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Secret German Govt. Report: Nearly 8 Million Invaders Expected

A secret German government report has been leaked to the Bild newspaper in which it is admitted that the true number of nonwhite invaders set to enter that country this year will be nearly eight million—while the head of police in Germany has warned that invader violence is already a daily occurrence and “out of control.”


The secret report confirms that Angela Merkel’s government has been deliberately lying to the public about the extent of the nonwhite invasion, and claims of “800,000” by the year end are an extreme underestimate.

The report also stated that authorities have calculated on 920,000 nonwhite invaders arriving in the last three months of this year alone, which will push the total figure even higher.

In addition to this, the report said, each “asylum seeker” will have the right to claim asylum for their families. The secret report stated that this could mean “7.36 million family members of those allowed to stay claiming the right to join them in the future.”

Even this calculation is an underestimate, being made on an average of four family members per asylum seeker. Third Worlders have much larger families, with the average extended family size in the Middle East being between five and ten.

Taken together, this means that Angela Merkel’s invitation to the entire Third World to invade Germany could translate into a nonwhite population of tens of millions moving to that country.

Meanwhile nonwhite invader violence in “refugee” camps in German is already now a daily occurrence and is getting “out of control,” Federal Chairman of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, has warned.

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“We’re running the risk that the situation in refugee accommodation will get out of control,” Wendt told the Bild newspaper.

Speaking after a particularly violent incident in Calden, Hessen, Wendt said that it seemed inevitable that there will be a “further escalation of violence in refugee camps.

“There is the risk that the situation on the border and in the refugee camps will get out of control,” Wendt told Bild.

He said the police’s evaluation showed “that there are in many places highly targeted and well-prepared daily ethnic or religiously motivated violent clashes.”

“The asylum seekers attack each other with weapons which they have fashioned from the furniture in the asylum centers,” Wendt said.


In another interview given to the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, Wendt said that the influx was “importing violence into the country.”

Wendt warned that there was going to be “widespread prepared and organized mass brawls and fights” in the invader camps which were not “scuffles, but proper power struggles between different groups who have different ethnic and religious backgrounds.”

He also warned that if the invasion is not stopped, then these “conflicts will be played out on German streets.”

Finally, Wendt admitted that the police deliberately only report a “fraction” of the rioting and criminal acts performed by the nonwhite invaders, because the authorities do not want to “unnecessarily scare people. The public does not know everything that goes on,” he admitted.

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  1. the translated article says 1.5 million. where did you get the 8 million figure???

    Editorial comment: read it carefully. The government report said it expected 1.5 million applications, and 7 million plus dependents.< \b>


  2. 99% are male. They are entitled to family reunion by law. As such the welfare seeker his wife and possibly 2 to 5 kids are picked up from the embassy in their country and a plane from your government lands nearby at an airport and they go haul about 500 ppl at a time to come to your country. Secondly, a denial of a refugees application occurs rarely – but Europe nor any other country has any laws that would forcibly evict them or deport them back to their country. So even if they are deemed economic migrants and denied their citizenship/residency permit they will stay and linger throughout the country/continent causing crime. Robbery and rape being the highest occurring of them.

    If u look at America’s policy, if you are caught as an illegal immigrant you are sentenced to prison, have your DNA, facial recognition photo and family information logged. After the prison sentence you are forcibly deported, shackled and put on plane with ICE agents and the recipient government is paid a small sum for it accepting this native back into their country. They are forever BANNED from applying for a Visa and or even Greencard thus never allowed entry into the US.

    This is for all intents and purposes a fifth colony Europe is inviting into our countries, while they are also partially to blame for causing this surge. For 3 years they as well as the rest of the world stood by and funded “FSA” fighters to fight the Assad regime, whom is an democratically elected president. These leftists didn’t want another war so Obama could do jack shit. But knowing Obomomon he used subterfuge tactics and forced the western world to support this “FSA” entity of hired thugs who fight for the highest payer to try and topple the Assad Regime. They didn’t count on the fact that Russia would intervenee.

    The problem has thus reached a stalemate, whatever Europe does it is already to late. Even if we were to close the borders, the immigrants are already here thanks to communist comrade Merkel with her liberalism sickness The massive uproar and rise against this policy will increase tenfold and the population will demand these politicians give up their office. If it goes really south, expect a civilian war.

    1. Coudenhove-Kalergi, the father of the EU, wrote in his 1925 book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism):

      The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. (pages 22-23)


      Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.

      Looks like the ball has begun to roll as the sheep are still voting for the traitors in governments instead of a Nationalist one. RIP Deutschland

  3. There is method in Merkel’s madness. She along with much of the German establishment see the non white invasion as an opportunity to offset the expected decline in the German population due to low birth rates. This is why the hordes of phony asylum seekers can expect their claim for asylum to be accepted, although recent statements by Merkel suggest that they do not even have to lodge asylum claims. Nope, Germany’s borders will be opened to everyone from failed states who want to share the German standard of living.
    You have to understand that behind the scenes lobbying is going on by groups representing business interests who regard the non white invaders as a potential pool of cheap compliant labour. In addition the German establishment are concerned that a declining number of working age Germans will increase demand for labour and push up wage rates, thus making Germany uncompetitive in international markets. All the other white countries have the same concern so they compete with each other over how many immigrants they can admit to keep labour costs down.

    1. The notion of compensating for a low bitrh rate with mass immigration does not stand up to the slightest scrutiny. It was and is a cover story, nothing more. If you doubt it, ask yourself the following questions:
      – is the native white population infertile?
      – do immigrants get old and will we need yet more of them when that happens?
      – do they speak our language and have the necessary skills to join the workforce and contribute to the economy?
      – are they nice, law-abiding people (our laws that is not theirs)
      – how many wives & children do they have?
      – will they ever integrate with us and with each other?
      etc etc

  4. This invasion is not a work force. These invaders do not seek work, they seek benefits and whoever tells differently is not telling the truth. Where is the evidence, on past experience of acceptance of these people, that they are prepared to work? Colkecting of benefits and breeding is what they do.

  5. There will be all out war in Britain too very soon Isabelle, as the British people have had enough of the mass invaision of vile, aggressive, mostly Muslim freeloaders forcing themselves onto us, flooding an already over crowded tiny Island. Britain is intent on destroying herself and our wimpy, no balls leader Fat Dave is a known hater of his own population, he prefers the Muslims and is doing his best along with our leftist loonie bleeding hearts monkeys to let in as many as he can. No one is turned away, and many are given luxurious Hotel accommidation, plus all the benefits their heart desires, plus free access to our health system and schools. Our own people are now suffering, even the elderly and disabled so that our moron of a leader can continue to hold his head up and state – “Britain has a proud history of given shelter to anyone genuinly in need and requiring help” (or words to that effect) This is of course a load of clap trap, as most of these invaiders are illegal economic immigrants, not necessarily escaping war or persecution, but in search of whatever they can get their hands on for free. Britain is now known as the “Promised Land” – “Land of Milk & Honey” and many other similar names.
    We must get oit of the EU for one thing and then regain control of our borders, followed up by a mass deportation of millions of leeching parasites who have no intention of ever supporting themselves. Britain can either sink or swim, its up to our leaders, if they fail to deliver we must get rid of them and replace with a more suitable government that cares 100% for its own people, culture and way of life first and foremost. Charity must begin and end at home, as the saying goes.

    We also have another even more dangerous threat that has the potential to wipe out millions of people in Europe if the African boat immigrants are not deported back home.

    1. The ‘even more dangerous threat that has the potential to wipe out millions of people in Europe’ would certainly go a fair way to helping UN agenda 21 achieve its target.

  6. Frau Merkel Is Disgracefull She really has ruined not only Germany But Mainland Europe, I do not Know how she can live with herself

  7. This is one big dildo for Germany to inflict on Europe. Big backlash is coming. European nations cultures are at stake.

  8. If there is any truth I this Merkel and her Ilk must be removed from office immediately. Declare a state of emergency and start expelling the hordes ( all of them) as soon as possible

    1. You are perfectly right, Richard. A wellknown German professor of constitutional law
      has now asked the Constitutional Court at Karlsruhe to remove her and her government
      for permanently breaking European and German law. He has based his request
      on a constitutional provision authorizing Germans to resist any attempt to subvert
      the constitution (Article 20 IV of the Fundamental Law). More than twenty thousand
      German citizens support this action materially or spiritually. But the German lieing
      press has not even mentioned this courageous move. And I am afraid the
      Constitutional Court will reject the complaint without judging on its merits, as the
      constitutional judges are members of the political oligarchy. So, apparently, this im-
      portant question will finally have to be decided in the streets.

  9. Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland. I can’t say I’ll miss you. We need to ensure the same doesn’t happen here! But how?!? The people keep voting for this!!

    1. Many Germans will not miss Britain, not surprisingly since Britain committed mass murder there and in most of Europe.

  10. Merkel: monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo (Nietzsche).
    Merkel is a puppet put in charge by a foreign government.
    She has to obey her puppet masters because they are evidently
    in possesion of documents reveiling her opportunistic behaviour as
    a communist agitator. As Minister she was a laughingstock. She
    cannot even speak grammatically correct German and has not
    the most simple knowledge of economic let alone political facts.
    But she survives by relying on the support of big business,
    government and business financed national and foreign media,
    a rubber stamp parliament and foreign governments. Perhaps
    she has overdrawn her credit now by intentionally triggering
    the asylum catastrophe. May she safely retire to her residence
    in South America and leave it up to Europeans to rebuild their
    countries which she played a leading role to destroy.


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