South Africa Has More Civil Servants than America

South Africa under black rule has plummeted from the most advanced country on the African continent, just twenty or so years ago, to an increasingly typical Third World tin-pot ramshackle state, subsisting off taxing the remaining white population to fund an ever-increasing “do-nothing civil service” which in absolute numbers is now even bigger than that of the USA.

According to an article published in the Johannesburg-based Business Times newspaper, the government in South Africa now employs more staff than the private sector.

South African Members of Parliament sleep through a sitting.

The ANC government has more people on the state payroll than the US, which has a population six times that of South Africa, and a gross domestic product (GDP) some 45 times larger.

There are now 3.03 million South African “civil servants” against the 2.79 million at the federal level in America.

“And our African national Congress (ANC) leadership piles them on, adding 44,000 in the first quarter alone. This, while unemployment in the private sector rose,” the Business Times continued.

“Public service costs in South Africa are proportionately among the highest in the world at about 12% of GDP. Mike Schussler of said he believed it was closer to 14%, taking state-owned enterprises such as Eskom into account.”

Of the total labour force, no less than 22.6% are public servants. The World Bank estimates that most civilian government employment accounts on average for about 11% of total employment.

“And you can bet your bottom dollar that the bulk of those 3.03-million civil servants who make up 22.6% of our workforce will back to the hilt a ruling party that has created for them the largest gravy train ever seen in Africa.

“Dr Corné Mulder, chief whip of the FF+, told Parliament earlier this year that South Africa has 34 ministers, 33 deputy ministers, 159 directors-general, 642 deputy directors-general, 2,501 chief directors and 7,782 directors. This data was supplied by Minister of Public Service and Administration Lindiwe Sisulu.

“This implies that every minister on average has 4.67 directors-general, 19 deputy directors-general, 74 chief directors and 229 directors to assist them in their duties.

“Mulder told parliament that 40 years ago there were 18 ministers, six deputy ministers and 18 directors-general. Obviously there has been substantial population and economic growth over that period, necessitating a larger civil service to serve an integrated society, millions of whose members had previously experienced scant benefits from the government. But the rate of increase in our public service is unsustainable. If not curbed, it must lead to swingeing increases of a tax burden already weighing heavily on ordinary South Africans.

“In addition, corruption has been rampant, devouring R30bn a year by some estimates. Then there is the employment of consultants, many in corrupt arrangements, which has cost taxpayers more than R100bn and counting.

“What we have seen is not a steady, planned expansion to serve the people’s needs but an orgy of jobs for pals, obscene salaries, expensive cars, lavish travel and extravagant bonuses,” the Business Times concluded.

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  1. 2013 Quote @ Uncle Sam: " In Europe, Canada, America and South Africa we must establish white only communities, which blacks will just avoid "
    Jan 2016 Europe :
    Angela Merkel + Eurocrats are right now consigning ` white only communities` to the dustbin of history by inviting vast numbers of Muslims to leave their shitheaps and parasitically enjoy the benefits of Europe.So much for them avoiding the whites. Oh if only!

  2. Marc writes: '…the world as a whole lacks great leaders. Where is the likes of Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher and many more that had conviction and were not afraid to change. …'

    I think you've missed the point. The ZOG system selected Clinton, Mandela and Thatcher and gave them their scripts to read. They were not leaders in any serious sense. Clinton was picked because he surrounded himself with jews – all the government department heads were Jews. Mandela was groomed to wreck South Africa but of course keep jewish financial interests there. Thatcher's role was to get British public assets 'privatised' – and this means, given Jewish central banks and paper money, that British assets ended up owned by Jews.

  3. Bet they have employed 2 ministers, 6 deputy ministers, 20 directors-general, 100 deputy directors-general, 800 chief directors and 2400 directors to manage that goose and not one of them knows what a goose even looks like…lol I say stuff the goose and get some cows they can milk. Should be experts in that when you look at how the are able to milk the system…haha

  4. It is interesting to note that the black population in the USA makes up less than 4% of the total population and yet the number of black people who are in prison make up 98% of the that population.
    The legal system in USA must be racist.

  5. Everyone is missing the point…
    Its not about which political party is in power. South Africa has no leadership, actually the world as a whole lacks great leaders. Where is the likes of Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher and many more that had conviction and were not afraid to change.

    Zuma has the education of gnat, and if you had to crack his head open there would not be enough to fill a whole water biscuit. This is the leader of our country, say no more.

    South African blacks are spoilt, they have not experienced the difficulties of their brothers and sisters up north, who have been ravaged by civil wars,extreme poverty, left to fend for themselves etc..

    Once a proud nation, a leading light on the African continent, South Africa is now no more than a corrupt, leaderless state. Drop the pose, South Africa, the world has seen our true colours, we are nothing more than a banana republic.

  6. I understand that you are then "happy" Sharon on the train. Well, then you enjoy and most proplably share in this gravy train. If that is true – DO NOT F COMMENT, because you irritate intelligent people.

  7. Nobody on the gravy train is unhappy… Unfortunately many of those under the train often don't have the means to escape.

  8. Hey guy, give the gov a break, someone has to be awake to take notes while the other is fast asleep, shame man, its very difficult and tiring to do nothing alll day long, and those late nite functions(parties) do help either, notice also that there is not one of them that are slim, its hatd work keeping them in there unique physic, hehehehehehe, the lazy good for nothing shits should get off there FAT lazy arses and do some good for this country,

  9. I am completely amazed at the fact that any educated person would have thought that it would ever be anything more than a BIG MESS under a black government. Look at the entire Africa it is build on corruption and lies. When the white money pit runs dry what is going to happen to the people of Africa.

  10. Please remember that the 17 tribal kings and the almost 5000 tribal chiefs all receive salaries. The highest paid get about $100 000 a week. This is a continuation of the bribes the British and the apartheid governments had to pay to keep the chiefs and kings in line. Nowadays they use these kings and chiefs to influence the 22million tribal people to keep voting for the ANC.

  11. There is no such thing as 'reverse' racism. Racism is racism, discrimination is discrimination. What what direction would you call Chinese discriminating against East Indian for example? People naturally want their culture to be dominant; when they're so polarized there will always be conflict with very little chance of harmony in a mixed society.

  12. I knew an elderly gentleman who passed away some 12 years ago. He always used to say to me. "William all the countries on the continent of Africa has fallen under black rule….and South Africa is the last country that must still fall" I won't see it in my lifetime but you will in yours. And be assured I am seeing it happen just as that old gentleman predicted.

  13. Why not keep taxing the wealthy, get rid of most of the civil servants, and invest the money in the school system and small businesses?

  14. And on top of this, all the key work is done by private consultants as the South African civil service lacks the skills to do actual work.

  15. The chosen Volksraad has on at least two occasions approached the government in relation to Section 235 of the constitution to arrange for a white state. So far it has met with zero reaction. We will have to occupy land and fight for it. Amen

  16. Yes, I was still in School and I knew this was going to happen… But no, more than 70% off the White Population voted for black Empowerment (Peace) in South Africa…

    Yes, your gonna call me a racist again… and again… But I have helped more Black's than white in South Africa… And still I was in a Armed robbery where 3 Guys in Police Cloths robbed me… and I was Hi-Jack from my car 2 years ago…

    How can I not be a racist!!!

  17. Sleeping away our tax money. No wonder our country is in the state it is right now. And then the majority will go and vote for the ANC again, despite poor services, increasing unemployment and poverty and ongoing corruption! More of the same!! I love my country and it hurts to see what is happening to it because of greed, corruption and reversed racism. Cry The Beloved Country – from a different perspective!

  18. The way to create a white society is not hard, but it does require considerable effort and commitment by the white person. It requires making sacrifices – leaving one’s job and current abode and moving elsewhere. The people who established Orania did it, and it would not have been easy for them. There are many places in America where this could be done. The Amish have done it for nearly 300 years I believe. The one place you will not be able to do it is in the North. The Chicago’s, NY’s and Detroit’s of the Northern States are beyond saving – they are social and industrial wastelands. I think you have many options in the southern parts of America. There are many small towns and communities that would be ideal. I would like to list a few but this discussion is a book in its own right. The one thing making success difficult is apathy, and it is a disease rife within the white community. You do not need to enact any special laws to keep blacks or third-Worlders out, and you do need to resort to violence. The very “essence” of the community would send out a clear message that this community is not for you. Again this is a book, but it has worked very well for the Amish despite a few recent problems.

  19. Well Rudi I think “gentle-non-violent” segregation is the solution. Let me think! Why is it racist for a person to want to preserve their cultural identity? If a black person wants to set up a black only club or organization no liberal minded, free thinking democrat would ever complain, but the second a white person suggests it, that person must be evil or worse he must be racist. If that is the case Japan must be full of racists. China must be full of racists too. There are many benefits of living in an “Orania” style community let me deal with the one related to crime. On Planet Earth, Afro crime is very high.

    It is high in their homeland, Africa.
    It is high in countries they migrate to that were colonizers.
    It is high in countries they migrate to that were not colonizers.
    It is high in countries they migrate to that were slavers.
    It is high in countries they migrate to that were not slavers.
    It is high nearly everywhere they are found on earth.

    And I do not want my community to become another Detroit or Chicago.

    There are a few others I would like to address principally white education but I will leave that for another post.

  20. NOel,,…..please come to Australia and tell me how we supposedly 'got it right'…?……Our Country is being inundated with boat people, most of whom are illegal immigrants….and our native population continue to enjoy social benefits so high that it virtually takes away any impetus they had/have at seeking anything other than just waiting for their fortnightly handouts….!!!!…Of course, this is all 'politically correct', isn't it…?

  21. How does one start a town for whites only?
    The problem is…where ever the whites move the blacks will follow…Will it also be called "racist" because whites want to be on their own…with their own kind? How did Australia get it right?

  22. I find it interesting that a post by someone calling their thinking free so narrowly defines "the problem" – the karmic irony of "take back what was stolen from us" is obviously lost….free thinking liberates all. It seems you don't hate oppression – you just hate being oppressed.

    See how easily the topic is swayed away from the real issue – unsustainable governement and lack of delivery. Throwing people at a problem is never a long term solution which is a common organisational issue – and not a race one – an issue experienced in many badly run companies. Do we blame the white management team then?

    I agree with the content of the article minus the racist undertones. I don't know how to solve it other than for you and I to be better citizens but introducing more segregation is not a solution.

  23. Section 235 of our Constitution makes provision for self governing of groups, what Uncle Sam has said, is absolutely true, and in line with this Section. The time has come that we stop talking and start doing, otherwise keep quiet and continue being milked until death do us part

  24. I think we must take the Orania example as the proverbial light to show the way. Given the political and social state of our nations nothing will be done. The blacks with their lack of industry and low IQ’s and high propensity for crime and civil disorder will infest and destroy the wider community, much like a metastasizing cancer. In Europe, Canada, America and South Africa we must establish white only communities, which blacks will just avoid – period. In these communities we can establish our own churches, schools and industry. And the schools are a pivotal component to this new society, for in them we can abandon the pro-liberal and anti-white curriculum so prevalent in public schools today. We can create a new generation of free thinkers and in the coming decades and centuries we systematically grow stronger and larger and take back what was stolen from us.

  25. Well, those numbers sound about right. Currently taking 11k+ blacks to do the work of the previous 42 whites in ministry/directors. Where is the surprise in that?

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