Slovakia: Pro-Invasion Party Crashes

The only major political party in Slovakia to have supported the current nonwhite “refugee” invasion of Europe—the Krestanskodemokratické hnutie (Christian Democratic Movement, KDH) has been swept from parliament in that country’s elections, losing all sixteen of its seats.

The KDH is a member of the European People’s Party (EPP), which includes Angela Merkel’s Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands (CDU), Austria’s ruling Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP), and Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party.


As expected, current Prime Minister Robert Fico’s center-left Smer–sociálna demokracia (Direction–Social Democracy, or Smer-SD) party came first in the polls, obtaining 28.3 percent of the vote and forty-nine seats. This was however a big drop for that party, which lost thirty-four seats in the 150-seat parliament.

Robert Fico

Smer-SD leader Robert Fico.

This means that Fico will now have to seek partners from within the seven other parties which won seats in yesterday’s election. These parties range from the center-right to the nationalist.

The Sloboda a Solidarita (Freedom and Solidarity, SaS) center-right party came second with 12.1 percent of the vote, taking twenty-one seats, up from their previous ten.

SaS is led by the outspoken economist Richard Sulík, who, as a fluent German speaker, is famous for appearing on German TV programs denigrating Merkel and other German pro-invasion politicians as “soft in the head” and accusing them of being “wimps for not defending their borders.”

He also enraged the German liberals by telling them that he did “not want to live in a Europe where more Muslims are born than Christians—and I’m an atheist.”

Richard Sulik

SaS leader Richard Sulik.

The third-placed party was Obyčajní Ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, OĽaNO), an independent entity which polled 11 percent, winning nineteen seats, up three from the previous election.

OĽaNO is the “softest” party on the invasion issue, but is also opposed to the principle of mass migration. Its party program says that “Europe cannot accept the abuse of its social system or erosion of the foundations that underpin European civilization.”

Fourth place went to the Slovak National Party (Slovenská národná strana, SNS), a nationalist party strongly opposed to the invasion, entered the parliament with 8.6 percent of the vote, winning fifteen seats, up from zero last time.

Andrej Danko-SNS

SNS leader Andrej Danko.

The controlled media, which reviles the SNS as “far right,” had hardly got over the shock of that party entering parliament when the news broke that the Ľudová stranaNaše Slovensko (People’s Party—Our Slovakia, ĽSNS) had polled 8 percent of the vote, winning fourteen seats, and was placed fifth in the election.

Led by firebrand Marian Kotleba, who has been governor of the Banská Bystrica region since November 2013, the ĽSNS is ardently nationalistic with a political program which includes widening freedom of speech, the establishment of a home guard, the withdrawal of all Slovak military missions from abroad, an exit from the European Monetary Union and NATO, the restriction of immigration, and the banning of homosexual marriages.

As can be imagined, this perfectly sensible set of policies is regarded by the controlled media with undisguised hatred, and endless vitriol and smears can now be expected after the ĽSNS’s shock entry into parliament.


ĽSNS leader Marian Kotleba.

Sixth place went to the brand new Sme rodina (We Are a Family) party, led by well-known businessman Boris Kollár, which won 6.6 percent of the vote and eleven seats in its first foray into national elections.

Kollár is regularly scandalized in the media as a “multiple father” because he has nine children with eight different women, but he is equally well-known for his opposition to mass immigration and “foreign cultures.”

Seventh place went to the Most-Híd party (from the Slovak and Hungarian words for “bridge”), which polled 6.5 percent of the vote. It took eleven seats, down two from its previous total. Most–Híd is an inter-ethnic political party in Slovakia, which, as its name implies, seeks greater cooperation between the country’s Hungarian minority and ethnic Slovaks.

Party leader Béla Bugár is the only remaining political leader in the parliament to go on record as saying that Slovakia should accept “asylum seekers” on an individual basis, but has also criticized the EU for failing to “properly address the entire asylum procedure.”

Eighth—and last placed—was the brand new Sieť (Network) party which polled 5.6 percent, winning ten seats. It is a center-right party, led by Radoslav Procházka, who is on record as rejecting the EU “refugee quota” system and as saying that the “only sustainable solution” is to ensure that the “refugees live in dignity in their [own] homelands.”

It is thus from these parties that a government must be formed. Fico is likely to start by approaching the SNS for an alliance, as this will leave him only five seats short of a majority. However, any other combination of alliances is possible, and it is not inconceivable that Fico’s center-right opponents could even join together to form a new government without him.

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  1. I didn’t want see the collapse of Germany but I do wish to see the collapse of the German Fourth Reich and it’s strangle hold on Europe. I just hope that it is not too little too late.It is not just the public swimming pools that are verboten to Germans, Swedes, French and Austrians these days. It is also democracy , free speech and free thinking that has been forbidden.

    1. There is no German 4 th Reich, your ridiculous, the only thing that is collapsing is liberalism, especially the media, no one believes the liberal news anymore, they r sick of its agenda.

    1. People really flourished under the atheistic communist regimes of USSR and China, and Cambodia, didn’t they – NOT.

      25 million killed in in USSR; 65 million in China; 1.7 million in Cambodia … and list goes on. Source: The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression / by Stephane Courtois et al.

    2. KDH acted in recent years as a pack of loonies. In 2015 they proposed a bill according to which women who would undergo artificial fertilization would be sentenced to 12 years prison. This broke their neck, I think. And they voted for this imbecility!!! In 2011 they toppled their own government coallition with Radicova as PM due to the approval of further loans to Greece, resp. to the private banks. There are cca 80% of Christians in Slovakia, but people see that KDH is just a pack of wolves in sheep clothes. Their Capo di Tutti Capi Jan Figel blocked the building of highways in 2011 and then forced the companies to accept such low prices, that many small firms and tradesmen bankrupted, there were many suicides. Voluntarism, stupidity and falsity were their modus operandi.

  2. The hope of all ethnic Europeans is now that the Visegrad Group and the Baltic countries are strong enough to stand up to the liberal-left fascists of the old EU.

  3. Many Central and Eastern European people seem to have their heads screwed on straight. Very sensible people indeed! No phoney-baloney equivocation: everybody and everything is equally good, as social-engineering Scum would have it. None of the upside down, kinky Garbage that Lefties want to ram down everybody’s throat. They totally reject anybody and anything that promotes abnormal, unnatural human behavior, and also tries to foist incompatible Islam on their countries.
    If anybody is going to save Europe, it won’t be a West European (unless it’s Wilders), but some outstanding individual from the continent’s Eastern part. They appear to have lots of them!

    1. That’s because the Baltics has been under attack of both Muslims and commies forever, they know what this leftist bullcrap really is and what Islam is about. But I don’t have much hope for them to “save europe”. If anything, Western Europe will turn into some fascist war torn region which will only hurt them economically. This entire thing is so ridiculous. It’s all so avoidable, it’s just sick. Sacrificing millions of lives and disrupting entire cultures trying to prove water isn’t wet.

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