South Africa: ANC Teams up with Radical Anti-White Party on White Land Seizure

South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) has teamed up with the radical anti-white “Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in that country’s parliament to pass a resolution ordering a subcommittee to investigate ways of changing the constitution to allow the government to seize white farmland by force and without compensation.

The vote, on a motion proposed by the EFF, has ordered the Constitutional Review Committee to consider changing section 25 of the South African constitution which currently prevents forcible seizures without compensation.

The ANC proposed an amendment to the EFF motion, which was adopted, that the Constitutional Review Committee “undertake a process of consultation to determine the modalities of the governing party resolution”.

The resolution it refers to was taken at the ANC’s conference in Johannesburg in December, to allow expropriation of land without compensation.

The Constitutional Review Committee has to report back to the parliament by August 30, 2018, and will doubtless hold a number of public hearings on the matter.

From there, any suggestion it makes will then have to be put to the parliament. It requires a two-third majority to change the constitution, which is 267 votes. The ANC has 249 seats in the 400-seat parliament, and the EFF has 25.

In its reaction, the TAU, South Africa’s largest white farmer’s association, said in a statement it “considers the decision of the National Assembly to amend the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation, as legitimising theft and the commencement of a process of nationalization of land and property.”

“The government must take note that they should expect many farmers to regard it as a declaration of war. Nobody stole the land. It was bought and many mortgages have been or are still being paid for with heavy interest, and worked from sunrise to sunset be able to make payments and to make sure that there is food on every table,” the TAU statement continued.

“ Nobody will give just away their land, regardless of the country’s Constitution. Theft remains theft, even if it is authorized in a constitution.

“People who are currently in the process of buying property are already questioning why why transfer duty should still be paid to the state? They are now taxed, just to eventually lose everything.”

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    1. Correct, it seems that the ANC/EFF are as corrupt as Mugabe. Power is what it is all about. When the Boers/Afrikanners ruled the country, it was called Apartheid, which is what this is in many respects.

  1. Meanwhile in Zimbabwe they are inviting the dispossessed white farmers to come back. To those whites I say: “Beware”. Read about San Domingo (Haiti) in 1804. Whites had fled. Toussaint L’Ouverture invited them to come back, which many did. In 1804, the negro population of just under 500,000 undertook an extermination of the 39,000 whites there, slaughtering every last white man, woman and child.

  2. Clearly many, if not most, South African blacks believe that their advancement is a zero sum game in which their gains always have to be at the expense of whites who are unfairly privileged. Gaining good jobs, education and apartments means invading the formerly all white cities and taking the jobs, apartments and college places exclusively reserved for whites under apartheid. Succeeding as a farmer does not require them to save up the deposit for a mortgage to buy land, but rather to steal the land from whites.

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