Shimon Peres: The Real History

The tributes pouring in for deceased Israeli ex-president Shimon Peres claiming that he was a “man of peace” are outright lies, as the vast majority of his life was spent violently promoting Jewish Supremacism and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Peres was the man behind a 1996 attack on a village in southern Lebanon that killed more than 100 people, and he was also the architect of Israel’s nuclear weapons program with which the Jews-only state today threatens the world.


Peres’s most important task, to which he was entrusted by David Ben-Gurion, was developing Israel’s nuclear weapons program in secret through the 1950s and 60s—and using espionage and the Jewish lobbies in France and Britain.

Peres also championed the cause of the illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, and used his role as defense minister in the 1970s to establish the very first illegal Jewish settlements in the northern West Bank.

His slogan at the time was “Settlements everywhere.”

Even the “Oslo Accords”—for which Peres was awarded the Nobel Peace—was a blind designed to box in Palestinians. As pointed out by As’ad Ghanem, a politics professor at Haifa University, this “peace agreement” proved disastrous for the Palestinians, helping the illegal Jewish settlements expand as the newly created Palestinian Authority looked on, confined to small enclaves of the occupied territories.

The Palestinians were to be caged into ghettoes, while Israel established industrial zones close by in which they could be exploited as a low-paid, low-tech workforce, Professor Ghanem said.

In 1996, when Peres was Israeli Prime Minister, he ordered a sixteen-day campaign against Lebanon as part of an escalation of conflict with the Syrian-supported Hezbollah organization.

During this campaign, code-named “Operation Grapes of Wrath,” the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) fired artillery shells at a United Nations (U.N.) compound, killing 106 Lebanese civilians who had taken refuge in the compound. Another 120 were injured including four Fijian United Nations Interim Force soldiers.

A U.N. investigation said that it was unlikely that the Israeli shelling was a technical or procedural error, based on video evidence showing that an Israeli drone was spying on the compound before the shelling.

Peres at first denied that the IDF had spied on the compound, and said that he did not know there were civilians in the camp. However, when the U.N. produced the video, he quickly changed his version of the story and claimed that the IDF strike was a “mistake.”

The IDF also bombarded southern Lebanon and Beirut, first with artillery and later laser-guided missiles, inflicting mass causalities upon civilians. The conflict was only ended with a ceasefire agreement banning attacks on civilians.

As the Israeli Haaretz newspaper remarked in a recent article, Peres’s actions have made Arab media remember him as a “war criminal” and a “settlement mastermind,” rather than the “hero of peace” as the controlled Western media now portrays him.

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