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Somali Invader: ‘I’ll Live Forever on Benefits in Germany’

A Somali invader pretending to be an asylum seeker has admitted to Lithuanian journalists that he came to Germany to live on welfare for the rest of his life, that he has no intention of working, and as soon as he receives German citizenship, he will bring over his “whole family of ten.”

The journalists, all working for Lithuania’s largest news portal Lietuvos Rytas (Lithuanian Morning), reported back after visiting an invader center in Munich where 1,200 nonwhites from Libya, Somalia, and Sudan are housed.

The Lithuanian journalists reported their amazement that the nonwhites were very open about their intention not to work and just live off welfare.

“A Somali told me that he had decided to stay in Munich because of the generous contributions and good public services,” the report read.

In the interview with Lietuvos Rytas, the invader—named Abdulah—was asked in what profession he would like to work, to which he replied that he had no intention of working, and that when he got “German citizenship, I will immediately bring my family here. I have almost no family. Only ten people. It’s my parents, brothers, and sisters.”

The report revealed that the invaders get free food, language training, and medical and dental care in the housing complex, which is an initial reception center. They are meant to stay there only for eight weeks before being “placed out” to other parts of Germany.

The invader center, located on the Heidemanisstrasse, north Munich, is never empty, even though its occupants are moved out every eight weeks, the report stated.

Even though it is officially named as an “Initial Reception for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees (Male Adolescents),” the Lithuanians reported that at “first glance it seems that the majority who roam around are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old,” an impression which is confirmed by the photographs of those they interviewed.

Abdulah told the journalists that he had travelled to Italy by boat across the Mediterranean, and from there had made his way up into Germany.

Asked how much this journey had cost him, he said that he had paid U.S. $8,000 to get to Germany.

“As soon as I reached Germany, my family immediately telephoned me. They are very happy,” Abdulah said, smiling broadly, the report continued.

“Here I will be able to learn the German language; that is what I have to do first,” he said.

Then he was asked where he would later like to work in Germany. He smiled: “No, no … I like to walk in the mountains, but to work, not. I want to live in Germany.”

When he was told he could only stay in the reception center for eight weeks, Abdulah was incredulous: “No, they promised me that I can live here. Only eight weeks? We are here to stay forever. We love Germany.”


  1. I’ve said it many times, here comes the massive extended families. He won’t work and he brings in his parents who are too old to work and maybe grandparents. For each invader there will be 20 others he sponsors. Germany will be black and there goes the German work ethic and then who pays for the welfare. And like any country that brings in masses of old people, your health care will start to crumble, they’ve never paid into it, Canada has this same problem, but not on this massive scale.
    They said they wanted young people to fill jobs that no one wanted to do, but here’s young people who never ever work.

  2. Abdullah will be lucky, because there is no end to german stupidity. We’ve paid a lot and have worked very hard for our house and still do. On the last tax bill we’ve paid there was a note printed in red:If you want to sell your house, please contact your local mayor. So guess who will live in your home if you leave? Germany is finished.

  3. I’ve visited Germany. You Germans are foolish to spend so much money building sturdy houses of brick, sidewalks of brick, streets of cobblestone, and burying utility lines underground. We Americans build quickly and cheaply because we know the neighborhood will go black or brown within thirty years. Ours is a semi-nomadic lifestyle — when the current neighborhood goes, we pack up our tents and move on.

  4. Would the side that lost WWII in Europe be doing this to Europe if they had prevailed? Would continental Europe be crawling with nonwhites? If this is what the side that won WWII in Europe has done/is doing to Europe, does it appear that it has been in the best interests of European civilization for the side that won WWII to have prevailed?

  5. I don’t know. Will it come to these invaders being spirited away into the dead of night like in the 1930’s? White Europeans might move to desperate measures unless their elected officials realise who are paying their salaries.

  6. Not one of the comments so far has pointed out that Jews are behind all this. Google something like ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan’ or ‘Jews being invasion of white countries’. It’s not an exaggeration to say your life may depend on understanding so-called Jews. And once you know, spread it — until a genuine revolution, the BBC etc will continue to lie.

  7. That guy must get punched in the face, a lot. Hell, I almost threw my phone on the ground just reading the article.

  8. It is only thanks to The New Observer that we even get to hear of news like this, because it certainly won’t be in the mainstream. Where do these parasites get the money to pay the (((Marxist))) Human Traffickers? I wonder whether their whole extended families pool all their money together and get loans to fund one of their men to be an “Anchor Baby”. I also wonder whether it’s the Marxist Traitor Human Traffickers who tell them they will never have to work again, and the Marxist Traitor Social Workers who give them welfare money without any pressure to work, while harassing unemployed Ethnic Europeans (“whites”).

    1. Money comes from soros, rottenchilds and rest of the joos and their lapdog government officials whose agenda is total destruction of white race. Invaders from counties with average IQ of bellow 80 (68 for ethiopia, bellow 70 is regarded as retard) are incapable of working, illiterate and are bringing in all sorts of diseases and are just another tool in jewish arsenal. To start changing things we must first deal with our own traitors (political lapdogs).

  9. White genocide is real and has been happening for a long time, it will not take much longer for the insidious plan to be completed unless people become aware of what is really going on.

  10. Not one of the EU countries that is failing to protect their own citizens first have done the one obvious solution to the problem. All of them need to set up a form of National Service for all 18-35 year old men and women, without exception. No work=no benefit money of any description. Ideally, form them up in a ‘chain gang’ like in the film ‘COOL HAND LUKE’, make them wear obnoxious bright coloured clothing which scream “I’m a scrounging illegal workshy person.” My nice side says feed them Bratwurst.


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