Shocking Video: Nonwhite Attack on Macedonia

Shocking video has emerged of the ongoing violent attack by nonwhite invaders upon the Macedonian border police after the Third World hordes were denied permission to continue their march across Europe.


The footage, broadcast on Macedonia’s A1ON news TV station, shows the barrage of rocks, bottles, and other items being hurled at the Macedonian police by the invaders, who have been blocked because they are from countries where there is no war from which they can claim asylum: Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa.

The TV station also broadcast footage of the wall being built by Macedonia along its border with Greece to permanently halt the invasion.


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  1. Oh look, its all the “doctors, lawyers, engineers, brain surgeons, taxpayers etc.” showing how they are going to build up European civilization.

    1. Yes, the third world doctors they keep bringing into the UK seem to have a habit of killing patients before being struck off because their qualifications are bogus.
      Many patients here have been saved only because of the actions of British trained nurses who realised the ‘doctor’ (maybe witchdoctor in reality) was, for example, about to prescribe enough insulin which would have killed an African bull elephant.
      There’s probably a few in that crowd who are so angry because they’re so deperate to get to work in our hospitals!

  2. This is just ridiculous. They should open fire with live rounds, not stand there being hit by those objects.
    Time to fight fire with fire!

  3. I’m sorry to say it doesn’t look much of a fence to keep that horde of savages out. What’s required is a 10 metre concrete wall, topped with rolls of razorwire, and rolls of razorwire all along the bottom, and more rolls about another 10 metres from the base.
    Look at the maximum security prison perimeters in the United States and use those as a model.

    1. Sounds great…but sadly Macedonia is incredibly poor and not even in the EU. They deserve all our admiration for what they are already doing, but if we want more drastic action, we will have to pay them as Hungary has done recently. It’s not fair to blame them if some get through.

  4. They are of absolutely no use whatever to any Country stupid enough to let them in. The ROP is a glowing example we should all follow.

  5. Why are these police so passive? Unless they take a tough stance against these invading parasites these scenes will coninue

  6. Why do they have to say non-white?

    Because they are. Imagine if a million whites just poured into India, without papers, without permission, just rushed over the border illegally and in contravention of all Indian immigration laws. Do you think that the Indians would not refer to them as “white invaders?”–Editorial note.

    1. The editor’s comment is spot on. We did that in India once. It is not just invasion. It is called occupation, genocide and cultural imperialism, however well-intentioned or educated a small minority of the occupiers might be. Most of them were, and are, just here to pillage and rape. Do you think you or I would treat the local women respectfully, work hard *and* learn the provincial language, under similar circumstances? Oh, hell no.

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