South Africa: First White Farms Ordered Seized this Week by ANC

Two farms in the Limpopo province in South Africa have become the first properties to be seized without any court process and in the past week, two more orders for final appropriation for other farms have been signed—the first wave of the promised land seizures in that country, the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper Rapport has revealed.

The Akkerland game farm in the Limpopo Province.

According to the report, the owners of the two seized farms were earlier this year offered R20 million each for the farms by the government, even though they were valued at R200 million each, and their owners had contested the validity of the “land claims” which had been made against them.

The head of the office of “land reform” in the Ministry of Rural Development and Land Reform, Mashile Mokono, told the Rapport newspaper that the minister, Maite Nkoane-Mashabane, was “determined to speed up land reform.”

In this regard, the minister has this past week signed another two expropriation orders “where negotiations on the properties have ground to a halt.”

Both of the newly-seized properties belong to the Akkerland Boerdery (“Akkerland Farming”) company, which runs the properties as game farms. The owners had previously acquired an urgent court order halting the seizure of the properties until a decision was made on the legality of the seizure, but this seems to have now fallen by the wayside in terms of the new seizure order.

The lawyer representing Akkerland Boerdery, Theon Smith, told the Rapport that he and his clients were still going to contest the price being offered for the farms, and also the land claim itself, which had been made by blacks from the local Musekwa community.

Smith said the “disturbing” part of his client’s case was that the minister had ignored the law which said that they should have an opportunity to contest the seizure in court.

Annelize Crosby, the legal advisor for one of the large agricultural unions, AgriSA, confirmed to Rapport that what made the Akkerland Boerdery case unique “is the fact that the owners have not been given the chance to contest the seizure in the courts as the law currently demands.”

Nkoane-Mashabane’s focus on speeding up the “land reform” process comes after the ANC executive decided three weeks ago to proceed with the “land seizure without compensation” program, the Rapport added.

Mokono said that the South African courts would in a number of test cases soon give clarity on what constitutes “reasonable and justifiable” compensation in terms of section 25 of the country’s constitution.

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  1. In time it’ll be another Zimbabwe, poverty and demands for aid from the UN and everyone else. there could be another exodus from South Africa of the farmers and others who have done more for their economy than any government since Nelson Mandela took office.

    1. They are being allowed to do it so that the Chinese can take over the White productive agricultural sector as a prelude to owning South Africa and using its infrastructure to colonise the rest of Africa. The Chinese also want the minerals underneath the farmland. Eventually when the Chinese do own South Africa they are not going to put up with a local black oligarchial class and an affirmative action bee fake jobs middle class. The politicians, beauraucrats and police gloating over the Whites losing their land in 10 years time will be out on thier asses when the Chinese have well and truly taken over. Of course none of them are intelligent or moral enough to see this happening and just so long as they can stick it to the White man they will be happy. The reason that this is happening now even after the events in Zimbabwe is that the White tax base has been used up and so now to keep the party going (just as in America black wealth is an illusion- it is based on White productivity) they will have to break up the farms and sell everything off. They are so filled up with rage, resentment and envy they cannot even predict what will happen.

      The Chinese will flay them alive

      Couldn’t happen to a nice bunch of amoral thugs

  2. I love how government can make a law justifying its criminal actions simply by calling it “reform”. When there is no respect for the rule of law, there is only one proper response, and it’s not diplomacy or negotiation.

    There will be no help from anywhere offered to these White people simply because they are White. Now, they have two choices, fight or leave. Whatever happens, in five years, when the black run farms have failed and they begin reaching out to Whites to save them AGAIN, there can only be one answer: Let. Them. Starve.

  3. Let them starve. Remember this when in a few years hence the professional begging organizations appear in the Malls and such, fund-raising for the poor hungry picaninnies of South Africa (or whatever stupid name they give it….you know they eventually will).

  4. Don’t make the mistake of projecting white attitudes into all this. Jews WANT destruction; they WANT farms to fail and will do nothing useful for them. They WANT whites and blacks to starve and fight. The blacks are just jokes, like Obama.

  5. From my experience of living in London , the U.K. is fast heading towards a Third World bankrupt crime ridden slum as in most countries in Western Europe and before long will not be able to bail out Africa and Asia financially anymore, nor will it be a viable option for White South Africans to flee to. Even now I think White South Africans coming to the U.K. will be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

    1. UK has been financially bankrupt since WWI. As far as SA it is all about the natural mineral resources. Diamonds, Gold, etc. The international Zionist care not about the indigenous peoples (see Austrailia, NZ, etc. treatment of native populations) just a hint here. Remember UK PM Benjamin dISRAELI? Same as it ever was.

    2. Yes, I think they would be happier and more successful in Australia & New Zealand, because the hot climate and dry farming methods are more akin to South Africa than Britain, which is already being overrun, as you pointed out. They cannot stay and fight, because they will just be exterminated as the kind of mass Blood Sacrifice the Illuminati Globalists seem to require.

      It’s a pity Hungary won’t take them because they are mostly Protestants, it seems, even though Hungary & Poland were once 90% Protestant themselves, before the Catholic Counter-Reformation wiped them all out.

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