Soros Funds Hispanic Move against Trump

Hungarian Jew billionaire George Soros has announced that he is putting $5 million into a new political action committee designed solely to mobilize Hispanics into a nonwhite anti-Trump voting bloc.

The blatant racially-based political mobilization—which Soros would be among the first to call “racist” if it were done by whites—will take the form of the “Immigrant Voters Win PAC,” and will help to coordinate the effects of a number of nonwhite political groups.


According to an article in the New York Times, Soros’s $5 million “campaign to mobilize Latinos and other immigrants” hopes to “channel outrage at the political rhetoric of Donald J. Trump and other Republicans into a surge of votes for Democratic candidates in November.”

The paper said that the nonwhite racial mobilization would be the “largest Democratic voter-turnout effort ever devoted exclusively to Latino and immigrant voters.”

Most of the money will be spent through organizations in Colorado, Florida, and Nevada, states with large Hispanic populations which will be “pivotal in the presidential race and in the battle for control of the Senate.”

The organizers hope to get at least 400,000 “new” Democratic voters to the polls in the November presidential elections, even though the campaign includes “knocking on doors, calling and sending mailings to reach 728,000 voters—mainly Latinos and Asians—in Colorado, Nevada, and Florida.”

Hispanics are already a large enough share of voters in those three states to sway the outcome of close races.

“This is really taking the gloves off,” said Cristóbal Alex, president of the overtly-racially-based “Latino Victory Project,” described as “one of several national pro-immigration or Hispanic-oriented groups working with the super PAC.”

He went to claim that Trump’s proposed wall would break apart “millions of families” and that the country was “on the precipice.”

Soros said he had found Trump’s campaign pronouncements to be “deeply offensive. It is harmful to our democracy and to our national interests. There should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that we’ve regularly heard.”

Meanwhile, another article in the New York Times titled “More Latinos Seek Citizenship to Vote against Trump,” said that there was now a “rush by many Latino immigrants to naturalize in time to vote in November.”


Naturalization applications have increased by 11 percent in 2015, and jumped 14 percent during the six months ending in January, according to federal figures.

It is estimated that the final figure could be around one million in 2016, about 200,000 more than the average in recent years.

Of the 8.8 million legal residents eligible to naturalize, about 2.7 million are Mexicans.

In a poll of Hispanic voters conducted at the end of February by the Washington Post and Univision, the Spanish language television network, 80 percent of respondents had an “unfavorable” view of Trump, including 72 percent with a “very unfavorable” view, far more than for other Republican candidates.

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  1. Americans should be offended that ‘foreigner Soros’ is interfering in their elections. Contact your senators and congressmen, express you disgust and request a law quickly passed or the Republican party will become extinct.

    1. Just as Europeans should. We Americans should be offended we are supporting Israel. We Americans should be offended we are allowing blacks to do whatever the hell they want. We Americans should be offended millions of nonwhites are pouring in here and stealing from us while they are beating, robbing, raping and killing us.

  2. Soros is a spawn of satan. Trump is america’s last chance to get things right. If he fails, america will be lost forever.

  3. This guy basically wants to make everyone poor so that we are all easily controlled and manipulated by the establishment via our own governments.

  4. When the time comes to finally put an end to this madness and punish those responsible, let us remember who is ultimately behind it.

    George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, to a nonobservant Jewish family.

    George Soros has ties to Israel, Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, and other banking interest.

    Jewish supremacists’ organizations work in tandem to control nearly every aspect of Government, News & Entertainment industry, including the advertising, analyst, and pollsters.

    George Soros famously spent $33 Million to Bankroll the Ferguson Protesters.

    Jewish supremacists’ have always been known for throwing a few shekels at activists, agitators, and malcontents for thousands of years.

    Zionism was introduced into the U.S. by Moses (Moshe) Hess (January or June 21, 1812 – April 6, 1875) Hess was a Jewish philosopher and socialist, and one of the founders of Labor Zionism, which morphed into what is known today as AIPAC.

    The class-struggle was replaced in the circa 1960’s with race-struggle… circa 1970’s Zionism became all inclusive incorporating class, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, you name it struggle.

    Europeans have allowed OUR nations to be infiltrated by a divisive ideology call Zionism.

    Zionism is a divisive ideology, which seeks to amplify conflicts, by bringing opposing groups into close proximity with each other; allowing the Zionist to demagogue and demonize the more productive portion of any population.

    In Short, Zionism is a divisive tool pitting one group against the other causing hostility and discord wherever it’s allowed flourish.

    The Jews support one religion, and that religion is Zionism.

    Jews do what is good for their group interest.

    It’s time Europeans do what is good for our group interests as well.

  5. Nice going Soros. Yes, let’s mobilize these green card people who could have become citizens 25 years ago had they loved USA more than their homelands, but CHOSE not to ! And now, just because they are ignorant and dumb and think that they will be deported, want to become citizens only to vote against Trump, who NEVER SAID THAT HE WOULD DEPORT GREEN CARD HOLDERS !!!!

    Trump’s only concern was that ILLEGALS would undercut green card holders and take their jobs ! So knock your socks off hermanos y hermanas and vote against the one person who wanted to protect your jobs.

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