Shock over New Hungarian “Transit Center”

Shockwaves have spread throughout Europe at the news that the Hungarian government—despite all its earlier promises not to facilitate the further nonwhite invasion of Europe—has now secretly agreed to build a new “transit zone” for invaders on their way to Germany.

The dramatic development only became evident this morning when construction vehicles arrived at the Hungarian border with Serbia—near the world-famous town of Ásotthalom—to start construction.


The mayor of Ásotthalom, László Toroczkai, rushed to the scene with his team to investigate the appearance of the vehicles, only to be told that they had been sent to start building a new “transit zone for migrants” near the town, directly opposite the Serbian village of Backi Vinogradi.

According to the New Observer’s sources, the construction crews said that they had been told to start clearing land for a new “transit zone” for “migrants” after “human rights activists had complained that the already existing transit zone at Roszke was too far for the migrants to walk.”

“The distance between Roszke and the new site is less than twelve miles,” our source said.

The locals in particular have complained that the presence of “who knows how many invaders” will pose a security threat to them, particularly in light of the invaders’ behavior in the area last year before the fence was built.

Then, locals were terrorized by hordes of nonwhites rampaging through the small holdings, stealing food, fruit, water, and valuables, as they stormed their way north into Germany.

Our source said that the Serbian villagers in Backi Vinogradi, who make their living from fruit tree plantations, have also expressed their horror at the thought of thousands of invaders plundering their crops once again, as happened in 2015.


Mayor Toroczkai said in a Facebook post that the construction vehicles started digging today near the border fence, in accordance with instructions given to them by Prime Minister Orban’s adviser.

“Our Field Guard, board members, our attorney and media escort woman immediately rushed to the scene,” Mayor Toroczkai said.

He reported some initial success in getting the excavations to stop. “The machines will soon be gone,” he said. “We are trying to negotiate to get it stopped.”


The decision to build a transit center is highly disturbing for another reason, as it seems to indicate that the Orban government is still willing to facilitate the movement of nonwhite invaders into Central and Western Europe.

This in turn suggests that there are secret agreements being struck between Brussels and the Orban government, and that this involves participation in “dealing” with the expected increase in invaders over the coming summer months.

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  1. What can one say? Politicians are pure spineless socialist scum who despise their own countries and people!

  2. Here’s the reality if you are the leader of any nation who is in opposition to the chosenites plans for world domination. 1. You get the call to attend a private meeting. 2. They give you a choice of silver or lead. The silver comes in the form of shekels or career advancement (Merkel’s been promised she’ll be head of the EU) or a combination of both. The lead comes in the form of a bullet to your head, blackmail, public disgrace, having your career destroyed by the whores in the Zio press, or threats against your family (Aldo Moro (kidnapped and murdered), Mummar Gaddafi (daughter killed in a bombing, brutally murdered himself, his nation destroyed) It takes a strong person to resist, but thankfully there are such men. What they need is for their people to rise up and support them.

    1. 100% agree. Camoron’s warning was the leak about the pig’s head. When he fails to keep the UK in the EU the elite will punish him. I am sure there will be a major scandal(s) revealed about his past which will end his career. There will be no place at the EU trough for Dave. It would seem most politicians, particularly those in high office, are in their positions because they have been compromised in the past and so can be blackmailed.

    2. I know politicians aren’t perfect or honest, and I know that it’s not an easy job, but god damn it….this is the fate of our people we’re talking about! I’m tired of whites using excuses for the shallow, anti-European and traitorous things they do. “Oh, someone offered me money” or “oh, I was getting death threats”

      On the bright side, I don’t think the Hungarian people or Slavic people will be as tolerant of this action as would Anglos or Scandinavian people would. Nonwhites aren’t going to stay long in Russia or Hungary or Poland or Bulgaria, etc. They don’t tolerate black and brown scum getting fresh with their women or turning their nations to shit.

  3. To me it has always seemed Orban’s “touch stance” is just political play in attempt to prevent and slow down Jobbik’s advance.

    1. He just wants all of Merkel’s garbage out of his country. Forget about Europe, he’s protecting his country. If every European nation thought about putting the intreset of their countries first instead of this whack job socialist multicultural EU freak of nature, perhaps we would not have been in this mess.

      1. This is why whites can’t keep relying on leaders and politicians, no matter how truly genuine they appear to you. . It’s time we kept them in check and reminded them that THEIR first and only obligation is to us.

        I quote George Washington, “people should not fear their government; the government should fear their people.”

  4. Disgusted and ashamed. Did money
    get to the politicians, or was the
    government strongarmed. No one
    can be trusted. Europe will soon
    be a third world sh*t hole and imagine
    all the racial dilution pollution.

    1. all because we have cowards/traitors in power and because most whites are complacent, brainwashed , too trusting and lead by their emotions and not logic.

  5. I wonder about Boris Johnson here in the UK. Is he a plant for the Europhiles? I just don’t trust him and the only person promoting out heavily is Nigel Farage, who got us this referendum!

    1. antieu, I too have has similar thoughts. The “in” brigade will stop at nothing, and will stoop to any depths to ensure a “win”

    2. Boris wants to be PM and his only chance is by voting for Brexit and winning. He will do everything he can to win and he is by far the most popular politician in Britain. I’m very glad he is on our side. Where his true loyalties lie I’m not sure either but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. After the referendum, whatever the outcome, Cameron is far too toxic to survive.

    3. As long as Boris doesn’t raise the problem of
      identity he won’t make a difference. Playing
      upon anti-German sentiment doesn’t suffice.

    4. The most accurate way to look at Boris is as an actor playing the nostalgic character of an eccentric Englishman; like you would expect in a Monty Pyhton sketch. Hence he is adherring to many who implicitly seek a society like it was a few decades back.

      Sadly a lot of UKIP tier people fall for it. He was mayor of the most multi-racial capital city in Europe for 8 years and took 0 measures to stop the demographic subversion. He is a politician version of Peter Hitchens; he will give soundbites to placate Patriotic sentiment but leads his followers to no where.

  6. “This in turn suggests that there are secret agreements being struck between Brussels and the Orban government”

    Does anyone still wonder why the EU accounts have never been audited and signed off for the last 20 years?

  7. A good friend of mine is Hungarian and in his early 60’s. Although he lives in Los Angeles, he still has family in Hungary and stays up to date on the happenings there. He told me himself not to expect anything of substance from Victor Orban. Why? Because he’s a Roma, a gypsy (non-White). The so-called government there has many gypsies in it and caters many public benefits and services to the gypsy population over its own people. I saw this coming long ago. People need to wake up. EVERYONE in a public position of power is bought off, blackmailed, a shill, dual-citizen or has some other motive in play…every last one of them. No one gets elected unless they kiss the ring of the powers that be. So stop looking for a caped legislator to swoop in and save the day, Trump included. Look in the mirror: there’s your savior. Come together.

    1. ” So stop looking for a caped legislator to swoop in and save the day, Trump included. Look in the mirror: there’s your savior. Come together.”

      Bingo! That’s what worries me with whites worshiping Trump or Putin or Orban or whoever. We’re always looking for saviours or leaders or someone else to take over our responsibilities.

  8. I no longer trust anyone in power, with the exception of Mayor Toroczkai…that’s all I have to comment, I feel very low.

    1. Well one little ray of hope, the EU will collapse sooner or later anyway. And when it goes it will be quick like the Berlin Wall. I’m hoping it will be in my remaining lifetime so I can gloat. Think of all those horrors who will not longer have a position of power or their nice fat EU pension.

      1. The only real hope can come through the repatriation of all the non-whites in Europe…this is not their place, and none of them would wish to be here were it not for the welfare they receive.
        I wish I could live long enough to see the inevitable conflict, because I feel it is inevitable, and it will be bloody.

        1. Stuart, I feel the same as you do. I am a 67 German expat and I am completely dismayed and disgusted by this invasion. There ought to be civil war, the sooner, the better, since it will only get worse. I would like for this cancer to be removed from Europe in my life time.

      2. Totally agree Vera….. though if you don`t mind – if I could just rearrange your words a little……
        `Think of all the horrors to be inflicted on those who will no longer have a position of power or their nice fat EU pension`.
        Bring on retribution day !

      3. I hope so too, but even by that time the EU collapses it might be too late as there may be too many nonwhites in Europe that it will be very difficult for all of Europe, if not even for a few nations maybe, to turn things around. I’m not saying whites won’t take back Europe, but it will take lots of work and it will come with much heartache and trauma. This is what happens when we get complacent, lazy, too trusting and look for others to solve our problems.

  9. I recall one Eastern European fellow at a town meeting to discuss building an invader hotel near a school promising the mayor that what was done by day would be undone by night. The plan didn’t go ahead.

  10. I’m not surprised because Juncker, Tusk, Schuilz, Merkel, Hollande and all their cronies have NO intention of listening to dissent from any country and it’s been said, they will effectively institute sanctions and isolate any anti-immigrant party gaining power in any way. There is a lot of bribery going on behind closed doors within the EU, and it has been going on for 40 years to our knowledge.

    1. The greatest (and dirtiest) trick they ever pulled, was deluding billions of people over several decades, that they actually held the power…democracy was an illusion, and now that they have all the power, (for now) they can dispense with the facade, and run an openly totalitarian regime.

  11. The story the sky is falling comes to mind all the animals[the lefties] follow each other meet the fox[junker and merkel] who gobbles them all up.

  12. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. This is extremely disappointing and sad. Shame as I thought the governments in Slavic nations were smarter, had a spine and had integrity compared to those of the West.

    1. I think that Slavs in general have more guts than folks in Western Europe. That is however not the case with the politicians in Slavic countries – and Hungary – as they are as corrupt as their “comrads” in the West. The differences in tactics towards mass immigration is nothing else than elements in the NWO -agenda. Their pretending to be nationalist in the eastern parts of Europe and pushing the multi-culture in the western world fools us into the delusion that we have democracy. Having said that, I must confess that I’m disappointed by what happens in Hungary. We have a political party that pretends being nationalist in Sweden as well. It’s name is Sweden Democrats. And I doubt that those in power in Poland are not true nationalists. The answer to the question: who really pulls the power strings is always the same: Who are we not allowed to criticize?

  13. Of course there are secret agreements – more like secret diktats….like, Orbon/Hungary doesn’t want to lose its free cash handout from the EU, being a net taker from Club Merkel. You bet Juncker’s been round here with threats.

  14. This comment on Facebook just shows the mentality of some people…. I’m voting stay because I need my job in the building trade if we leave everything I use to do my job will go through the roof price wise! They have an average IQ of a brick! Some people should NOT have a vote!

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