Sikhs Who Want Independence in Punjab Move to Canada; 246% Increase in “Asylum” Applications

At least 1,805 Sikhs made “asylum” claims in Canada in the first six months of 2018—using the excuse that they need “refuge” because they support separatist movements in Punjab, official figures have revealed.

According to a report in the National Post, at least 60 percent of the Sikhs made their “asylum” applications at inland immigration offices, rather than at airports or land border crossings, indicating that the “vast majority of claimants gained access to Canada using temporary resident visas issued by the Canadian government.”

The reason why the Canadian government accepts these patently bogus “refugee” claims—made even more ironic by the fact that they move to another country because they supposedly support a separatist movement in their own country—is because, as the report said, the Canadian government is “soft on whatever policy might appeal to a key voting block—Canada’s politically-active Sikh community. Punjab, where Sikhs make up a majority, is the largest source of Indian migrants to Canada and Trudeau has boasted about having more Sikhs in his cabinet than [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi.”

The figures come from a refugee claims analysis report for the first six months of this year compiled by the Intelligence and Analysis Section of the Canada Border Services Agency, and obtained by the National Post.

The report showed that there was a 39 per cent increase in refugee claims by mid-2018, compared to the same period a year earlier.

“Much of the increase is the result of the well-documented claims by Nigerian nationals crossing from the U.S. at Roxham Road in Quebec—a rise of 300 per cent year over year.

“But there has also been a 246 per cent increase in claims by Indian nationals—a surge projected to continue in the second half of the year.”

“A frequent basis of claim cited by Indian nationals is the fear of arbitrary arrest or abuse by the police based on accusations of supporting militant organizations. It should be noted the vast majority of these claims are filed by Indian Sikhs,” it said.

The report cited rising tensions between the Indian government and the country’s Sikh population over renewed support for separatism in Punjab for the increase in claims.

“Contemporary support has re-emerged around proposals for an unofficial referendum of the global Sikh diaspora in 2020 on the question of independence.… As government pushback against the Sikh community continues, fear of arbitrary arrest and abuse by authorities will likely prompt more Indian Sikhs to leave the country,” it concluded, estimating claims in 2018 will reach 4,200.

The number of visa applications from Indian citizens soared 70 per cent to 490,552 in the first half of the year, compared to the same period in 2017, and the number of visas approved increased 61 per cent to 295,867 year on year, according to Immigration department statistics.

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  1. They are liars. Nobody is persecuting them in India. They just want an excuse to move to Canada. Well, Canada can have them. India is well-rid of them.

  2. Just what the West needs: more of the Sikh branch of the Thuggee Assassin Cult, to start demanding “special privileges”, as they always do. They neglect to mention their own vicious persecution of the Christian Slave Caste, who have been there since The Apostle Thomas brought Christ’s teachings to India, 2000 years ago. No wonder Trudeau loves them.

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