the comparison of intelligence and monkeys – somehow there is a direct correlation, isn't it?

  22. Mostly black people that now realize after all these years that anc is the crooks, but think it could be worse under the ruling of eff. So when us black, white or indean people… says they want positive change then anc and eff must be out and look for better party who is in it to make real changes for everyone, not trying to steal land and trying to say it's ok because it was stollen in the first place, we all know it's not really true etc… so I can go on but everyone knows what issues is going on at the moment.

  23. Dear Mr Mzwandile Masina,
    I don't know if you are sure what the meaning is of the words 'nation building'. I don't know why you see the white people of Sout-Africa as your enemy. I don't know why you have to warn white people and anti ANC protestors in South-Africa. It is clear, Mr Masina, that you are not a leader of the people of the Ekhuruleni, but a very insecured person who needs to lead by threats. Shame on you sir. I am a proudly white South-African and nò one, not even you and your army, will be able to 'crush' me. Regards, Rea Oosthuizen.

  24. Fact is this has always been the story and history throughout Africa , North to South. since the fifties and earlier.
    The liberators that take power after independence , read drive out "colonialists" through murder and mayhem eventually after running the country into the ground through corruption and outright theft start fighting amongst themselves for the crumbs which leads to the downfall of the country

    Specifically look at Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe and further up North as an example.
    The "liberators" refuse to give up power and eventually decend into civil wars and infighting which in turn leads the country into economic ruin and back to the stone ages.
    Always was and always will be so in Africa.
    There is no reason to think that South Africa will or should be any different .Many white folk seem to think or thought that South Africa will be different, perhaps because there were or are more whites in S.A. than other states up north.

    At the end of the day however unfortunately this will hardly influence the eventual outcome as the great majority are indoctrinated by their corrupt governments and despotic leaders to see the white man or "colonialist" as the enemy and the cause of their general misery .
    For this reason they will cut off their noses to spite their own faces and to be honest that is the greater majority.

    In South Africa just the mostly poorly educated populations living in squatter camps alone , add in illegals that have swarmed in from the rest of Africa that is anything from 10 million plus in total and that is being highly conservative, the vast majority only see South Africa as the " last of the happy hunting grounds"
    These are the ones that will and are killing , robbing, raping and generally running amok and doing what they like because of the breakdown in law and order which has been the common accompanying factor when attaining so called independence from their "colonialist suppressors".
    When there is a breakdown in law and order a country is finished.
    This is where S.A. stands today unfortunately…that is the reality and people have to stop fooling themselves for their own good ..
    South Africa is up the creek without a paddle.
    The uneducated masses are in it to get what they can materially in the short term by killing and driving out the white "colonialist" and tomorrow is another day.
    The most ironic thing being that how many of them are ending up fleeing to the countries of their so called oppressors when there is nothing left and no future but starvation and misery
    What is more incredible and dumbfounding that they are accepted and taken in by these former "colonialists" who continue to pour in millions of dollars and euros in aid every year to the corrupt these sh..t holes.

  25. Mr.Masina does not realise that he and the people who think like him are their own worst enemies.
    He is supposedly one of the educated … this is the sad fact about Africas poor masses.
    To them the one eyed man is king.

  26. Everything this idiot is complaining about is being done by him and the other ANC cronies DAILY… The point of a middle finger is done by his president every time he reaches for his glasses…I think Mr Masina is overcompensating with a extravagant and loud tantrum for something much much smaller…

  27. "nation building and social cohesion in South Africa". Happened years ago, then the ANC came to power and like Zimbabwe under Mugabe, the whole lot collapses. The poor white South Africans who can't get out will be simply murdered.

  28. So, these treacherous snakes are going to crush us? So, their sickeningly evil, systematic, torturing, raping and murdering of our farmers is not enough? Stealing our stuff, not enough? Culture genocide not enough? Depriving us of earning an honest living, not enough? Oh no: we must be crushed too. Ha ha ha ha.

    As Donald Trump likes to say: “We’ll see.”

    Nietzsche wrote:

    “And like a wind shall I come to blow among them, and with my spirit shall take away the breath of their spirit; thus my future wills it.

    Truly, a strong wind is [Wotan] to all that are low; and this counsel gives he to his enemies and to all that spit and spew: ‘Beware of spitting against the wind’.”

    So: We’ll see. 😉

  29. Drive their cars that you never invented nor manufactured and cannot repair, live in their farms they created with their sweat and dedication which you didn't develop and cannot maintain, eat their food you have no clue how to grow because SA leadership is a bucket of crabs. Like two year olds and Mugabe they believe possession is ownership. The Chinese will buy it all up and enslave you all. They sure as hell won't put up with any of the eep eep eep. You should make peace with the White man or you will kneel before the yellow man.

  30. The ANC are literally the dumbest bunch of 'People' on the globe… They incite destruction. I think its hilarious… they are going to end up living in their own ashes… and the only countries that will be willing to aid them are also suffering from the same disease…. Stupidity and hate. SO, my theory is let them burn it all, let them raise an uneducated generation (more uneducated than the current bunch of twits), let the sewers overflow and let the dams run dry. AND… when they cry out for help, let their 'Friends' from Zimbabwe come and give them a hand. Its a simple scenario… They want to be where they were before white people… so give it to them. Mud huts & shitting in their own hands. Ill watch, amused, from England!

  31. Come and try to crush I won't stand still I will fight and you my friend will take consequences for your actions easy for you to say but what did you achieve in the past 20 years? There's no pills for stupidly

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