Slovak Police Fire on Invaders

Slovak police last night opened fire with live ammunition against nonwhite invaders trying to break through the border with Hungary in an attempt to get to Germany.

One 26-year-old invader was shot in the back after border guards succeeded in stopping a convoy of five vehicles, packed with nonwhites on the road at the town of Velky Meder near the border.


The shoot-out scene outside the village of Velky Meder, Slovakia.

According to local media sources, the invader convoy was spotted on the road racing toward the Austrian border.

The invaders were ordered to stop, and when they refused, the police opened fire on the vehicles with live ammunition, in line with Slovakia’s declared zero tolerance for the fake refugee invasion.

According to the police, the drivers of the vehicles—professional people smugglers—refused to “obey the police even after warning shots were fired. The motor vehicle was stopped after its tires were shot out.”

Border police were checking cars as a matter of routine in the area, the police said, adding that the invasion had sped up in recent weeks—and they noticed the invader convoy at about half past twelve.

The vehicles were pursued for about six miles before the shootout near the village of Velky Meder.

“The fourth motor vehicle tried evasive escape maneuvers,” the police spokesman continued.

“The driver’s conduct jeopardized the lives of at least three customs officers, who then fired a warning shot.” The vehicle continued to race on toward the officers, who then opened fire on the invaders after it became clear that the nonwhites were trying to run the police over.

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The shooting brought the vehicles to a halt on the side of the road. The injured invader—who had been shot in the back—was taken to the hospital, and two more were treated for dehydration.

All of the nonwhites were then arrested by border and customs officers, and then handed over for expulsion to the National Unit for Combating Illegal Migration.

The nonwhite invasion has not halted despite the European Union “deal” with Turkey, and all the Balkan states are still being subjected to thousands of invaders breaking through border fences in their attempt to take up Angela Merkel’s offer of free housing, food, and welfare in Germany.

For example, over the past weekend, 189 nonwhites were arrested by Hungarian border police alone, up substantially from the 572 arrested during the previous five days.

According to Slovak media reports, the nationalities of the invaders include Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis, Algerians, Tunisians, Egyptians, Haitians, and Sri Lankans. None of these invaders have a claim to “asylum”—even by the ridiculous definitions used by the Merkel leftists—and are merely part of the planned and promoted nonwhite invasion of Europe.

*The shooting incident will unquestionably be condemned by the European Union, and is equally certain to heighten tensions between the Visegrad 4 nations and Western Europe.

The EU has already declared its intentions to place sanctions on the Visegrad 4 for refusing to take in any of the nonwhite invaders as part of its “redistribution” plan—so a much stronger reaction can be expected once news of the use of live ammunition against the invasion becomes widely known.


  1. That is why they designed the 44 magnum, the non-white invaders on our southern border were running over border patrol agents. The 44 pointed right into the grill of an oncoming vehicle is guaranteed to end it.

  2. Good… Good ! Give ’em Hell ! Give them a taste of what’s coming their way ! The filthy barbarians had it coming, and they know it all too well.

  3. Bravo! – Things are hotting up!
    My only hope is that the UK leaving the EU will make a start on this Merkel led European nonsense we have all been inflicted with. Then we have to deal somehow with Cameron and his lackies before tackling those in the UK that also wish it harm. Cameron “negotiating” the UK’s way out of the EU? Judging by his “negotiating” skills demonstrated earlier this year who would want him acting on their behalf?

  4. Whooohooo finally some commonsense, well done Slovakia, it’s like music to my ears. It’s about time countries took back control from those parasitic criminal savages. That’ll teach the EU for trying to blackmail their members. I’ve also read more Germans are fed up with that clown Merkel, cant wait to see that disgusting old trout’s head roll, Slovakia should save a bullet for her and those other EU crooks. Just hope the brits still have some fight left in them for Brexit, take back control of their country and start pushing the rubbish out.

  5. Alas, they weren’t firing at invaders. Shooting at a car that refuses to stop for a check is a standard procedure, no matter who’s inside the car. If they were indeed firing at invaders, there wouldn’t be 11 survivors. Slovaks know how to shoot. 😉

  6. EU should 1) suspend human right laws and 2) declare all migrants without proper visa are breaking laws and thus will be treated as criminals, before things get even worse.

  7. Good news indeed. Forget arresting them, just round them up and deport them. Signs on the borders in their languages to say:- “If you break through this fence you will be shot, women and children will be deported.”

  8. Well done, Slovaks! The only worrying thing is whether the Slovak National Unit for Combatting Illegal Immigration will actually deport the Invaders or not, because in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian patriots who captured Invaders and turned them over to the police were later arrested, and the Invaders not deported, it seems. A case of the Bulgarian government speaking boldly then undermined by Bolshevik traitors from within.

  9. they were shooting at tyres to stop vehilce but bullet was redirected and they didnt know what who is inside it cold be drugs.. so they did theyr job. the car was asked to stop for control

  10. And world again critize Slovakia for abide laws, because forcing laws is racist. Western counties show the rest of the world that they are democratic, because they ignore laws.

  11. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

    BTW, New Nuremberg trials will be needed to prosecute Merkel and all globalists for treason and acts of genocide. The death penalty must be widely applied.

    1. Whether or not it was intended, there was irony in holding the “war crimes” trial in Nuremberg, scene of the 3rd Reich’s best-known rallies. Therefore, I propose that the trials of the white traitors be held in Brussels.

  12. All the way from Haiti, imagine that, the war in Haiti….there’s no end to this invasion, it won’t stop.Even now, it’s way too late.


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