Socialist-Conservative Unity against FN?

With all opinion polls indicating that France’s Front National (FN) will win two important regional elections in December, Socialist Party Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called for a Conservative-Socialist alliance to keep Marine le Pen out of office.


According to an article in the far-left Liberation newspaper, Valls said that the alternative to “containment”—the previous policy followed by the establishment toady parties against the FN—would have to be a “fusion of all Republicans” against that party—an electoral alliance.

Valls was speaking after being panicked by polls which show that FN leader Marine Le Pen is set to win control of France’s northernmost area in December’s regional elections, and that her niece Marion Marechal Le Pen will duplicate this feat in the southeastern Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region.

The “containment” option has worked this way: when it appeared that the FN was going to win an election, either the socialists or conservatives (these days represented by Nicolas Sarkozy’s Les Republicains alliance) would stand down, telling its supporters to vote for the other party to keep the FN out.

Valls said that although the “fusion” option—a formal alliance—had always previously been rejected by the conservative and socialist leaders, one “had to consider all hypotheses, including that where the FN score is so high that a simple withdrawal from lists will not suffice” to prevent that party from winning.

According to the Liberation newspaper—partly owned by Édouard Rothschild, the leading member in France of the infamous Rothschild family—Valls said that they “must do everything to prevent the Front National [from winning].”

Another source quoted by Liberation said that a final decision on this matter would only likely emerge after the first round of regional elections on December 6, as any announcement before that date would “destabilize the Socialist lists which are already struggling” in a number of electoral regions.

Many on the far left are adamantly opposed to any form of alliance, and Valls even raising the possibility is bound to cause conflict in that part of the political spectrum—a situation which will suit the FN.

Currently, polls show the FN winning the two regions mentioned above, and the Les Republicains winning the rest, bar three going to the Socialist Party.


Marine Le Pen, who is also preparing to run as her party’s candidate in the 2017 presidential elections, is predicted by the polls to take around 46 percent of the Dec. 13 runoff vote in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region, far ahead of a projected 29 percent for the Les Republicains’s candidate and 25 percent for the left-wing contender.

Marion Marechal-Le Pen, granddaughter of FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, is set to win in a far closer contest in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region. According to the poll, she is on course to take 37 percent of the vote, a fraction ahead of 36 percent for the Les Republicains.

* The last opinion poll on the outcome of the 2017 presidential election, conducted before the November 14 terrorist attacks in Paris, showed that Marine le Pen would definitely make it through to the second round of voting in that election. The final outcome would depend, the poll said, on which individuals the other parties nominated to stand against her.

It is not yet known what effect the disaster in Paris will have on public opinion, but given that the terrorist attacks clearly have their origin in the Third World immigration invasion which the FN has always spoken against, it is not far-fetched to presume that support for that party will rise.

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  1. With tbeir determination to flood Europe with GIMMEGRANTS, how did they not see this coming??? Oh, I forgot, they are ALL socialist politicians, way, way behind the electorate in common sense and foresight, too busy feathering their own nests…!!!

  2. I hope she and her party wipe the floor with the liberal left, it’s time we did it in the UK tell these traitors of the British people we have had enough. We didn’t start wars in the Middle East, our governments did, but we the innocents are paying the price.

  3. “Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.” David Cameron May 2007. What a pr**k!

    1. It is to be hoped all camorons kids marry africans and all his future grandchild are mixed race…… Then he can have his way, but in private.

  4. The Front National should do as much as it can to play the Socialists off against Les Republicains in order to create enmity between them, thus ensuring that such an alliance will not take place.

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