Sex Attacks: Police Chief Hid News

The chief of police in Cologne, Wolfgang Düren, deliberately withheld details of the racial nature of the New Year’s Eve mass sex-attacks in Cologne because he felt it would cause “racial incitement” if the truth became known.


This admission—made by Düren to a North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) parliament subcommittee today, followed an earlier statement made by the state’s Minister of the Interior for the state, Ralf Jäger, in which he released the final list of attacks, victims, and suspects for the nonwhite crime spree on the evening of December 31, 2015.

Jäger said that 1,049 individual cases had been reported over the course of the evening.

From this, a total of 982 criminal charges had been formulated, of which 821 were in Cologne. Of that number, 359 were sex offenses. Similarly, some 113 charges were laid in Dusseldorf, of which 69 were sex offenses; 28 charges were laid in Dortmund, of which 4 were sex offenses; and 20 charges were laid in Bielefeld, of which 5 were sex offenses.

However, only 30 suspects had been identified out of the 2,000 strong mob of nonwhites in Cologne. This number includes 25 Moroccans and Algerians, an Albanian, an Afghani, a Tunisian, a Libyan, and an Iranian. So far, at least 15 of these are registered “asylum seekers.”

Nine suspects have been arrested in Dusseldorf, of which four are from Morocco, with the others being from Bangladesh, Algeria, and Afghanistan. In the city of Bielefeld, the suspects are three Moroccans, and one Algerian, while in Dortmund the nine suspects include Iraqis, Algerians, Moroccans, and Syrians.

Jäger said that the police had done the best they could, but that “ultimately they were too few and could not do anything about an uncontrollable situation.”

Later, police chief Düren said that he had seen that the events were going to be “politically remarkable” by the first message he had received on January 1 about the attacks.

The message, he said, detailed eleven sexual assaults by a “North African-looking group of people in Cologne” and was explicitly titled as “attacks by foreigners.”

Düren told the parliament committee that he had had, “with respect to the perpetrator’s possible origin,” a “bad feeling” that the matter was going to be contentious.

There was also, he said, a possibility that the situation had the “possibility of causing racial incitement” (“Verhetzungspotenzial”) and therefore “decided to await the course of events” before issuing any statement.

This then appears to have been the origin of the Cologne police’s first, and now infamous, statement of January 1, in which it was said that the evening had been “largely peaceful.”

Düren also confirmed that police had long been aware of the problem of crime sprees by the nonwhite North African invaders. The police had, he said, in Cologne alone, registered 21,000 crimes committed by 17,000 North Africans since 2013 alone.

In neighboring Düsseldorf, the police had identified 2,244 North African suspects who had committed 4,392 offenses between June 2014 and November 2015.

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    1. The police are, and always have been, on the side of the establishment, they are there to enforce the will of the establishment on the people whether it be right or wrong, it is obviouly the taxpayers who fund this arranged of course by the hidden elites, ie the establishment!

  1. Corrupt b*stard, a traitor to the indigenous! I suppose that he got promotion, as the filth in the UK do, with the possibility of a knighthood!!

  2. We have had the same cover ups in Britain,these coppers forget who pays there wages,pure evil,anyone caught covering up for a rapist or paedofiles should be in the dock with them.

    1. Amazing how the police were unable to control the migrants because they were outnumbered but they managed to bring out the heavy stuff, water cannon, etc., for a peaceful demo of local people for Pegida.

  3. The establishment of a homeland for the immigrants initially in Leipzig will be consistent with Article 27.2 of the Austrian Peace Treaty May 15 1955. “the government of (Germany) undertakes to compensate (German) nationals whose property is taken under this paragraph. And the 166/9 Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development 14 March 1995 Annex Commitment 2c “Ensure that people living in (Leipzig) have assess to productive resources, including credit, land…
    Then a foothold will be established for a Muslim Emirate in Germany manufacturing shoes, shirts, silver and gold watches, silver and gold jewellery, cell phones, I-pads, purple polka dot frilly panties and bra’s wedding rings etc. and now will have over a million inhabitants and in a 100 years time with expected population growth some 50 000 000 inhabitants.

  4. The Cologne police facilitated rape , robbery, sexual harassment on NYE. The city of Cologne and Cologne police should be sued ! Make Merkel’s Cologne Gestapo pay for their sins.

  5. They wont investigate burglaries, rapes, murder of whites, but put a pigs head outside a mudslime school and the whole force is on it…its time for revolution, before its too late…the traitorous government are destroying our country…!!!

    1. Merkel’s conspiracy and hate of Germans is dangerous and mentally twisted. Reminds me of Germanswing’s co-pilot. Make your psychiatric records public Angela.

      1. Angela Merkel visibly disgusted by German flag – Throws it away during celebration
        Face of a dying Nation. You Tube. She should be done for treason!

  6. Destroying the national identity of europeans in order to bring countries closer together, meanwhile letting in hordes of people with a tribal way of life in the hope of integrating them => 100% probability of failed states/regions across Europe in future decades.
    Politicians trying to sit on two chairs at the same time, they will end up sitting on the ground between two.

    1. Well, the first question might come to one’s mind is why on earth a mosque with salafist views is allowed in Germany in the first place?

  7. This is the start of the obama caliphate. The stupid Americans voted a muslim into power what do you expect.the only hope we have is for trump to win the American election.because has we all no us in the uk always follows the Americans

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