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Science Confirms: Genes Determine Brain Size

Two scientific studies have definitively confirmed that genes determine brain size and intelligence—and that these are inherited traits, unaffected by environment.

The studies—both published in major scientific journals—conclusively disprove the lies put out by the race-denying “environmentalists” who claim that all races are equal and that all people are born “blank slates.”


The first study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, titled “Shared genetic aetiology between cognitive functions and physical and mental health in UK Biobank and 24 GWAS consortia,” revealed a definitive link between cranial capacity—that is, brain size—and intelligence.


The paper, authored by an international team of scientists at universities in Britain, Australia, Germany, and the U.S., tested data from the U.K. Biobank for “shared genetic aetiology between cognitive functions and neuropsychiatric disorders and physical health.”

The study found “highly significant associations were observed between the cognitive test scores in the UK Biobank sample and many polygenic profile scores, including . . . body mass index, intracranial volume, infant head circumference, and childhood cognitive ability.”

In other words, the study found a conclusive link between higher intelligence and large head circumferences and brain volume.

The paper concluded that “the genetic associations between infant head circumference and intracranial volume with educational attainment and verbal-numerical reasoning are important in themselves, as are many other cognitive–mental health and cognitive–physical health associations.”

The second paper, published in the Royal Society journal Open Biology, discovered the actual genes responsible for bigger brain sizes after comparing the genomes of 28 mammals with different brain sizes.


The paper’s conclusion said that they had “identified a set of gene families whose sizes are positively associated with an expanded neocortex, providing new insights into neocortex evolution,” and that “identifying genomic signatures associated with the evolution of larger brain size and neocortex expansion will critically contribute to our understanding of the molecular pathways involved in the development and maintenance of cortical areas in highly encephalized mammals including humans.”

The papers confirm the accuracy of the science of racial craniology—which has been rejected by the race-deniers of post-World War II liberalism—and reinforces the reality of the existence of inherent, unchangeable racial differences in morphology and intelligence.

As detailed by Professor J. Philippe Rushton in his book Race, Evolution and Behavior, the average cranial capacity of Mongoloid Asiatics is 1,335 cm3, Caucasoids 1,341 cm3, and Negroids 1,284cm3—all differences, he notes, which are “highly significant within studies.”

What all these studies put together means is that brain size, intelligence, and cognitive ability vary from race to race, and are inherited and unaffected by environment.

These racial differences in intelligence are in turn the cause of differences in racial psychology and group racial behavior, as reflected in racial crime rates, social adaptability, and economic achievement.

The studies also provide conclusive evidence that the only solution to racial problems lies in complete physical and geographic separation, because the alternative can only lead to one thing: the overwhelming and destruction of the European type by other races.

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    Difference is that the brains of Africans & some others remain blank!

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