Sick Establishment Lies on Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama, French president François Hollande, and German chancellor Angela Merkel have engaged in “massive lies” over Syria to the point where everything they say is untrue, one of Lebanon’s most famous filmmakers-in-exile has said.

Writing on his Facebook page, Imad Karim—who left Lebanon for Germany in 1977, and carved out a career as a leading journalist and movie-maker in that country—said that the lies over Syria are a “silent crime.”


Karim, who has become famous for his staunch opposition to the “refugee” invasion of Germany, and who has publicly warned against its consequences from the beginning, said that the lies would have Europeans believe that “Bashar al Assad runs an inhuman dictatorship,” and that the “rebels” are all “good and democratic people.”

He said that the liars have told everybody that the “rebels, with the help of the good and democratically-minded Saudis, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and their Turkish friends” have created “freedom fighters” who will “finally establish a good and democratic government in Syria.”

Karim went on to point out that this claim is a complete lie, and that in fact the “rebels” which the Western nations support against the Syrian government are all sectarian Sunni extremists who seek to ethnically cleanse everybody—including Shia Muslims and Christians—from the territories they have seized.

“It is a fact that since the outbreak of the war, without exception, every single Christian, Yazidi, and all members of other minorities have sought refuge in Assad-governed areas.

“I urge the western politicians to point out a single area to us that is under the control of their ‘freedom fighters’ in which Christians, Shia, Yazidis, Alawites, or any non-Sunni is still in their home.”

He said that there were now “over seven million internally displaced people, including many millions of moderate Sunnis, who have fled to the areas controlled by Assad’s troops.

“Syrian cities such as Latakia, Tartus, and Baniyas are considered to be traditional pro-regime cities with Alawite majorities. But millions of Sunnis have escaped to these cities,” Karim pointed out.

“They have been there for four years ago, living and working as equal citizens, but every now and then, a young Sunni will carry out a suicide bombing, or overnight become a murderer.”

These endless lies have serious “consequences for Europe, and especially for Germany,” Karim continued.

“The consequences of this hypocrisy in connection with the uncontrolled border policy and the inclusion of millions of so-called refugees fleeing from Assad—including ‘Syrian Algerians,’ ‘Syrian Moroccans’ and ‘Syrian black Africans’, means that they will form the future generations in the West’s bloody future.”

He ended his post by illustrating the difference between Assad’s Syria and the West’s rebel-supported “liberated” Syria with two photographs: one of school students in the “evil Assad-controlled territory,” and a second showing school students in the “good, democratic rebel-controlled area.” Both pictures were taken in September 2016, Karim added.


School in Assad-controlled Syria.


School in “rebel”-controlled Syria.

* Imad Karim was born in Beirut, and gained his Masters in Media Studies and Social Sciences in 1987 in Germany. In October 1991, about three months after the end of the Lebanese civil war, he returned as one of the first move directors to his homeland and produced the epic The False Myths of My War movie, which firmly established his reputation in the film world. Since then he has worked as a television journalist, film writer, and director for ARD, ZDF, and WDR in Germany, winning numerous awards for his work. Since 2001, he has run his own film production company, Strong Shadow Media.

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  1. Couldn`t agree more with what Karim says. He makes more sense than all our western politicians put together.
    But why does the west continue on this crazy suicidal course to destroy Syria by supporting extremist rebels.
    I just don`t get it.

    1. Devide and conquere.. the most basic and simple military strategy of al time. If your enemies fight themselves, there will be no-one to fight you. Syria, Libya, … just support some ppl that want power, the idiots will fight each other and.. at the end of the day, you sweep in and take full power with minimum casualties… its “smart but true”

      1. Our sovereignty was infringed upon long ago by Israel Firsters and their stooge politicians. Your reply fits for Israel -jews use your divide conquer tactic here in America. WMD s in Iraq ? Our mideast policies are based on lies so obviously are wrong and work against us not for us -only for Israel.

  2. “and director for ARD, ZDF, and WDR in Germany,”

    I doubt he could still work for them in the last 10 years, since these broadcast channels spew multi culti pro refugee influx pro merkel propaganda 24 hrs a day.

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