Salvini Denies Italian Invader Taxi Ship Landing in Italy after Signing Emergency Decree

In what must be a first in the world, Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini has banned an Italian-owned and registered invader taxi boat the Mare Jonio from landing in an Italian port under a new emergency decree he signed hours earlier—because the taxi ship deliberately picked up 49 sub-Saharan African invaders 40 miles off the coast of Libya to shuttle them to Europe.

According to a report in the Ci Siamo news service, the Mare Jonio has now thrown anchor south of the island of Lampedusa after picking up the invaders from a rubber dinghy off the coast of Libya.

The Africans claimed to be crossing the Mediterranean Sea on their craft—a blatant lie as a vessel of that size could never have completed the crossing, a fact of which they would have been well aware. They were, of course, on a direct pre-arranged rendezvous course with the invader taxi ship, which met them as planned and “rescued” them for the next stage in their invasion of Europe.

The Mare Jonio had already disobeyed an order from the Libyan coast guard not to approach the invader dinghy.

Salvini however earlier announced on Twitter that the “ports were closed” to the Mare Jonio—a turn that was not expected by that ship’s owners, a conglomerate of pro-Third World invasion Italians, who have argued that it is not possible to deny an Italian-registered ship docking rights in Italy, unlike the other foreign invader taxi ships which have now all been turned away by Salvini.

As the Repubblica newspaper reported, it is “not clear how it will be possible to prevent the ship’s landing in Lampedusa without contravening international standards.”

The case will be the first test of a new directive signed at 10 pm the night before by Salvini, which states that the “modus operandi” of ships which “rescue” invaders in the area and move then towards Italy, are acting illegally and constitute a “threat to public security” even if they are Italian vessels.

As a result, the decree continues, there are no circumstances under which such a vessel may seek landing in Italy. The decree further states that Libya is “safe for refugees,” and that “Libyan, Tunisian and Maltese ports can offer adequate assistance logistics and health care, and are much closer.”

Finally, the decree, addressed to the leaders of the police, of the Navy and of the Coast Guard, says that the intention is to ensure that all operations at sea must be designed to “prevent the illegal entry of immigrants into the national territory, and to protect the order and public safety of the Italian state.”

As the Repubblica added, at the “moment the only certain things are that the Interior Ministry will not grant the ship landing, and will seek to prosecute the ship’s commander for facilitating illegal immigration and human trafficking.”

* The Mare Jonio is currently the only invader-taxi ship still operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

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  1. The way to go would be to bring in new laws to make the aiders and abettors of invasion personally criminally responsible – together with civil claims to claim back taxpayers’ money – for bringing in the invaders.

    But, oh, I forget, the EU won’t let you do it.

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