School Murder: “Lying Press” also in Sweden

The lügenpresse (“lying press”) in Sweden has stooped to a new low, even by their standards, in blaming the victim in a school murder—a 15-year-old-white boy—for his own death, instead of identifying the murderer as a 14-year-old “Syrian refugee” who had been sexually pestering white girls in class.


The Aftonbladet newspaper—Sweden’s leading lügenpresse outlet—carried a story on the school murder, which took place on January 11, 2016, at the Göinge School in Skåne.

According to the Aftonbladet story, the murderer—who the paper never identifies as a nonwhite invader “asylum seeker” but instead deliberately pretends was just another “pupil,”—is portrayed as having been the victim of “bullying” by the other pupils.

The Aftonbladet asserts that the “murder suspect was bullied at school for a long time,” and that there had been a “prior conflict” between the nonwhite invader and the white boy—but deliberately refused to say what that “prior conflict” had been.

The entire Aftonbladet article is designed to not only hide the vicious racial murder, its sexually aggravated origins, and the racial origin of the perpetrator, but is also a blatant attempt to evoke sympathy for the murderer and to blame the victim.

This is apparent even from the Aftonbladet headline: “Father: He was bullied—but got no help,” as if it was all someone else’s fault.


The reality behind the brutal murder can only be found in the Lithuanian newspaper, lrytas. It turns out that the victim, named Arminas Pileckas, was of Lithuanian origin, and his parents were working in Sweden, where the family was temporarily living.

According to lrytas, the victim’s father revealed that the “prior conflict” between his son and the Arab invader had started in December 2015, when young Arminas had come to the defense of a white girl who the nonwhite had been sexually harassing.

“The Swedish press has written that Arminas bullied him [the murderer],” Arminas’s father told lrytas.

“But this is not true. They only came into conflict once before, in December, when the [Arab boy] was harassing a girl at the school. Arminas came to her defense and they got into a fight.”

The Syrian boy had then sworn revenge on Arminas, his father continued. He denied that there had been any bullying, as claimed by the Swedish media, pointing out that the school was in constant contact with the pupils and their parents over all sorts of issues.

“The school can never hide anything. Even if the pupils are late getting to class, the parents are informed. If Arminas had been bullying anybody, we, the teachers, and the police would have known about it.

“The [Arab] said he was going to take revenge, and he did, He even told this to the school officials [when they were called in after the initial conflict].”

On Monday, the first day of the new semester, the Arab came to school with a kitchen knife. Unprovoked, he walked up to Arminas and stabbed him in the back with the sharp blade, striking him in the heart.

It turns out that the Arab invader had even spent time on the Internet during the Christmas break searching for information about how to kill someone with a knife.

The murder is making big news in Lithuania, unlike in the English-language press (which would of course have given the incident great publicity if a white schoolboy had stabbed a nonwhite to death).

In another interview with the Lithuanian DELFI newspaper, Arminas’s father openly blamed the “refugee” invasion for the murder, and a general rise in nonwhite crime in Sweden.

“The situation is becoming dangerous because of the refugees and is getting out of control,” he told DELFI.

“Another Lithuanian [in Sweden] barely escaped being raped by refugees just a few months ago. The police did nothing except put a tracking bracelet on the attacker,” he said.

“It is scary what is going on,” he continued. “The Swedes are afraid to talk about what’s going on. We Lithuanians do things differently, and we talk about everything in public. But here in Sweden, everything is hidden and concealed [by the media],” he concluded.

The Swedish Expressen newspaper’s coverage of the incident also ignored all the real facts behind the murder. The Expressen refused to mention the refugee racial aspect, or the sexual harassment background to the conflict which ultimately took Arminas’s life.

As this tragic case once again underlines, the controlled media in Europe—and indeed in America and elsewhere—are all complicit in a deliberate, planned campaign to hide nonwhite crime, and conversely, to be as maliciously anti-white as possible.

Little wonder they have earned the well-deserved reputation of being the lügenpresse—and that their printed media is rapidly collapsing in the face of the Internet and social media’s ability to sidestep their censorship.

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    1. I wonder if the family still holds Lithuanian citizenship as it may completely change this situation. If that’s the case then the Lithuanian govt. should get involved and request an independent and impartial inquiry into this murder not to mention legal action against the school and the Swedish immigration department!

      Last year over 50,000 people emigrated from Sweden!
      I wonder why 🙂

      1. The bastards who run Lithuania agreed to EU (German) demands to take in thousands of invaders.
        I have no sympathy for Lithuania now.

        1. 1105 in two years, to be precise. Yes, it is unfortunate. I just hope that number isn’t going to be increased although it’s very likely. Our govt has no balls but that’s no news. 🙁

          1. My Lithuanian brother, the number itself isn’t a problem as such – these idiots from Brussels said that quite clearly a few times before, that in their quite sick-mind-opinions this is going to become in the future an automatic “relocation” program … pretty scarry, isn’t it? For them it’s like a sef-pumping gas stations!

        1. Jay, time will tell but there is a bigger issue here – if the boy was murdered due to some negligence of the school staff then perhaps the Lithuanian officials may have to be needed to pull a few strings.
          I’m afraid that Swedes would gladly put a lid on it as usually!

  1. Shocking !! These people from these Islamic places, believe in vengeance and will never integrate into Western Societies. Shame on Governments/Authorities/Press in Europe for the cover ups, which proves they are all anti-white. Sympathy and Love to the bereaving family involved.

    1. To pull a knife on a stranger is absolutely nothing for this backward roaches – how do you call a father who murders his own daughter with help of his son in so called “honour killing”? And that’s all for disobeying him as to who should she marry!

    1. The cost of living and paying fairly high taxes prevents many German women from having more than two children. The galling thing is that a good portion of their taxes will now go to housing, feeding and welfare for over a million freeloaders who are unlikely to get jobs in the foreseeable future. Unemployment has doubled in a year and welfare/health services are now overburdened; the German economy is on the downturn so where’s the money coming from to keep the invaders in milk and honey? It can only come from higher taxes making the situation even worse.

      1. Dane, the costs don’t come entirely from taxes. Bear in mind central banks almost everywhere are controlled by Jews. When they lend their paper or e-money to the government, this is the best security for any loan. This is one reason why Jews love nations to be in debt – not only do Jews get paid real materials back for their junk loans, the governments everywhere are weakened and jewish power strengthened.

        1. I also feel this way about economics. The sovereignty of our currencies, our borders and our technological investiture have all been shuffled into the shtetl pawn shop. Yet if anything is ever done about it, the assassins and contagious diseases are released.

  2. “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    1. Swedish “journalists” live by another quote:
      “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”

      Just so you know, the mass-immigration of uneducated, inbred sandpeople is actually beneficial for Sweden! I know this, because I’ve read it hundreds of time in Swedish media, so it must be true.

      1. I reckon the fuse is going to blow any time soon once the Swedish nationalists get into government. The only thing that might stop them is if Sweden takes in so many Muslims they become the voting majority.

        1. Dane, even if they do not take in so many at first, these people breed like rabbits, nothing
          else is allowed for fun, everything else is ‘haram’. May the fuse blow rather sooner than later,
          because it is not getting any better.

  3. What to say? Never believed the press could be so malicious.
    And what will they do to this murderer? Let him go free now?
    A food boy dead for the stupidity of the Swedish govt.
    My prayers are with his family in this terrible hour.

    1. If it’s anything like the UK, the killer will have hot and cold running social workers, human rights advocates, one on one tuition whilst inside, and will be out in a few very short years to kill again – and kill again he will, because it’s innate in them.!

  4. The Swedes should boycott all the Jewish-owned Bonnier press. Never ever buy a copy of their garbage agin. And explain to simpletons they see with a copy why not to buy it ever. And close down newsagents.

    1. All European media,governments are tyrants working towards the destruction of European mankind and if our girls get raped en-masse and produce coffee coloured kids even better?

      Make no mistake they hate us !! Everyone can see in front of their eyes what’s happening,we the White people have no rights in the new utopia!

      Oh! Tommy Robinson has been re-arrested he was due to go on the Pegida U.K. march on Feb 6th? Charged with ( battery) stems from his time in prison, where on a tip off a muzzie somali was going to throw scalding water in his face laced with sugar ( makes it stick) but he thwarted the attempt and for this they re-arrest him?
      Welcome to totalitarian Britain, not a word from the so called human rights group?

  5. I hope all the decent immigrants now come out and protest….You tube has some shocking footage of the blatent attacks on the young schoolchidren by these nonwhite invaders…. Condolances to this young mans family…..

  6. Good evening, everybody. About 1 years ago I thought – what would happen, if in migrants attack Euorope? And now I see, that we have very bad situation. 95% from all migrants are economic refugees. And what is now in Europe – EU parlament and all politics are very tolerant (homosexuals, migrants and etc. – it’s danger for our future). What we see? – sex crimes in Germany, Austria, Swiss and other countries. Massacre in Italy, Sweden and in other countries – it’s Europe’s end. And if we not defend – we won’t to survive.
    About Lithuanian boy – he wanted to help white girl and he defended her. But, one muslim migrant killed this boy – it’s unfair, that killer won’t be punished!!!!! So in conclusion – we have to protect our girls, our womens, our children and our Europe, because our politics nothing doing…
    I’m very angry on killer, who killed Lithuanian boy, who wanted to protect Sweden girl…

  7. When the European civil war begins the 3rd thing the white European natives need to burn to the ground is the lying media machine, right after the invaders and their politician collaborators.

  8. This is such a sad story all the way around. This family lost their son because of the Swede’s coddling of Arabs, and their willingness to participate in the genocide of their own people. Every Swedish boy in that school knows what happened and they won’t lift a finger to do anything about it. It’s beyond shameful.

    Sweden must be taken to account over this.

    1. I read the article, which is written from a totally biased point of view, boohoohoo the kid stabbed to death was a bully who beat down the Syrian kid every day. Do Muslims usually sit there and wait for the police to handle it? No, they would have marched down to the school with brass knuckles, all their brothers, brothers-in-laws, all their friends, fathers, uncles, cousins and a pack of wrapped up ladies following a few paces behind. We all know what is going on here, too bad the article is written the way it would probably be in any Swedish newspaper. “White supremacist” groups debate online, the boy was “relentlessly bullied,” anti-immigrant groups have “sought to capitalize” on the killing, generated a swelling backlash against immigrants, the dead boy “has been portrayed by anti-immigrant communities online as a hero and a martyr, a victim of a muslim “rapefugee” (exactly) something the article finds so low-brow. The rumors the “stabbing story” has inspired is of “barbaric migrants run amok” (true…) I like this sentence in particular — “Claims that the Cologne attacks were ‘carried out by hundreds of refugees,’ snigger, (imagine that! – imagine what white supremacists will believe…) created the swelling backlash against migrants “that’s now engulfed the entire continent” LOL. Hundreds? We all know how the supremacists exaggerate, there were about 6 muslims in total, if that.. oh God even my sarcasm isn’t working. That’s how sick this shit is, and it’s getting close to the point when we won’t have the numbers to fight off these savages. However, I console myself with this: When these European men finally do stop imagining this will not hit them in the face, even if they are a minority they still have more brains and ingenuity than these masses of inbred violent migrants, and will find some way to get them out of Europe. Crossing my fingers.
      P.S. He used a “paring knife” to stab Arminas in the chest during lunch, and got him right in the heart. How? By doing research on the web a couple of days before the event as to how he would make sure Arminas didn’t survive. Needless to say,’s technological sages didn’t find that part of the story OR DIDN’T PUT IT IN THEIR ARTICLE more likely.

  9. The people of Europe are going to have to rise up against their governments. There is no other option. Civil war is all you have left. You guys are committing suicide by degrees, and it is heart-wrenching and enraging to watch. This is the future of my country, too, if we don’t heed the warning of Europes’ plight. The handwriting is on the wall. Don’t ignore it. You have a natural, God-given right to exist as an ethnic, cultural group within your own nations. The desert savages your governments are deliberately importing enmasse to your countries will never assimilate. They plan to destroy you. Time to strategize, and do what needs to be done.

  10. In Australia, the media consistently suppresses information that would give away the ethnic identity of those who commit crimes. The idea is to prevent white Australians from correctly diagnosing the nature of the threat facing us.

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