South Africa: Govt. to “Legally” Seize Land

The South African parliament has finally passed the law which will allow the ANC government to legally seize white-owned land and hand it over to nonwhites.

The new “Expropriation Act” does away with the previous “willing seller, willing buyer” arrangement which was supposed to prevent a Zimbabwe-style land grab.

The ANC’s aim to “redistribute” land to Africans has proceeded far more slowly than initially planned, mainly because the white owners have almost always been offered payment far below market value and their investment costs.

In fact, in many instances, the amounts offered have not even been sufficient to clear the outstanding debt on a farm, making a sale impossible because it would leave the white owner homeless, unemployed, unemployable, and with a mountain of debt.

As long as the “willing seller, willing buyer” principle remained in place, it was not possible to force the whites off the land.

However, the new law—which now only awaits signature from the country’s president—stipulates that the government can now force the land owner to accept whatever is offered.

The law makes provision for the creation of structures to adjudicate on all land claims, and to make a decision where no agreement can be reached.

Crucially, the onus to prove the land’s value is transferred to the land owner—which means that a white farmer must now “prove” to a black committee that the amount on offer is insufficient.

With affirmative action and other anti-white discrimination already rampant in South Africa, the chances of any white succeeding in an action against the state is minimal.

Hence the new law has now effectively set the stage for the government to seize land—albeit in in a slightly more “controlled” manner than what happened in Zimbabwe, and with the proviso that the whites will still be paid, at least something, before being expelled.

The law however makes provision for the finalization of an expropriation without access to a court, and only allows the land owner to challenge the validity of an expropriation and eviction order once the whole process has been carried out.

In addition, the rights of third parties such as financial institutions with mortgage rights over a property have been largely disregarded.

* The ANC’s demand to “redistribute” farm land to blacks follows the historically invalid argument that the whites somehow illegally seized land from blacks.

In reality, the land now being claimed by blacks was largely unoccupied at the time of the white settlement of Southern Africa.

The areas which were under black occupation at that period in history were reserved for them in terms of the 1913 Land Act—and became the much-reviled “homelands” of the Apartheid era.

Other originally-occupied black areas were also reserved for the tribes which were there before the whites arrived, and are today the independent states of Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland.

These three states were created by the British colonial administration using the exact same process and logic as the Apartheid-era homelands, but the world only regarded the Afrikaner-supported black homelands as “racist.”

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  1. I sort of think the race will be between the Muslim terrorists and the Blacks as to who will eventually own and control Africa.

    The U.S. should take all productive white South African nationals with an emphasis on the Boers. My heart breaks for them.

  2. If I were President of the U.S. (I'm American), I would take the Boer families in a re-hot minute, and throw the Muslims and Mexicans and so-called "refugees" out of the U.S. We need independent family farmers in this country and we need them before the corporations finally grab all of the farm land.

    Those whose land will be stolen by the ANC, please petition President Trump and apply for visas to the U.S. Most of us here have no real, clear idea of what you are going through.

    God Bless.

  3. You are correct…the jews left after their wielded their destruction on this once prosperous country…leaving the non-jewish whites behind…sorta tells you something…

  4. So all the blacks will soon be arriving in Italy to make a life in white countries, I suppose the welfare is better in a white run country.

  5. We should study this 'African' behaviour as surely it will be imposed upon the Europeans at some point in the future. My guess is, with the volumes of Blacks and Muslims entering Europe, still, the next 10 years is critical.

  6. Where are the Generals? South Africa has been chimping out communist since the 1970's. Assault Black Bolshevik South Africa directly. Possibly after Israel. Neither belong on the land they pretend to.

  7. It's disgusting, most blacks hate whites and want to rid the world of whites. The world would completely fall apart. Look at SA, any place were all black live the Middle East and Mexico. Whites are the light of the world. Look at UK now that they are invaded by Muslims and next will be USA. I guess this is the end of the world. They will never run things honestly and clean. I guess it's true the darker you are the evil you are.

  8. How can white people pull together and rescue the whites and bring them to American? They people are being raped, killed, burned alive and now they are taking their lands. They will never survive if we don't get them.
    Obama is bring Muslims and Mexicans who hate us and and culture.

  9. Steve:

    “[- – -] There has always been discussion about the Boers moving back and restablishing a land encompassing the former Boer Republics but it would of been very isolated. It would have been land locked and surronded by hostile black countries (who at the time received aid from the Communist Bloc) as well as an increasingly cosmo-liberal South Africa (minus the Boer Republics) which as history has shown went to black rule eventually. [- – -]”

    My comments:

    The Boer population could have tried to gradually establish a land bridge to the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. They could also have tried to gradually take over rural areas in the Cape Province.

    To me, the big problem seems to have been to make somebody pay for the farms owned by the Boer population. You can move a factory but you can´t move farmland. To me, the only good solution for the Boer population seems to have been that the South African government had bought their farms and that the Boer farmers became tenants. South African export revenues could gradually have replaced receivables denominated in South African rand with foreign currency holdings which could have been moved abroad. This would also have enabled the Boer farmers to move abroad. If the South African government confiscates most of their assets they won´t be attractive immigrants for other countries. It shouldn´t have been difficult to realize that this could happen and that they therefore should have taken precautionary measures in order to save as much as possible of their assets. To me, it´s hard not to get the impression that the South African government did not prioritize the security of the Boer farmers. My impression is that the Boer population was used by others to protect their assets and that they got nothing in return. I suspect that the Boer population was fooled into believing that there was no realistic alternative.

    I believe that the most realistic and safest long-term alternative for the Boer farmers would have been that the government had bought their farms and that export revenues gradually had been used for replacing receivables denominated in South African rand with foreign currency holdings which could have been moved abroad. That would have enabled the Boer farmers to move abroad and buy farms elsewhere in the world.

  10. There are two aspects to the White population in South Africa: The Boers and the later immigrants from Europe (mostly Anglo-British).

    The Boers are disproportiananly Conservative, Rural, Family oreintated and race realists. The Boers historically never wanted to govern over masses of Black Africans over such a large land mass; they wanted to live amongst their own. To get away from the British in the 17th Century the Boers left the British controlled Cape colony and migrated to the barely inhabited interior and set up what would become the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.

    The British Empire as well as financial interests like 'The Cousinhood' in the 2nd half of the 19th century onwards turned their ambitions on the area which resulted in the Boer wars and the once free Boer Republics were incorporated into the British colony of South Africa. This was still, unfrotunately, an era where Whites fighting Whites was still the norm. As a British colony South Africa thus had large amounts of immigration from the 'mother country' Britain.

    However the Anglo/European immigrants which came to South Africa brought with them, or were receptive to (espically after WW2), cosmoplitain, liberal ideas of racial emmancipation and equality while at the same time living in a stable, economically prosperous enviornment which was only possible under the Apartheid political system. Likewise, the Anglos/Europeans were not concerned with the massive immigration of other Black Africans into South Africa, which is partly what made apartheid untenable, as it allowed them cheap labour to do menial work: gardeners, maids, servants, builders, mine labourers etc.

    There has always been discussion about the Boers moving back and restablishing a land encompassing the former Boer Republics but it would of been very isolated. It would have been land locked and surronded by hostile black countries (who at the time received aid from the Communist Bloc) as well as an increasingly cosmo-liberal South Africa (minus the Boer Republics) which as history has shown went to black rule eventually.

    In this precarious position the only choice the Boers had to secure their future was to support the continuation of Aparteid and hope that there would be a change in the political agendas of the USA, Western Europe and Communist Bloc and make things tenable. South Africa was not exactly weak either, it had strong armed forces and nuclear weapons.

    That said there were of course Anglo's/Europeans which supported White rule (espically the Portugese and ex Rhodesians) as well as anti-White Boers. However there is justifiable resentment from the Boers towards the British.

  11. Just wait until it reverts back into the stone age like the rest of Africa, then recolonize it, and the rest of africa, when we need the resources.

  12. Do you really believe that would stop the savages.

    Your problems in Europe are reflected in you not understanding the culture of these " people".

    By the time you have finished trying to talk your way around 3rd world situations "the train will already have left the station."

    That's why your own country is busy sinking into oblivion while some committee or the other is caught up in a talk "fest".

    Best you stop "yakking" and take some action SOON,

  13. For example: " IT’S COME TO THIS: SWEDISH FAMILY KICKED OUT Of Home To Make Way For “Refugee” Invaders "

  14. The only solution for the Boer farmers which I spontaneously can think of which doesn´t mean that they will have to sell their land for a paltry sum is that some powerful external non-South African buyer shows up.

    If Western European governments would have thought that confiscations of white farms would have meant bad publicity for the idea to make whites minorities in their own countries I reckon that they would might have been willing to use foreign aid for acquisitions of farmland in South Africa. This farmland could then gradually have been distributed to black farmers. Another option could have been agro business companies with black directors and at least some black executives. I guess that the Boer farmers could try to persuade for instance the Dutch government to buy their farmland in order to avoid bad publicity. But I assume that such a strategy would have had better prospects if the Apartheid government had created trusts or foundations outside South Africa that, in secret, would have held some Dutch media companies.

    Another option could be Chinese investors who are considered as more “neutral” and less offensive by Africans. If 500 Boer farmers would sell their land to a Chinese agro business company I guess that there would be sufficient economies of scale for a modern agro business company. The reason why the South African government should be interested in allowing Chinese investors to do something like this is that there are probably not enough competent black farmers that can take over the farms and grow crops efficiently. Therefore, it would might be an attractive solution for the ANC to let the Chinese operate these agro businesses with black fronts. ANC leaders could get seats in the boards and perhaps a few faked executive positions. The agro business companies could be listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange.

    If the Boer farmers get, let´s say, 80 % of the value of their land the Chinese investors can give 20 % of their companies to leading ANC members or the South African government or the farm workers. 80 % is better than 50 % or almost nothing. I guess that the Chinese investors would like to have a considerable discount. I don´t know whether they would consider 10 or 30 % discount sufficient or whether they would ask for a 50 % discount or more. Investments in a country like South Africa should be considered as risky. The population growth is unsustainable and even powerful Chinese big business investors may have their property confiscated some day in the future.

    The houses now owned by Boer farmers could also be sold to the agro business companies. They could be used as residences for foremen employed by the agro business companies and in some cases as office buildings.

    Perhaps Chinese big business investors could also assist Boer organizations that are trying to find places elsewhere in the world where the Boer farmers can settle. If the Chinese want to grow soy beans in South America, for instance, they could might use Boer foremen or think that it would come handy to have Boer farmers nearby that can train farm workers etc.

  15. What excellent points you raise R2D2!! So insightful. (System wouldn't let me give you a thumbs up so I am replying to you instead.)

  16. Spot on Jerseyjay. And Exactly the same can be said about the natural resources of Saudi, Oman, Dubai, and all the other M.E. oil producing countries. If it wasn't for White Western technology and expertise the oil and gas would still be in the ground.

  17. Wrong! Most Jews are professional people & they have emigrated, like I did, to stable 1st world countries.
    Not sure how many have left but would think 80% would be a good estimation.

  18. Be careful what you wish for you black Africans! Because it appears that the Chinese are now poised to take over the entire continent and exploit its vast natural resources. How long do you think you'll be able to tolerate life under their tender mercies before you're howling for the whites to return and take care of you like they used to? LOL

  19. And just think, when the white settlers colonised SA, the indigenous populations had not even got round to inventing the wheel.

  20. Have any of the western style governments mentioned this or are they happy with it . So another 10 years and Africa will be a dust bowl with billions trying to get to Britain for benefits.

  21. Apartheid was put in place to keep the normally warring tribes from decimating each other. As a result, South Africa became one of the most economically stable countries on the African continent. Despite the so-called “evils” of apartheid, there was a large influx of immigrants into South Africa. Food was plentiful. Apartheid was able to “keep the peace” and was successful until communism’s “inventors”–the jews (despite having arms agreements with South Africa) helped dismantle apartheid. The rest is history . . . South Africa is a “basket case”; its white farmers (producers) are being murdered. Farms that have been “appropriated” by blacks are being looted–not useable for farming anymore because anything of value is being sold for scrap.
    If one good thing comes of this, it will be the deserved “retribution” placed on the South African jews for being a major part in destroying this once-prosperous country.
    I, for one would welcome the emigration of Boers and white Afrikaners to the United States. However, current immigration laws do not apply to whites who wish to immigrate to America. Only third-world non-whites need apply . . .


  23. If it was not for natural resources and the white knowledge to extract it and to
    to work the land africa would be a useless continent. The natives do not
    have the genetics to improve the continent.

  24. can you imagine how that would go down it seems one rule for them and one for us we always back down handed India back, handed Aden back and other pink places on the map yet they are still coming here to live South Africa was once a beautiful country thanks to the white settlers we should allow the white Africans to move back to Europe they are in trouble and deserve it more than this lot who are going to bankrupt us all.

  25. On a more serious note. Haven`t there been recent cases of people in some EU countries being turned out of their homes and invaders installed instead? Or did I imagine I`d read it somewhere?

  26. While the west is degenerating into a violent racial mess, Africa meanwhile, that home of aspiring democracy, is itself falling apart even further. Admittedly it was on a far lower rung of the ladder in any event (but is it really? Cash for questions; Accounts in the British Virgin Islands; MP's for sale, et al) Bring it on. The sooner this whole international mess reaches a war the sooner it will be resolved and the New World Order ('NWO') applies – Reality. Sorry, not the same as the NWO many contributors to these articles refer to. This 'NWO Mark 1' can only be people led.

  27. I always said that blacks were the most racist people in the world. When they expel the whites, we should expel EVERY last black back to Africa, no matter where they were born!

  28. The once beautiful and prosperous country of SA is going to be another third world basket case, similar to the destroyed country of Zimba….sorry, Rhodesia

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