Saudi Arabia Deporting 250,000 Africans

Saudi Arabia—the darling Arab nation of Israel, the US, the UK and numerous western governments—has rounded up at least 250,000 African invaders illegally in that country and is busy deporting them all back home, it has emerged.

According to a report by the Associated Press, what they call “undocumented Ethiopian migrants”—actually illegal immigrants in non-controlled media speak—are “are being forcibly deported from Saudi Arabia by the thousands.”

The AP report—in an attempt to whip up sympathy for the illegal invaders—says that the deported Africans claim to have been mistreated after their arrest in Saudi Arabia.

The truth—or otherwise of those allegations aside, the AP report correctly says that their accounts “brought to light one of the world’s busiest and most dangerous migrant routes but one that remains overlooked amid the larger rush toward Europe.”

The report continues by saying that Saudi Arabia, “like other rich Gulf nations,” is a magnet for hundreds of thousands of people from “impoverished” East African nations like Ethiopia and Somalia.

According to the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat, the Africans who make it to Saudi Arabia find work on the black market as domestic workers and farm workers.

However, their growing numbers has alarmed the Saudi authorities, which ordered the latest wave of deportations in mid-November after months of warnings to the illegal Africans to get out by themselves.

“Saudi authorities say the kingdom has detained around 250,000 people violating its residency laws in the crackdown, with approximately 50,000 already forcibly flown out of the country,” the AP report said.

Ethiopia’s government says more than 14,000 of its citizens have been deported since mid-November and 70,000 have returned voluntarily, but the International Organization Migration says the number that has left forcibly or voluntarily since the amnesty period ended in June has reached 96,000.

Saudi Arabia ordered all undocumented migrants to leave voluntarily in March, an order later extended until June.  An estimated 400,000 Ethiopian migrants had been living in Saudi Arabia.

“The number of returnees could rise even higher in the coming weeks,” the IOM said, adding that around $30 million is needed to cover their immediate needs.

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  1. Funny how you don’t hear a squeak about this from the mainstream media.

    Meanwhile poor suffering Poland has hellfire and damnation heaped upon its head for merely having the effrontery to refuse the schemes of the unspeakable EU bullies to impose blacks/browns upon them.

  2. Send them to Sweden. Another 250,000 won’t make too much difference. It’s more than half way to being a shithole anyway!

  3. I think that this move by the Saudi government may be connected with their long standing objective to bring more of their citizens into the labour market and reduce their dependence on migrant labour. This dependency is not good for the Saudis themselves as evidenced by the fact that some Saudis are so unused to exerting themselves mentally or physically that they struggle to master the till of a supermarket checkout.

    Another factor in the planned expulsion of the illegal immigrants is Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “Vision 2030” which intends to privatize most of the state owned sector of the economy. Although no-one wishes to acknowledge this such large scale privatizations are going to produce mass unemployment, and I suppose the authorities do not want competition for jobs to be the cause for ethnic conflict. Incidentally similar reforms in other Arab countries intended to open up their economies to foreign investment are believed to have been a factor in the rise of Islamic militancy in these countries.

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