School Rape “Proves” Need for Immigration Control

White House spokesman Sean Spicer has pointed to a recent high school rape in Maryland—carried out by illegal invaders from South America—as evidence that illegal immigration needs to be curbed.

Speaking to the media during a daily press briefing, Spicer said, “Immigration pays its toll on our people if it’s not done legally.”

The violent rape at a Maryland high school last week, in which two illegal invaders attacked a female student is “exactly why President Donald Trump is trying to be so tough on illegal immigration,” he said.

The subject came up when Spicer was asked about the rape of a 14-year-old female student last Thursday at Rockville High School, located about 15 miles northwest of Washington D.C.

The invaders forced the girl into a bathroom after she refused to engage in sex with them. They were later arrested and identified as a 17-year-old boy (unnamed) and an 18-year-old named Henry Sanchez-Milian.

Milian is an illegal invader from Guatemala.

Montgomery County executive Isiah Leggett confirmed to media that there were “open federal immigration orders” against Milian and the 17-year-old.

In a statement Monday, Leggett said he felt “sick” and “disgusted” by news of the rape and pledged to work with U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement in the case, despite a well-noted county policy that marginally protects illegal invaders from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities.

The accused will be tried as adults—which they are—according to ICE, and a judge has denied bail for both due to what he said is a substantial flight risk.

“This should not happen,” Leggett said. “If convicted, these young men need to be severely punished for this heinous act, and I am confident that the justice system will do its job.”

Spicer said the case is a microcosm of what Trump is trying to fix with his immigration policies.

“The president recognizes that education is a state-run and a local-run issue, but I think it is cause for concern what happened there,” he said. “The city should look at its policies, and I think that this is something authorities are going to have to look at.”

Last month, Trump’s administration broadened the scope in which the Department of Homeland Security can enforce immigration laws and deport persons in the United States illegally.

During his address to Congress last month, Trump announced the establishment of a program known as the “Victims of Immigration Crimes Engagement” (VOICE), which mandates the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to start compiling a list of illegal invader crimes.

“Part of the reason the president has made illegal immigration and crackdown such a big deal is because of tragedies like this,” Spicer added.

“Immigration pays its toll on our people if it’s not done legally. And this is another example.”

Montgomery County set a policy in 2014 to comply with ICE detention orders only if they “involve serious crimes or are accompanied by a warrant or federal court order.”

The state of Maryland is presently reviewing legislation—the Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act—to limit cooperation with federal authorities attempting to enforce immigration laws.

The bill was passed 83–55 by the Maryland House last week and is now in the Senate. Gov. Larry Hogan, though, has already promised a veto.

“Marylanders—especially parents with children in the school system—deserve answers about how this happened and what steps are being taken to keep students safe,” Hogan wrote in a Facebook post, calling on Montgomery County to fully cooperate with ICE.

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