Some “True Finns” back “Soldiers of Odin”

Some senior members of the populist “True Finns” (TF) party have broken ranks to publicly back the idea of civilian patrols in Finnish cities to prevent “refugee” sex attacks and related crime in that country—and one TF Member of Parliament has expressly said that there is nothing wrong with the “Soldiers of Odin” patrol group which is currently being smeared by the controlled media.


According to their Facebook page, the “Soldiers of Odin” are a private group which is “critical of immigration” and seeks to “safely patrol” the streets of that country as the police’s “eyes and ears.”

Despite them having done nothing more than patrol—in sub-freezing temperatures—and helping out here and there with community and social projects, the controlled media in Finland and elsewhere in Europe has gone into a frenzy over the existence of the group, labelling them “vigilantes.”

The Daily Mail, for example, one of Britain’s leading lügenpresse outlets, described them in a January 13, 2016 article as a “far-right vigilante group” which was “spreading fear” after it had “begun patrolling cities in Finland.”

In reality, the “Soldiers of Odin” was formed in October 2015, and has only now come to the attention of the controlled media.

One of the group’s founders in Kemi, Mika Ranta, told Finnish media at the time that they had created the organization because “we woke up to a situation where different cultures met. It caused fear and concern in the community. The biggest issue was when we learned from Facebook that new asylum seekers were hanging around primary schools, taking pictures of young girls.”

An article in the YLE news service claimed that the “Soldiers of Odin” had started patrols in the city of Joensuu in North Karelia, Eastern Finland, with an announcement that it was “a patriotic organization working on behalf of White Finland” and was recruiting members for its patrol unit through social media.


A report by the MTV Finland news service said that the group’s Facebook page contained a post which said that to join the organization, a person had to be an “an adult male person” who is aware that they become involved at their “own risk.”

Furthermore, the post allegedly said, “if Finns are found to be in trouble, force will be used only when necessary and appropriate.” The MTV Finland report said the post had been removed by the Facebook administrator.

Chief Inspector Vesa Kostamo of the Finnish police confirmed to MTV Finland that they were in communication with the Soldiers of Odin, and that they “have not caused problems. Street scouting is not illegal,” he added.

This has not stopped the controlled media’s nonstop hysterical coverage of the group, which has painted them in as negative light as possible.

Their Facebook page however, says that in spite of the negative publicity, they were “reportedly now the largest group in Finland,” undertaking private security patrols, and were looking forward to increasing and expanding their operations in conjunction with other people.

Pentti OinonenIt is likely the media frenzy over the Soldiers of Odin was spurred on by the announcement of True Finns MP Pentti Oinonen that there should be such patrols “all over Finland.”

The True Finns are currently in a junior coalition government in Finland, and critics of that party have accused them of backing down on some of the key anti-immigration stances.

According to Oinonen, the deterioration in Finnish people’s security is directly linked to the increase in the number of “asylum seekers.” He said that rape and sexual harassment have increased in proportion to the number of “asylum seekers” and that the “police and the press have wrongly downplayed the seriousness of the phenomenon.”

When approached for comment, the president of the True Finns’ parliamentary group, Sampo Terho, said that although Oinonen’s comments were not official policy, he had discussed them with him and was assured that the patrols would not break any laws.

Laura HuhtasaariAnother TF Member of Parliament, Laura Huhtasaari, said on Facebook that there was “no reason to be concerned or afraid of the street patrols set up in different parts of Finland.”

Referring to the issue of the criminal records of some of the Soldiers of Odin patrol participants, Ms. Huhtasaari pointed that that a “number of law makers [in Finland] have a criminal background, for example, assault and drunken driving. Why be afraid of street patrols, if their purpose is to secure the streets?” she said.

* According to the Swedish Interior Ministry, the number of “asylum seekers” in Finland has sky-rocketed in recent years. In the 2000s, about 1,600 “asylum seekers” applied every year for entrance into Finland. In 2014, there were 3,651, and in 2015, there were 32,478. Currently, about 50 arrive in Finland every day, most crossing by ferry from Germany.

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      1. All the press with the exception of the Daily Express dance to the lefty liberal tune of the EU. When they talk about ‘free press’ we should laugh in their faces. They are not a ‘free press’, they promote EU lefty rubbish.

    1. Finland, compared to their neighbor Sweden, seems to have more sense and balls to fight back. Denmark, another Scandinavian nation, has more sense than Sweden even does.

  1. “The “Soldiers of Odin” was formed in October 2015, and has only now come to the attention of the controlled media”

    I wonder why? Did they grow so much and someone is afraid?

  2. The controlled press are looking more idiotic every day that passes. The fools seem to think they are still the gatekeepers of information but those days have long gone.

    Well done, Soldiers of Odin. And congratulations to Chief Inspector Vesa Kostamo of the Finnish police for sensibly working with them.

        1. At least dads army stood up against the wannabe invading army of Germany the quisling Cameron is giving it away to Merkel

  3. Quite. If the police/security services can’t discharge their duty by protecting citizens from law breaking than there’s no point in “rule of law”. As Maryanne above says, the controlled press are looking more idiotic by the day.
    Surely no one trusts them (and by extension their government) any longer?

  4. All so-called “asylum-seekers” are scum. All of the politicians allowing them into Europe are also scum and must be prosecuted ala Nuremberg.

  5. Finland is almost finished, the soldiers of Odin are doing the job that police, and there piticians should be doing, protecting and deporting those found to be breaking the law. If they don’t know what country to send them to, send them to Merkel she’s the one who caused all this trouble by unilaterally inviting the world and his dog to come to Europe

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