Soros Funding Nonwhite Invasion—Hungarian Mayor

George Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF) are one of the groups actively funding illegal immigration into Europe, the famous Hungarian mayor of the town of Ásotthalom, László Toroczkai, has said.

Mayor Toroczkai made the claim during a press conference yesterday in Budapest in front of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Supreme Court of Hungary, where he had just handed in a series of criminal charges against several pro-invasion left-wing organizations in Hungary.


As reported by the Custodela news service—set up by the mayor and his supporters in a specially convened meeting in December 2015, the Hungarian Parliament’s National Security Committee has now been formally requested to look into how these pro-invasion organizations operate—and how they are funded.

“They also need to be banned from political activities in schools and public institutions,” Mayor Toroczkai said.

“The Hungarian public must get a clear picture of migration aid organizations operating illegally without the appropriate licenses,” he continued. “We have clear evidence now that illegal migration destabilizes the European Union, and that it is the result of an organized effort.”

The invasion, he said, is “supported, assisted, and organized by NGOs operating illegally in Hungary while receiving billions of HUF [Hungarian forints] from abroad.”

He also announced that he had pressed criminal charges in three particular cases against pro-invasion organizations, the details of which were uncovered by the local police of Ásotthalom.

“We have evidence, including witnesses and photo images, to prove that the migrants who broke out of the Röszke registration center in August 2015 were incited by migration organizers posing as volunteers to create havoc and break out of the registration center,” he said.

“In our view, these migration aid activists committed the crime of incitement against a decree of authority. We also have evidence that MigSzol [the “Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary”] leader Balázs Szalai was loading illegal border crossers into his car right next to the razor wire border fence last year,” he continued.

Furthermore, he said, the Menedék [Hungarian Association for Migrants] organization was “also using the organization’s cars to transport migrants from the border in the area of Ásotthalom.”

These proven activities, he said, fulfill the requirements of human trafficking and the facilitation of unauthorized residence in Hungary, both criminal offences under the law.

Mayor Toroczkai also submitted a request to the parliament to convene the National Security Committee to investigate how some of these illegally operating, unlicensed organizations, including MigrationAid or MigSzol could conduct their activities and what accounts they used to receive donations of tens of millions HUF.

He informed the journalists that the Menedék organization had received over one billion HUF in donations last year, 90 percent of which came from abroad.

“These organizations operated with a complete lack of transparency last year, deceiving the Hungarian authorities, and clearly posed a national security risk.”

One of these illegally operating organizations, MigSzol, had, in December last year, even visited a primary school in his town “with the obvious intention” of indoctrinating children in the area.

“There is no need for such organizations to set foot in schools and other public institutions,” he said, reminding the media that a former leader of MigSzol had turned out to be a criminal previously sentenced to prison on multiple charges, including fraud.

george-sorosMayor Toroczkai specifically named Soros’s Open Society Foundations as the major contributor to these pro-invasion organizations in Hungary.

According to that organization’s website, from 1993–2014, its expenditures included $2.9 billion to defend human rights, “especially the rights of women, ethnic, racial, and religious minorities, drug users, sex workers, and LGBTQ communities;” $1.6 billion on “developing democracy in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union;” $1.5 billion in the United States “to promote reform in immigration, equal rights, and democratic governance;” and $214 million to “advance the rights of Roma communities in Europe;” $33 million to “civil rights and social justice organizations in the United States,” including groups such as the Organization for Black Struggle, and Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, that supported protests in the wake of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the death of Eric Garner, the shooting of Tamir Rice, and the shooting of Michael Brown.

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  1. What a hideous, repulsive face.
    —- I note in your piece on Putin that “Russia’s new “foreign agent” law …. signed by Putin in 2012, forces NGOs that receive foreign funding and are deemed to carry out political activities to register as foreign agents, the RFE/RL report said.”
    —- Something of this sort has to be done by all countries liable to Jew damage. And penalties must be much, much greater than the damage done.

    1. I an not aware of any defined penalties in international law. The International Military Tribunal mentioned death or life imprisonment and Karl Doenitz got 10 years in jail. I still think that depriving offenders of all their possessions leaving only their rights of subsistence (a right to pick tomatoes for the local supermarket) is the best and is in the International Covenant on Economic social and Cultural Rights 21/2200.

      1. But they can give away ‘their’ possessions to others. All colleagues need to be targeted, and colleagues of colleagues – anyone in contact. Everything must be recovered.

  2. If only more EU countries had gutsy ministers willing speak out regarding the dangers of rich Jews like Soros using their money to influence and especially to destabilize a country . How `philanthropically generous` a Jew will become in order to further his nefarious intent in religious, political and/or financial spheres.
    However, Hungary has been along this road before. As Cardinal Mindszenty of Hungary said in 1949 >
    “The troublemakers in Hungary are the Jews… they demoralize our country and they are the leaders of the revolutionary gang that is torturing Hungary.”
    Mayor Toroczkai shows the way to undermine such malign forces once again.

  3. Soros always seems to pop up, it’s a shame he wouldn’t think of doing something that would actually benefit humanity instead of destabilising countries. I hope the mayor will be safe.

  4. Let’s not pretend that there has ever been anything democratic about the European Union in a very long time, if at all, so in the spirit of this undemocratic alliance, I suggest that this inspirational young man, László Toroczkai, be appointed President of the European Union, and given full power as President do do as he thinks fit to save all of Europe, both from this invasion, and from itself.

    Despite the more than 1 million invaders who entered Europe in 2015, the greatest threat remains from those within, and we need a true leader like Toroczkai to begin the arduous task of undoing the damage already inflicted upon so many innocent people.!

    1. It’s genetic. For some reason, any person his brain processes as an ‘enemy’ is fair game. And he has inherited genes for secrecy, acting – with a perfectly straight face he tells lie after lie. This genetic business is often interpreted as ‘doing what’s best for Jews’. But it seems not to be the case: it shows as an impulse to do covert harm, and the long-term effects on Jews are not considered.

  5. This man Soros is the worst form of human being and there must be laws that would allow him to be tried for his actions that actually undermine to democratic decisions made by the citizens of the countries he’s ‘bribing’ to promote anti-white organisations.

  6. Did Europeons think that they could turn a blind eye to their psychopathic governments raping, pillaging and plundering the entire Middle East alongside their Anglozionazi masters and continue to sell weapons with impunity to every maniac with the cash to buy them and then invite millions of unknown “refugees” and Al CIAduh’s very own ISIS hairy goat zombies into their cities and nothing would happen? When did “refugees” (supposedly fleeing war) consist only of men between the ages of 17 and 50; almost no women and no kids? As he daily boasts, George Soros, the disgustingly evil Pied Piper of Color Coded Carnage and arch terror zionist (the so-called “philanthropist”), is behind all those refugee “smart” phones with their “NSA apps” being proudly wielded by these ISIS sleepers and millions of impoverished Arabs on the rat trail to destroy Rumsfeld’s Old Europe. GLADIO on steroids. Perhaps some will remember when Uncle Fidel kicked out the cutthroats, rapists and general dross from Cuba in 1993, sending them packing in boats to sunny Florida; the so-called Mariel boat people, a present for the yanquis who love Cuban terrorists so much they are still protecting them to this day.

    Germans have been betrayed yet again by their German Atlanticist zionist aristocracy. You wanted Nord Stream from Gazprom…you get Killer Erdogan’s concentration camp drip fed South Stream, a wave of human misery that will keep on giving in your new ghettos for the next one hundred years and where your grandchildren will not dare to enter…if you manage to produce any grandchildren. Lie back and enjoy it and think of das Vaterland and this wonderful cultural pollination the next time your children are raped and the pigs are nowhere to be seen as the sparks fly and the groping goat herders party Taharrush style at allah’s snackbar. After all it is what your aristocracy wants and indeed needs to fill their slum housing and pull the levers in their thriving arms factories.

    Out of respect and tolerance towards their new citizens perhaps German women and indeed all Europeon females could adopt the burka and refrain from driving and walking unaccompanied in public? Such a little to ask. STASI code-named agent “Erika” currently NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill will be modeling the Frumpy Dame spring collection of famed gay Saudi Arabian designer Abdul Kamelfikkah in all upcoming public outings along with Cologne Mayoress Reker (Germany’s answer to USSA’S ravishing Nancy Pelotas). Her fashion “statement” should be an inspiration for all modest Europeons, and will hopefully be seen as a mark of acknowledgement to the strong “religious convictions” of our new Europeon citizens. In a further show of subservience to the primitive traditions of the invading “refugees” agent Merkill will in future symbolically walk 10 meters behind her bodyguards in the tradition of Turkestan peasant wives daily seen schlepping their loads around the capital of Germany as their children run riot and their husbands lounge at home on welfare.

    In the end the only question for the pimps, whores, pawns and pedophiles in the Politburo of the EUSSR in Brussels is whether their treachery towards the 450 million peasants they lord over and terrorize in Europe itself is whether the invasion of detritus (which they facilitate at the cost of their own peasantry) from all the USSA’S judaic wars in the Middle East is to the advantage of the thugs in Washing town and the chosen racers that use all these whores like meat puppets. The answer is of course an obvious yes for both groups of international terrorists and criminals.

    1. Castro (Marrano Jew descent in Spain) was just another Jewish puppet and collaborator. How else could a small island near the USA survive, if the ZOG regime wanted to bomb it? Count the number of countries ruined by US-power. Obviously Cuba (including the ‘Cuba atomic crisis’) was another controlled regime. The Miami-bound crooks etc were probably just another experiment with nonwhite invaders.

  7. This mass migration is being organised by the UN (who have the means to mobilise mass migration all over the world) under the direction of Peter Sutherland (UN Special Representative for International Migration) and the EU (Merkel, who is able to facilitate the influx of mass migration into Europe) in order to destabilise the European nation states so that they can be be brought under a single multicultural Totalitarian Police State controlled by Brussels (Berlin).

    This will be the next step in the evolution of the EU from the EEC (the EU’s Trojan Horse) onto full control and exploitation of the European nations and their populations.

    See for more about the true nature of the EU.

  8. Sorus is not the only zionist paying for this nightmare. David Cameron has just been payed off by Goldman Zachs another zionist,to keep us in the EU. Of course England is also unlucky enough to have at least two of the Rothchilds in the country up to no good I am sure.

  9. I don’t want to offend anybody but why blame Soros and the politicians for the distruction of Europe? They are only doing their jobs for which they get paid. There are 509 million people in the EU. Let assume half of them are old people and children. So, how come 254 million people is doing absolutely nothing to stop the destruction their culture and the future of their children? Because they are stupid and/or spinless and/or lazy people who deserve to be made slaves if they don’t fight for their freedom and independence. 254 million people against how many politicians and bad guys like Soros? Since nobody is paying the people they will not move a finger. That’s life. You snooze you lose.

    1. George Soros isn’t doing a job and getting paid for it. He’s got more money than God and is a Marxist/commy/Jew and helping to destabilize the world. The people of EU have had all their rights and weapons taken away, and they don’t really get to do much in the way of directly voting for anyone, because of the EU Union.They have been made terrified of any reactions and have been drugged and brainwashed to death…just like the US and Australia.
      They/we are waking up tho and fighting back, so don’t be so quick to judge others.

  10. These people Sorus included own the National Reserve in America.They are running all the Presidents. The ones they can’t manage are assassinated. They own most the unions,oil companies in fact everything has there name on it.They are very hard to fight.Our education system over the years has been dumbed down to make us complient and it has many demonstrations have you seen over the last twenty years? Not many. Tony Blair being the worst leader for doing this. they have also made Western women work to stop us from breeding mainly because they want to destroy white christians and have only the elite breed. Because they consider our brains won’t be good enough for the future. I read Sorus said he knows he is not God but with all his money he can change the world to the way he likes. these people are very dangerous indead.How many people in politics are strong or moral enough not to go along with there insane idears. Currently this is almost all of the EU and USA also most other countries. It is my opinion thats what the invaders have been brought in for. To get rid of whites. Then I guess in the fighting they are hoping for a lot of invaders would also be killed.Population of the world dwindles a bit more. They reckon they want the worlds polulation down by 80 to90%. Thats a lot of people to dispose of. But unless we can wake up our lost generations we will be gone. Eastern european populations have been closed off from the EU until quite recently so still have fight in them.

  11. That is one demonic looking person. Everyone concentrate tonight before you go to sleep on this SOB dying in his sleep! Soros that is. I told everyone I know the Jews were behind this, but they’re all so damned brainwashed from TV that they think the Jews and Israel are our friends! I haven’t had a TV in front of me for 10 years now, so think clearly!

  12. never in the history of the world has a country/peoples been under subjugation for a long time,eventually they shake off the corrupt leaders and these leaders should be reminded that they will be killed,even if time is such that their successors are in power…Throughout history these people WILL/Have been killed,wherever there is civilization and that is europe..Merkel/porky/tusk etc…there is still a way to go and no doubt you will resist but you are now condemning your own families to certain death! I may be long gone but our kids will suffer from this EU/USA plan but they will WIN in the end..A new order is on the rise and its not the one they thought they belonged to!! they have disarmed us as a people but that will not be a problem when the time comes..

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