Sharpton, La Raza, Plan “Civil Disobedience”

Longtime black supremacist and hater of white people, Rev. Al Sharpton, has promised a “season of civil disobedience” in reaction to the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general in the Trump administration.

Speaking during a conference call with other nonwhite supremacists Cornell William Brooks, president of the NAACP, and Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza, Sharpton said that activists have planned a march in Washington on Jan. 14 during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend to protest the Sessions nomination.

According to a report by the Black Christian News publication, Sharpton recalled spending 90 days in jail for protesting on U.S. Navy land against military exercises on the island of Vieques in 2001 when George W. Bush was president, saying that “civil disobedience usually works because it changes policy.”

“We’re not just doing this to be doing it. We do it because it can lead to change and, believe me, there will be a season of civil disobedience particularly around the Sessions nomination,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton said that “activists” plan to “visit senators’ offices” and “make some house calls” on senators to “make them understand they will be held accountable and punishable for voting in favor of Sessions,” whose confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Make them understand that if they think they are voting based on some courtesy of a Senate colleague and will not face a real backlash in their own states, then they have another thing coming. This is not going to be some regular ceremonial procedure that they’re going to be able to bluff their way through,” he said.

The NAACP’s Brooks criticized Sessions for daring to support a law in his home state of Alabama which required members of the public to produce identification before voting.

“This is not the kind of person we need to serve as attorney general,” Brooks said.

Murguia, head of La Raza—the major Hispanic supremacist organization, whose name means “the race,”— said her organization disagrees with Sessions’ position on immigration, calling his record “hostile” toward Hispanics.

This is a reference to the fact that Sessions is well-known for his opposition to illegal immigration and his demand that the existing laws be enforced—facts which by themselves are enough to earn him the hostility of extremist groups like La Raza.

Sharpton is organizing a “We shall not be moved” march on Washington D.C. on January 14, 2017, under the guise of his “National Action Network” (NAN).

NAN’s slogan is “no justice, no peace,” and, going by the promotional material being distributed ahead of the January 14 march, it is one of a number of organizations which is actively seeking a confrontation with the incoming Trump administration.

“With the recent election of Donald J. Trump, many Americans are concerned about voting rights, criminal justice (police accountability), health care and equal opportunity under the law,” the NAN march literature says, going on to mention Trump by name no less than 28 times in just 14 pages.

Among other things, the NAN literature says that the “United States will inherit the subversive policies of President-elect Trump, which have been created on an ideology of fear,” and that Trump is going to “destroy our optimism for advancement in democracy and civil rights.”

The fact that Sharpton, Brooks, and Murguia all represent organizations which are specifically racially-based and organized, and set up with the intention of advancing specific racial group interests, is always ignored by the controlled media.

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    1. Right. He’s an anarchist, just like so many other so-called social justice warriors. There was a time when Jewish anarchist, Emma Goldman, was forcibly deported from the U.S. for just such behavior. How times have changed.

    2. Could it be that the Jewish Supremacists and Masons want complete mayhem in the US? Apart from their secluded neighborhoods.

    3. Actually Sharpton is in gross violation of federal tax law, and by all rights ought to be prosecuted for that after the veil of Hussein Obama’s protection passes away on January 20th.

    4. No worries, right after the inauguration. They can’t accept the party is over. Jobs, not free stuff is on the way! Work or starve.

  1. The only advancement the NAACP has consistently worked on is the advancement of a deceptive anti-White agenda. Instead of really working for the advancement of Blacks, like lobbying for all Black schools and building Black institutions in all Black territories, their agenda under the guise of “integration” and “civil rights” has been much like the forced immigration plans, to displace Whites and destroy White communities and institutions, which they have been very successful at doing.
    Considering all the Black on White violence, crime, drugs, demoralizing cultural attitudes and the lowering of standards in academia to accomodate them, I’m all for waging war on them aggressivel and shutting them down for good.
    Al Sharpton’s political career has been built on lies from the beginning with the false racial hate crime of the Tawana Brawley case.
    I hope the new administration will man up and do what needs to be done to fight this plague that has turned the country to chaos and lawlessness.

    1. “Advancement” is the perfect word, in the sense that a chess player “advances” a pawn that he intends to exchange or sacrifice. Ever notice that the NAACP was founded not by blacks but by Jews? It was a game between the upstart Jew tribe and the ruling WASP tribe, and blacks were a pawn. Now Jews wonder why blacks aren’t kissing their feet in gratitude for freeing them to deal drugs, mass-murder each other, and have 80% of their babies out of wedlock.

  2. Please do as I have done: Write to Donald Trump urging the most aggressive actions.
    1). Before February arrives (preferably January 20 or 21) invoke Title VIII US Code 1182 to end legal immigration for the duration of his presidency. This includes immediate cessation of naturalizations.
    2). Work for repeal of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965.
    3). Stop “refugee” importation, and repatriate all of those imported by Hussein Obama.
    4). Exert irresistible pressure on states to purge their voter rolls – and keep them purged – of all of those who are legally ineligible to vote there.
    5). Hire, train, deputize massive numbers of new agents to find, grab and deport all illegal aliens (even the precious children).
    6). Immediately discard “birthright citizenship” and deport all of those who can be found who were given US citizenship by this illicit means.
    7). Call for Congress to pass legislation requiring proof of US citizenship and photo ID for anyone to be eligible to vote in a federal election.
    8). Strive to identify any legal aliens who were ever registered to vote, or who are guilty of any crime, and deport immediately.
    9). Cease the practice of giving illegal aliens court orders to depart the US. Once an illegal alien is seen take him/her into custody and incarcerate until deported.
    10). Regarding foreign governments that refuse to take back their citizens, take those citizens there are drop them off onto a beach or, if there is no coast, fly them in on military transports with fighter and bomber escorts with the threat that refusal to cooperate with landing will result in bombing.
    Proceeding gingerly will not mollify the internal enemy – on the contrary it will excite his contempt for the big campaign rhetoric followed by tepid action. Strike immediately, hard, and relentlessly. Evoke fear and the concomitant respect. As for Americans whose sensibilities might be offended, let them know that the world is not a kumbaya utopia.

  3. What sad, pathetic lives these morons live. Can’t wait to hear some of them crying about police brutality when half of them wind up in jail.

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