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Saving France: Le Pen Maps out Election Campaign Platform

France’s Front National presidential election candidate Marine le Pen’s election manifesto has called for a referendum on European Union membership, the end of the “asylum” swindle, the expulsion of Islamists, the halting of most legal immigration, and legal changes to ensure that French citizenship can only be acquired through blood or naturalization—and the conditions for the latter to be “tightened.”

Le Pen, currently front-runner in the opinion polls to win the first round of the French presidential election, made history by releasing her official 144-point manifesto in English specifically with the intention of explaining her policies to the outside world.

The English version is a direct translation of her major French-language election communication, and offers English-speakers a unique insight into the policy positions which have made her the single most popular politician in France.

Le Pen’s first commitment is to hold a referendum on continued French membership of the European Union.

“The aim is to arrive at a European project that respects French independence, national sovereignties and which serves the interests of the different people,” she wrote.

The manifesto also calls for the “automatic expulsion of foreign criminals and delinquents” and the signing of bilateral agreements so that convicted foreigners can serve their prison sentences in their country of origin.”

Le Pen has vowed to “restore [France’s] national borders and leave the Schengen Area,” and to “make it impossible to legalize or naturalize undocumented foreigners.”

She has also voted to “end automatic family reunification and regrouping as well as the automatic acquisition of French nationality by marriage” and to “abolish policies that attract immigrants.”

Significantly, the manifesto calls for the abolition of the principle of jus soli (“right of the soil”), saying that it “will only be possible to acquire French nationality by filiation or naturalization, the conditions for which will be tightened.”

It also calls for a “return to the original spirit of the right of asylum which, furthermore, will only be granted after the filing of an application in French Embassies or Consulates in the countries of origin, or bordering countries.”

The manifesto also calls for the banning and dissolution of all “organizations of any nature with ties to Islamic fundamentalists,” and for the expulsion of “all foreigners with ties to Islamic fundamentalism.”

All “extremist mosques identified by the Ministry of the Interior” will also be closed and a ban placed on “foreign funding of places of worship and their personnel”—a direct reference to the fact that the Saudi Arabian government is behind the financing and building of mosques throughout Europe.

Le Pen has also called for the “stripping of French nationality,” the “expulsion and [the] banning [of] re-entry into the country for any person with dual nationality linked to a jihadi organization.”

The manifesto also calls for the restoration of “genuine equality and a meritocracy by refusing the principle of ‘positive discrimination’”—a direct reference to so-called “affirmative action” which is merely an excuse for anti-white discrimination.

The manifesto contains a wide variety of other policy positions ranging from the economic to the social, and includes the call to bring in referenda as a major tool for shaping government policy—and the constitution.

Le Pen has also undertaken to “guarantee freedom of speech and digital freedom by adding them to the fundamental freedoms protected by the Constitution,” while at “the same time, to simplify procedures enabling victims to seek redress for defamation or insult.”

This is a clear reference to the strict anti-freedom of speech laws which the establishment parties have brought in over a period of many years, all with the intention of criminalizing any opposition to their plans to destroy France through Third World immigration.

As Le Pen wrote in the introduction:

“As you are aware, this election will confront two visions. The ‘globalist’ choice on the one hand, which is the vision shared by my all my adversaries, which seeks to destroy the economic and social balances in our society, which wants to abolish all borders—economic and physical—and which wants ever more immigration and less cohesion between the French people.

“On the other hand, there is the patriotic choice, which I am representing in this election, which places the defense of the nation and the people at the heart of all public decisions and which, above all else, wishes to protect our national identity, our independence, the unity of the French people and the prosperity of all.

“This choice between two basic visions is the choice that you will be facing—it is a choice of civilizations. And it is one that will govern our children’s future.”


  1. The people of France have now been given a stark choice, and there will be many that wish her the best of luck – she’ll certainly need it. Apart from her rivals, she also has the ‘behind closed doors’ mentality of the corrupt EU senior people who will undoubtedly be offering incentives to the parts of France that need money the most. This lady is the only saviour for France, the others are unfit to hold any public office and say they represent the people of France first.

  2. This is the last chance for France, if she does not win it is all over. In the US we were lucky to elect Trump and he now needs to do a lot of work if America is to be great again or to even survive.

  3. It all sounds excellent, but I still don’t understand why she kicked her own father out of the party he founded, just for criticizing excessive Jewish control over France, which contradicts her platform to restore freedom of speech, while denying it to her own father.

    1. Yes. There seems to be no mention of Jews in her manifesto, despite their choke hold over France and indeed the damage done to France by WW2. To be fair, Trump is in a similar position. Fingers crossed. I’m not sure how good an argument this is, but, just as Trump was infinitely better than Hillary Clinton, so Marine le Pen is infinitely better than {insert long list of funded pseudo-politicians}.

      1. Of course it would be ludicrous to “mention Jews in her manifesto”! That’s not the point at all. The point is that she is loudly claiming support for “Freedom of Speech”, after denouncing her own father for exercising his freedom of speech, kicking him out of the party he founded, and seizing power for herself. Didn’t King Lear say, “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is, to have a thankless child!”

  4. The corrupt EU thugs & the Socialist French government thugs are trying to dissuade the French electorate voting for Le Pen by tired old method of smearing her good name.
    The French government under Hollande have no policies to argue so smearing & discrediting her is the only alternative to winning an election. Typical Socialist/Marxist

    Just hope the French electorate has survived decades of brainwashing thru the media to realise what is actually happening to their country & culture. The USA has only just changed direction in time with the rise of Trump. If the French don’t have a major change in direction they will never ever recover from the Socialist disaster they awaits them.

  5. Time is critical for Europe as a whole and the stark choice set out by Marine Le Pen is the same for all states – including the UK which is a country still awaiting that charismatic leader to emerge who will take the difficult decisions which the current UK political class continually fight shy of.
    Bravo Marine Le Pen! As the USA, the responsible people cheer you on while we await the arrival of our own saviour.

  6. The people of France are fortunate the brave Le Pen has emerged to awaken them from their media slumber. The survival of their nation and bloodlines are dependent on her success.
    I do agree with her father that unless she addresses the jewish problem, (George Soros), the nation will stay in the hands of the globalists.
    Israel has no third world hordes. They refuse. So why do jews insist all European nations accept them?
    As is said in the US, “Israel, willing to fight to the last American”.
    (que) Dieu vous benisse Madame Le Pen!

  7. French better be awake sufficiently to realise that she is their last chance to regain their country. If they screw this up they”ll face long violent trip to extinction. And the rest of Europe must wake up or it is the same for them.
    Mrs. May, pay attention how real patriot handles things and follow.
    Long live Marine Le Pen.


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